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Globalization Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Globalization - Assignment Example Clearly, the author locates much emphasis on the favorable side of globalization notwithstanding how competition would fare somehow if allies prove to struggle with success. Implicitly, the idea felt it would bear adverse impact on working class as a consequence of the necessity to increase production, with long hours of work and reduced time for break hence. Without guarantee of additional compensation, Fiat may run the risk of losing employees especially the tenured ones who have lived up to align their type of service and principle with the company’s vision and have accomplished goals on every item with unparalleled quality. Though the article appears enthusiastic with Mr. Marchionne to keep an eye on a 50% rise in sales in four-year time, since shareholders are bound to augment their share from either group or grow in number, Fiat might reach a point of obtaining lesser shares or dissolution of ownership at worst (Madslien). So in essence, globalization for Fiat in this overwhelming scenario amounts to moderate predictability on the positive side until such time that the risk factors could be directed to settle at the manageable advantage by the

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