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Meteorology Hurricanes And Typhoons - 1071 Words

METEOROLOGY: HURRICANES AND TYPHOONS Course Name : Scientific Writing Name : PrudviTeja Ineni Course Section : CSCI 5035.02 Date : 02-26-2015 OUTLINE: 1). INTRODUCTION ----------- What is origin of Katrina Hurricane ----------- When does it occurs. 2). What are the Causes and Impacts of Katina Hurricane. ----------- What is the reason behind occurrence of Katrina Hurricane.†¦show more content†¦Katrina hurricane was first originated in Bahamas and it was continued to southern part of the United States mainly Florida. It was started as a mild hurricane before it strengthened swiftly in the Gulf of Mexico as category 5 and landed as category 3 hurricane in southeast Louisiana. The wind speed increased from 75Kmph to 175kmph and the storm surge was six meters high. It destroyed many of the city s drainage canals and unstable levees that protects huge areas below sea level. Katrina hurricane was first started on august 25th 2005 as a mild storm near Bahamas. On 26 August, Katrina entered the Gulf of Mexico, where shear was low and Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs) were high, ranging from 30-32C. During the overnight hours of 27 August, Katrina’s central pressure dropped from 950mb, to nearly 930mb. Early on 28 Au gust, the National Hurricane Center revised the intensity of Katrina upwards to a Category 5 with surface winds near 160 mph. Less than three hours later, Hurricane Hunters measured a 166kt flight level winds, and a 907mb central pressure, which corresponded to surface wind speeds close to 175 mph [1]. What are the Causes and Impacts of Katina Hurricane Katrina hurricane, like other hurricanes caused due to warm moisture and air from oceans that formed blizzard clouds and pushed around by strong winds. It started as a tropical depression, but in the next day it became the tropical

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