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Talk Show Guests Should Go to Therapy Instead :: essays research papers

The Talk Shows Each day, thousands of talk shows spend a great deal of time and money for people to attend their show from all across the country to discuss their personal problems and get them resolved. Each day, thousands of people go through the ritual of being humiliated or excited by these talk shows. Instead, they should go to a professional therapists and not a talk show, like The Maury Show, to discuss their problems. Most professional therapists offer a wide variety of options or choices as well as important ideas that are not offered by talk shows. If the people have not decided on a therapist to learn more about the many different ways to deal with their problems then there is no other help. Matelski stated that ?daytime talk shows helped local programmers fill the gaps in their schedules brought about by increased federal broadcast regulation in the 1970s-specifically, U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-imposed Financial Interest and Syndication rules.? I feel that daytime talk shows should not be played at all because the things that are shown are very negative toward the people that watch them. Most professional therapists also have a more diverse occupation than those of The Maury Show. In a therapist?s office the people have an opportunity to discuss their physical, mental, sexual, and emotional problems to improve their life. It is true that The Maury Show does not offer the prestige of the professional therapists. However if prestige is significant, the people could complete a session at a better-known therapy. And whether the advice the people receive at a therapist is equal to that provided by a more prestigious therapy can be determined only on a case by case basis, since much of the success of any talk show depends on the individual people.

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