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Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Ogilvy and Mather Worldwide - Case Study Example The present paper is regarding the strategy and framework that can be considered to provide the best stewardship of Ogilvy brand. 1) Accurate human resource positioning - Expertise is necessary in order to achieve the goal of best stewardship. The organization cannot afford anyone to work anywhere without giving any result. Human resource is the key to success of any organization. Motivating the employees through incentives, promotions and other benefits will encourage them to perform better. As the organization is a multinational company, networking in form of communication should be enabled and each and every office should be interlinked not separating any of the regional offices from the offices situated outside the country. Moreover, all the offices and its employees should be assigned specific roles and responsibilities so as to carry out work smoothly. Organizational restructure is necessary to stimulate growth, successive management, to deal with internal problems and due to changing environment (Busn 6520, Class Notes) 2) Coordination among Board of Directors- It is necessary that Board representing the management be reworked as it is evident from the activities of previous year (1993), coordination between the top level executives is the area of concern. There is difference of opinion among different heads of regional offices, local offices and other international offices. Therefore it is recommended that divisional structure of management be carried out as it enhances the cooperation within division and goals are achieved as per the strategy set by CEO, as in the case of Appex. This structure also enhances accountability, budgeting, planning, final target focus and thus preventing any fraudulent activities. The personnel involved in the management of operations in various locations should be vary of their roles and responsibilities so that targets are achieved relentlessly (Strategic Design Lens, Lecture 3) 3) Adapting to the changing environment - Ogilvy and Mather has already experienced the effect of not moving forward with the changing business world and changing mindset of customers resulting in pull offs by its most valued clients like American Express and others. It is suggested to make few changes in organization culture without affecting the historical values of the company. 4) Eliminating political traits in the organization - Politics in an organization is perceived as the dark side and avoiding it can result in impeding effective decisions. Politicization in the organization should be totally eliminated so as to take effective decisions for the organizational development. It is suggested to take all the Board members into confidence or decide with the consensus of the people present during the meeting. Major reshuffling among the top executives along with medium level executives to different departments and locations may help in easing the pressure while taking decisions (Political Lens, Class Notes) 5) Assessing

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