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The Caribbean Mosaic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Caribbean Mosaic - Essay Example Sir Roland Sanders reports: 2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the three options open to Puerto Rico; statehood, independence, or continuation of commonwealth status. Which do you think is the most advantageous choice for the people of Puerto Rico? Why? Puerto Rican voters, who elect a governor for the island, have tended to favour parties that support the union with the US. Puerto Ricans do not pay US income tax, and the island receives federal funds. The Puerto Ricans can come to the mainland to work and go to school like any American citizen. Independence is the worst option. If Puerto Rico became an independent country, then the American government would not longer have any duties to protect or supplement the new government. The commonwealth status is the best. Puerto Rico still benefits from the United States help, while having their government. The BBC relates: The Popular Democratic Party was at that time in favour of maintaining Puerto Ricos commonwealth status, whereas the New Progressive Party of Mr Acevedos rival for the governorship, Pedro Rossello, favoured full integration into the US as the 51st state. Basically the Puerto Ricans can be American citizens, have the backing of the United States, but still govern themselves. This allows them to have every benefit of being an American, but with fewer drawbacks. 3. C.L.R. James writes: â€Å"The Sugar Plantation has been the most civilizing as well as the most demoralizing influence in West Indian development†. Do you think this is true, partially true, or false? Explain, using examples, either from the course or from your own experience or reading, to support your argument. I believe this statement is only partially true. A colonizing nation civilizing a native culture does not mean making them better or more civilized. This movement was more than influential. It means making natives change until they

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