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Analysis Of An Institution I Attended Windham Technical...

For my analysis of an institution I attended Windham Technical High School. I observed half of a ninth grade English class in addition to a ninth grade honors English class. My host teacher’s name was Christopher Romano, and he is an extremely valued teacher. When I first arrived at the school, I went into the principal’s office to learn further about what a technical high school is and how its altered from a regular public school. The principal, Mark Ambruso, explains that at a technical high school, the students have two weeks of normal high school classes, and afterward two weeks of shop, and they alternate throughout the entire four years of high school. Shop is when they chose a field they desire to go into in the future, and they†¦show more content†¦I started in the ninth grade English class. All of the students were in uniforms. Personally, I use my clothing to express myself and to be creative in that way. (Quote) I was slightly taken back by the unifo rms, however, I understand that it benefits the children to focus on the task at hand, as well as preserve their socioeconomic status a secret. This can support bullying to disappear and encourage students to feel welcome. I feel that you can be creative in other ways, similar to how you fix your hair, or the shoes you wear. However, you cannot be fully creative if they are holding you back by your style and fashion. (Quote) In the first English class, I was only there for the last half of it. Before I came into the class, I was worried that I would not find any creativity because English can be a tough subject to add creativity too. The teacher, Mr. Romono, did a marvelous job of teaching the common core and maintaining his students interest, with creativity. Not only did he come up with a creative way to teach his students, or let his students accomplish creativity, his classroom was also creative. He had student’s artwork on his wall of characters from books they were read ing. He also had a ton of posters with different ideas behind them. (Quote). This provides the students’ something to look at, and in addition, to develop excitement for learning about these books. (quote form pp). The students in the ninth grade English class are working on

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