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the mormons Essays - Latter Day Saint Movement, Christian Movements

The Mormons I have learned an array of things from watching these videos about Mormonism. I learned a great deal about joseph smith and who he was along with the importance he brings to Mormonism. I was unaware of his very first vison. Joseph was 14 years old and he only shared his vision within the confines of family and only choose to tell his parents what he sa w. I later than realized that his vison was changed three timed and each time it was more elaborate. His third vison was the one that made it into the Book of Mormon. I find Mormonism extremely interesting because there is a number of differences and additions added to the bible and advertised as Mormonism. Mormons would devote their lives to following Joseph Smith. These families would relocate and do anything according to Joseph Smith . While I watched these videos, the term "Mountain massacre" was mentioned so I decided to do some research on this tragedy. The historian Geoffrey Ward has called this tragedy the "the most hideous example of the human cost exacted by religious fanaticism in American history until 9/11.'' Although it might not be a major tourist destination, for a century and a half the massacre at Mountain Meadows has been the main debate among Mormons and the people of Utah. In Sept. 1857, in southwestern Utah, a local militia of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or Mormons, attacked a wagon train of Arkansas families headed for California. After five days , the militia persuaded the families to surrender under a flag of truce and a pledge of safe passage. Then, approximately 140 men, women and children were slaughtered and killed right then and there. Now, 146 years later, the descendants and the victims of relatives have been asking for an apology from the Mormon church. The fact of the matter is that these individuals " Believ ed they were doing God's work in ridding the world of ''infidels ". These evangelical Mormon committed one of the greatest civilian atrocities on American soil. Without a sustained attempt at accountability and atonement, the church will not escape the hovering shadow of that horrible crime " ( New York Times). Polygamy is something I was more than aware of with the Mormon religion, but I learned so much more about why It started and it "religious" intentions behind i t . Many would argue it was started by Joseph Smith out of convenience for his own personal sexual behavior, so that it would not be condemned by G od . Many argued that Joseph Smith was told by God that it was acceptable because men like Abraham in the bible practiced polygamy. Many that choose to not engage in this act of polygamy were forced to accept it or not become members of the church. P olygamy was finally addressed and enforced and was defined as illegal. For me, It was extremely hard to understand why so many people followed Joseph Smith, and then when he was murdered to continue on and then follow others like Brigham Young. In Comparison, Mormonism does not a line with Christianity . First as Christians, we believe that Christ died on the cross for our salvation, this is not a belief of the Mormon faith. Mormon ideology does not follow the belief of the Trinity, as we do. Mormon's believe God the Father, His son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three different people. We as Christian s read the bible and as the word and truth of God, Mormons have other books that they believe in, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. Modern Mormons regard God as plural. The belief of salvation is very different then the Christianity belief. Mormons believe they can achieve to become a God which is called " exaltation " . This is not a practice in any other form of Christian beliefs. Mormonism has me question so many things and it is so hard for me to wrap my head around their belief system. There additions do the bible is the reason why they believe that

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