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Ethical Dilemmas Essay Example for Free

Ethical Dilemmas Essay There are three situations presented in the simulation which poses different ethical dilemmas on the part of the decision-maker. The symptoms of the respective dilemmas and their root causes shall be discussed individually because â€Å"analysis would be proper if they are able to locate the root cause of the conflict† (Lee). The Indiscreet Relationship The first situation presented was an indiscreet relationship between a boss and his secretary. The boss took the secretary along with him during business trips at the expense of the company. He even promoted the secretary to junior account executive. This problem created a stir within the company and corridor talks went around saying that the way to make it through the ladder of success in the company was through less than ethical means. This has caused an unrest among the employees of the organization that an ethical stand should be taken. However, the decision-maker had an ethical dilemma in making his decision. The boss, Patrick, is his former friend and colleague who was the one instrumental in landing him his job. Patrick also helped him during his early days with the company in getting hold of the ropes of the business of the company. On the other hand, company morale is going down because the employees think he is an unethical leader for allowing Patrick have his way in maintaining an indiscreet relations with his subordinate and in spending company resources in the process. This is what defines the ethical dilemma here. Sniffdog The second situation presented by the simulation which involved an ethical dilemma is the decision to represent SilverPill and their Sniffdog account. Sniffdog is a computer program which could sneak into the users hardware and retrieve many confidential data without the users knowledge. The ethical dilemma comes in when taking the account means allowance of the intrusion of privacy while not taking the account will make the company lose a lot of money by losing the account. The fact that compounds these all is that SilverPill informed the company that they will give all their accounts to McKinley should they choose to endorse Sniffdog. The ethics rulebook of McKinley states that the employees will maintain impeachable integrity in all its business dealings. Allowing Sniffdog to push through will not reflect well of this ethical rule. On its face, the business being dealt with here is plainly business and nothing will be objectionable about it. McKinley will just seek to endorse the Sniffdog program. However, when the program has capabilities of sneaking into private information, an ethical issue arises for McKinley will be signing itself to be part of such intrusion. Although SilverPill promised not to use any information that may be gathered for any illegal or extralegal use nor to sell it to a third party, the fact alone that there will be intrusion into the private lives of the users of the program will already present a grave ethical issue. Thus, the root cause of the problem here is whether or not to be a part of a project which can intrude into the private lives of clients by collecting confidential information from them without their knowledge. Think Eddie  And the third situation with an ethical dilemma presented by the simulation is whether or not to reveal certain information about the program Sniffdog to Think Eddie which is a competitor of SilverPill. At this point, SilverPill is no longer associated with McKinley and has moved on to another PR company. Think Eddie has entered the picture and wants McKinley to represent them for a computer program which has the same features as that of SilverPills Sniffdog. Think Eddie is a big client. And now it wants information about the Sniffdog program without, however, threats of any sanctions given to McKinley in case of non-compliance. The ethical dilemma here is whether to reveal the requested information to Think Eddie or not. Though Think Eddie did not give any threats for non-disclosure, surely there was an unwritten statement accompanying the request that non-disclosure might strain the relationship between the two companies. On the other hand, the ethics rule book of McKinley prescribes them not to hold conflicting interests. SilverPill, though a former client, still has the right that every information given by it to McKinley be kept confidential by the latter. Because of the mentioned rule, McKinley is duty-bound not to divulge confidential client information, especially in this case where the revelation will be made to a competitor. The root cause of the problem, therefore, is whether or not to reveal information obtained from a former engagement in order to establish a better business relationship with a new engagement even though the two have conflicting interests and the former engagement has already been severed. In all, the ethical dilemmas arise not because of the ethics rule books established by company but mostly because of moral grounds. â€Å"If doing what is right produces something bad, or if doing what is wrong produces something good, the force of moral obligation may seem balanced by the reality of the good end. We can have the satisfaction of being right, regardless of the damage done; or we can aim for what seems to be the best outcome, regardless of what wrongs must be committed† (Ross, 2007). Thus, the root of these dilemmas is simply because there are moral standards to which, companies as well as persons, must adhere.

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Talk Show Guests Should Go to Therapy Instead :: essays research papers

The Talk Shows Each day, thousands of talk shows spend a great deal of time and money for people to attend their show from all across the country to discuss their personal problems and get them resolved. Each day, thousands of people go through the ritual of being humiliated or excited by these talk shows. Instead, they should go to a professional therapists and not a talk show, like The Maury Show, to discuss their problems. Most professional therapists offer a wide variety of options or choices as well as important ideas that are not offered by talk shows. If the people have not decided on a therapist to learn more about the many different ways to deal with their problems then there is no other help. Matelski stated that ?daytime talk shows helped local programmers fill the gaps in their schedules brought about by increased federal broadcast regulation in the 1970s-specifically, U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC)-imposed Financial Interest and Syndication rules.? I feel that daytime talk shows should not be played at all because the things that are shown are very negative toward the people that watch them. Most professional therapists also have a more diverse occupation than those of The Maury Show. In a therapist?s office the people have an opportunity to discuss their physical, mental, sexual, and emotional problems to improve their life. It is true that The Maury Show does not offer the prestige of the professional therapists. However if prestige is significant, the people could complete a session at a better-known therapy. And whether the advice the people receive at a therapist is equal to that provided by a more prestigious therapy can be determined only on a case by case basis, since much of the success of any talk show depends on the individual people.

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Marketing Mix Essay

1 – Research Braaap Organisation Braaap designs and test the braaapster range of superlite motorcycles here in Australia. Their passion is superlite riding and racing. Braaap was founded by brad smith in Tasmania, Australia and has now grown into an international success and family business, the braaap family.The braaap family includes their pasisonate franchisee’s who are the pioneer’s in developing the the superlite industry, the braap retail experience, the braaap club and community group and the club tracks + complexs in their regions. the braaap retail concept store has been awarded some of the highest honours in business including 3x Australian Specialised Retail business of the year, this couldnt happen if it wasnt for the team of people who work every day to build our sport, the braaap staf 2 – Identify the key characteristics The products sold in the Braap store have the characteristics to ensure the highest quality in the world. The brand is recognized around Australia as the biggest store online in the market. They have partners around the world which help them to develop their new products and allow them to sell products from other big brands around the world. A big store online with 4 big stores around Australia which offer the best equipments for motorcycles around the world, highest quality, the best designs and brands make themselves the biggest business in Australia in that specific market. The Braap brand is totally loyalty and their clients can trust in it. That’s why they are the only brand in the planet that offer a lifetime warranty for their products. They make several tests in their equipments and ensure the durability, occupational health and safety issues. Furthermore, they offer a huge variety of sizes, colors and other factors which may influence the clients to buy their products , there are more than 700 parts to be sold between different categories: * 50cc dirt bikes * 88cc dirt bikes * 125cc dirt bikes * 140cc dirt bikes * 150cc dirt bikes * 160cc dirt bikes * 187cc dirt bikes * 200cc dirt bikes Everything between the best brands of the market, which includes: * ProTaper * Renthal * Pro Circuit * Daytona * Elka * Marzocchi * SM Pro * Bel Ray * Castrol * Unit * Fox * Metal Mulisha * Dickies * Jet Pilot * Famous * Electric * Afends * Hart & Huntington * Loose Kid * Osiris * Armourdillo * Envy Scooters * We The People BMX * Fit Bike Co * Madd Gear Pro * Penny Boards * Pro-Tec * Fox * Oakley * One Industries * Ogio * Fist * Thor * 661 * Go Pro * Smith * EVS * Leatt * Oneal Braaap services : * -5 step learn to ride for all ages * -Test ride * -Action sports * -Fashion * We provide training and how riding and bike maintenance in our braaap university. Braaap university is committed to educating and training dirtbike owners about their motocross bikes and well as educating people that are thinking of buying a dirtbike so that they can learn to ride their dirtbikes in the safest, fastest and most professional manner possible as well as understanding the critical factors you must know about what makes a truly well built mini motocross bike before you buy one. In the braaap university you can join and get access to the incredible range of training for free , it takes nothing more than a few seconds to get instant access to these video training sessions, the free members training includes instruction from the worlds top riding coaches and riders on how to ride your mini motocross bike in all track conditions and then braaap’s head mechanic is going to take you step by step on how to look after and maintain your dirtbikes for maximum performance a nd longevity. 3 – Review pricing policy and analyse pricing variables Product line, setting prices between product line items is one of the strategies that Braaap uses. Using high-low pricing is a good technique to attack the market of premium motorcycles equipments, offering Braaap a higher or same price than the competitors, but its given a promotion relative a launch of Braaap into the Australia market, like the lifetime warranty. This action can bring new clients and keep the old. Another strategy used is the Product Bundles, which means that clients that make big purchase get a discount making it better than buying individuals equipments. Using the Market-Skimming, Braaap initially sets high to â€Å"skim†revenue layer-by-layer from the market. They have the image and the quality which they can afford and justify the high price, once their products are the best in the motorcycles equipments, the latest technologic and the biggest company in the Australian market. 4 – Analyse the impact and the importance of the elements: A – The Promotional Methods Braaap is the largest moto fashion retail in Australia. Braaap has been associated the brand in many different championships around the world. All the main events which involve their products, the Braaap attempt. It does not matter if they will sponsorship a tournament or a competitor, but the Braaap will be there. It will impact directly in the market, once people will see the brand everywhere with the best athletics and the best tournaments. Also they have associated their brand with partners around the world that will make Braaap stronger. Also they produce a catalogue monthly to show the costumers the news about the market and the new products of Braaap. The company is always in contact with the client, it makes the brand reliable being a good partner of your costumer. The methods used by Braaap is getting good results, the brand is recognized outside Australia as well. It means that Braaap is on the top of the market and competing with the traditional and biggest brands around the world. B- The Channels of Distribution The products and the services are distributed electronically, where the costumers can buy online on the website or in stores located across Australia. 5 – Braaap’s potencial customer base and key pressure Before marketing your products and services it is important to define your customer base or target market. Braaap’s clients are people who love motorcycles whatever if it is professionally or just a sport on free time. There is a huge difference of ages between the customers of Braaap’s, they have equipments for all ages, no matter if you are 4 years old or 60. But the biggest slide of braaap’s clients are young from 20 untill 35 years old. Those people practice motocross as hobby and lifestyle with a lot of passion. They consume a lot of equipments and they are always trying to get the new products and technologies. A variety of students, professionals and retires include the characteristics of braaap’s costumers. Unfortunelly for Braaap’s business only men used to practice this kind of sport, there are few women around the world but it is incomparable with the numbers of men, no exceptions anywhere in the Earth. Braaap knows it and they have start ed a strategy to get more clients. They have a program called â€Å"Learn to ride in 5 steps† where they want to attract new participants of the modality. This program have been well viewed round Australia and bring new clients all the time. As target, Braaap’s business is trying to get more children and women that could take up the motocross as hobby or sport and keep practicing and being a Braaap’s client for a long time. Also the lifecycle of the motocross is very short due to the risk of the practice of this sport, especially if you ride very often. As a result, the clients need to get or swap parts and equipments constantly which is a very good point for Braaap’s business. It keeps their clients aware and in contact with the store whole lifecycle. Braaap’s stores have segmented their business since they were just an online store with few equipments and brands. Beyond sell parts of motorcycles, Braaap starts to sell cloths and all equipments from many different brands. This action expanded the business and increased the profitability. 6 – Components of the Marketing Mix There are four basic elements that involve the marketing mix. Theses elements are tactical components of a marketing plan and are referred to as â€Å"the four Ps†of the Marketing Mix. Product, price, place and promotion: Product Quality and Variety: A huge variety of motorcycle equipments and different brands. They are the latest and highest quality in the world. It is possible to find everything for your bike, cloths, protections and others. Design and sizes: A lot of designs, sizes and color, even if it is not a Braaap’s product, they offer other brands to satisfy the customer needs and bit by bit introduce their products in the market. Brand: Braaap’s store is already a reconised business in Australia, the biggest store online with more than 700 parts between different brands and equipments. Currently, they have started to export their own products for other countries where they have got partners like Italy, France, Germany and USA. Warranties: they are the only store which offer a lifetime warranty Price List Price: The price of their products are not cheaper because all equipments are the latest technology in the world with the best performance and highest quality. How they have products from many brands and all kind of products that include since your boots until your motorcycle the price is variable according to what equipment the customer need. Anyway, the variety that the clients can find in the store makes it the best place to shopping in Australia and sometimes abroad. Braaap’s store offer an affordable payment plans tailored to the clients. Discounts: Braaap offers an especial discount for big purchases, how bigger is the purchase bigger will be the discount. Credit Terms: The payment plans can start at as little as $3 a day with no deposit required. We have many different payment options that we promise will suit you. Promotion Advertising: Braaap’s promotion has been very effective around the world. The brand is attempt to many different tournaments and magazines in Australia. This promotion reverberated very well between the clients, once it makes them buy in Braaap’s store and come back later. The quality and durability of the equipments give to Braaap a safety merge of risk. Personal Selling: Also they have marketing actions that help them to sell more a get more clients, like the â€Å" Learn to ride in 5 steps†. Direct Marketing: Braaap produces a catalogue monthly with the news about their business and things which may get the attention of their clients. Place Logistic Management: Braaap’s store online cover whole Australia, which is making the distribution easier in the Australian territory than in the other countries. As Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, the distribution is done by airplane, trucks and boats. It depends what is the customer needs. Customer Service: The 3 stores around Australia help to cover everywhere and try to deliver the goods as fast as they can. The distribution for other countries is very hard once Australia is isolated from any other country in the world, except for New Zeland which is very close. As a result they do not export a big quantity of products but it will increased in few years according to the forecast in the last marketing plane done. Also there are other two Ps that were not mentioned: People: Braaap’ business has some relationships around the world, in France, Germany, USA and others countries where they share the knowledge and information and help each other to develop better products for their clients. Process: It is the development in Braaap’ business to achieve their objectives. A market plan to get their new clients like woman and children. A specific process to show how they will achieve their goals. 7-Identify external environmental factors -Strenghts The company has a strong name in the market, however, we have a world class product. The innovation of our product mix, lines up our position as a brand and inline with our mission to make Motorcycling more accessible. -Weakness Pricing strategy should be a weakness because entails reacting to market conditions and tend to vary. -Threats The growth of the competitors in the motor bike market. -Opportunities Innovation of the marketing mix with accessible price. 8-Identify consumer priorities, needs and preferences Most of the consumers prefer reputed companies with good quality. The company can reach the consumer needs with low price and accessible locations to distribute the products. The consumers prioritize friendly price Customers always appreciate assistance and easy access to information about products and services. 9-Evaluate new products or services As a growth company, Braaap consist in tuning, improving, testing, measuring and implementing new marketing activities. The company does not have specific target market, our goal is to achieve all the gender and ages. One of the most exciting innovations at braaap is the Launch of the braaap silent. Braaap is one of the first petrol based motorcycle manufacture to launch an electric powered bike off the production line. This is an innovation to the product mix of the company that lines up beautifully the company position as a brand and inline with our mission to make Motorcycling more accessible and more fun. The braaap Silent is the ultimate in accessibility and has been sold in Australia and USA. 10-Assess the marketing mix in relation to the organizational, strategic and operational marketing objectives Pricing is an important strategic marketing issue because it is related to product positioning, as pricing alone can affect other marketing mix elements such as product features, distribution, and promotion. Frequently depend on the stage a product is, new products often require different pricing strategies than established products or mature products. Lower price should be a successful strategy in that customers cannot readily compare prices with hidden and contingent costs. 11- Report Braaap is an Australian company which operates as well in USA producing dirty bikes for all ages and gender. It is a company that provides good conditions for the consumer buying their bikes with stores located around the country and online options to choose the best way to obtain a bike. The main characteristic of Braaap’s is to sell products for dirty bikes with the highest quality in the world. The brand is known across Australia as the biggest store online in the market. Connected with partners around the world that provide to them the necessary support to develop their new products. In the Braaap’s store, the costumer can buy equipments from the best brands around the world which multiply the number of choices for everyone. By the way, the prices are not low otherwise they could not offer a highest quality in their products. However, Braaap has a unique promotion that makes the difference in this market, Braaap’s is the only store which provides a lifetime w arranty for their customers. If we think that this sport has a very high risk, this kind of promotion is very good for their image in the market. Braaap has created their image through many kind of events which involve motorcycle, sometimes sponsoring athletics or tournaments around the world. Also they produce a catalogue monthly to keep their clients aware about what is changing or the market news. Most of the Braaap’s clients are young people between 20 to 35, especially mans, due to the practice of that sport. Anyway, they are trying to get more attention from woman and child. Braaap’s offer a program to learn how to ride and other events to entrencher the customer that might not like this sport or lifestyle. Braaap’s stores have segmented their business since they were just an online store with few equipments and brands. Beyond sell parts of motorcycles, Braaad starts to sell cloths and all equipments from many different brands. This action expanded the business and increased the profitability. A huge variety of equipments, not just parts of motorcycles but cloths and accessories from many different brands are an important turnaround of Braaap’s business. Even if the prices are high, does not matter because the quality, design, options and a reliable brand make the difference in the market. Braaap’s cover whole Australia and export for other countries around the world, their online store is well viewed for everybody and their promotions are always very effective. The marketing mix is open their eyes for business and they are trying to leave the equipments more accessible for all public otherwise the competitors are growing up quickly and getting a good slide of the motorcycle’s customers. The clients like when the company has a nice reputation in the market and when that brand is attempt in the events between sport, media and entertainment. It makes the public remember their brand as a good position which care about their lifestyle. Also the clients would like to get easy access to store to solve their enquires, and keep clear the information and services between company and customer. One of the innovations at braaap is the Launch of the braaap silent. Braaap is one of the first petrol based motorcycle manufacture to launch an electric powered bike off the production line. It means that Braaap’s stores are trying to find a way out of the saturated market and at the same time renew the concept of motorcycles around the world. For while, it is just available in Australia and USA but it will be everywhere soon. In conclusion, Braaap’s business is given more attention for the price due to the knowledge that price could influence directly in the other points of the marketing mix. The lower price is always a good option but in this case would not be a good position if we consider that Braaap works with best brand around the world and offer only highest quality products. It is recommended that Braaad’s store keeps working well, trying to get the best for their clients and always investing in new products and partners which will make them stronger than ever.

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Analysis Of An Institution I Attended Windham Technical...

For my analysis of an institution I attended Windham Technical High School. I observed half of a ninth grade English class in addition to a ninth grade honors English class. My host teacher’s name was Christopher Romano, and he is an extremely valued teacher. When I first arrived at the school, I went into the principal’s office to learn further about what a technical high school is and how its altered from a regular public school. The principal, Mark Ambruso, explains that at a technical high school, the students have two weeks of normal high school classes, and afterward two weeks of shop, and they alternate throughout the entire four years of high school. Shop is when they chose a field they desire to go into in the future, and they†¦show more content†¦I started in the ninth grade English class. All of the students were in uniforms. Personally, I use my clothing to express myself and to be creative in that way. (Quote) I was slightly taken back by the unifo rms, however, I understand that it benefits the children to focus on the task at hand, as well as preserve their socioeconomic status a secret. This can support bullying to disappear and encourage students to feel welcome. I feel that you can be creative in other ways, similar to how you fix your hair, or the shoes you wear. However, you cannot be fully creative if they are holding you back by your style and fashion. (Quote) In the first English class, I was only there for the last half of it. Before I came into the class, I was worried that I would not find any creativity because English can be a tough subject to add creativity too. The teacher, Mr. Romono, did a marvelous job of teaching the common core and maintaining his students interest, with creativity. Not only did he come up with a creative way to teach his students, or let his students accomplish creativity, his classroom was also creative. He had student’s artwork on his wall of characters from books they were read ing. He also had a ton of posters with different ideas behind them. (Quote). This provides the students’ something to look at, and in addition, to develop excitement for learning about these books. (quote form pp). The students in the ninth grade English class are working on