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Continuing Academic Success Essay

proceed Academic Success is extremely master(prenominal) to those who plan to key advancements in their chosen carg whizr fields. It provides the opportunity to keep original with ideas, techniques, and advancements that ar being made in their argona of employment. We provide address the importance of position achievable goals, the importance of culture ardours in pedantic success and the harshness of ethics and faculty member law in helping to attain continue donnish and professional success. telescope objectsDistinct, clearly define goals that apprise be measured exit allow a someone to come to pride in accomplishing the goals they occupy caboodle. They are able to give ear clear foregoing progress in what otherwise talent seem a long skeletal out process. Setting goals allows one to learn where they want to go in drill or in a vocation and what they want to achieve. Knowing what they want to achieve, helps them see what they live to concentrat e on and improve. death setting gives one long-term resourcefulness and go around-term pauperization. By setting goals students and employees open fire improve their academic and career performance, maturation their motivation to achieve, increase pride and pleasure in performance and improve their self- confidence. Setting goals and measuring their performances allow the goal setters to see what they have simulatee and what they are capable of doing. Seeing their results gives them confidence and assurance and motivation they need to believe they can achieve higher(prenominal) goals. Effective goal setting requires one to express goals positively, be accurate, set priorities, keep goals small, set goals one can control and set specific measurable goals.Writing down your goals symbolizes a certain commitment to strive to have got them reality. My educational goal is to increase pride and comfort in performance while analyse to obtain my degree. Knowing the importance of writing as a form of communication, it my impulse to improve my writing skills in an ca enforce to better express my ideas in a manner that will be clear, seamless and understandable. My career goa is to obtain my Associates Degree in Health parcel out Administration by the summer of 2016. Goal setting provides a positive kernel to help motivate the learner. Motivation is a necessary part of providing the learners with initiative and motivator to accomplish the goals they have established. Motivation is that drift or desire to do are accomplish a given task. A common lay persons definition of motivation is that it involves a upstanding personal interest in a particular discomfit or activity. disciples are motivated and they learn and achieve because of this unanimous interest.9 (Linnebrink, 2002)Students and employees are motivated in many different ways scarce their motivation can vary ground upon the situation or context in which they find themselves, (Linnebri nk,2002) which means motivation is inherently changeable and sensitive to the context. Motivation will withal vary based upon the subject matter being taught. Study results plant that students who put down in religious function to a greater extent frequently usually have a more positive self- image, smelling good approximately school, have enatic involvement, have fewer behavior problems and make higher scores. ((Toldson, 2010) skill StylesAnother major(ip) ingredient in the achievement of continuing academic success is the learners awareness of their unique breeding styles. Learning styles refer to the different strengths and preferred methods students and employees use to receive and process information. Awareness of their encyclopedism styles is most beneficial to them in the achievement of continuing academic success. Learning style is about how the learner learns most effectively, sharp this allows the learners to use those educational methods strategies that is best still their learning styles. Learning styles include, but are not limited to, visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), tactile or Kinesthetic (doing) and read and writing preference learners.No learners is limited to one style of learning, but all have a preferred style. Being a kinesthetic learner, I prefer to do, participate in, discover. Kinesthetic learners need to move near while being complex in activities. Involvement doing increases their understanding. These learners short and long term memories are built by their use of movement. They use their bodies as a means of expressing thoughts, ideas and concepts.Importance of ethical motive & international ampere Academic justnessEthics-is the hear of the basic nurtures of a friendship deterrent example principles that govern a persons or groups behavior. Through the register of ethics we learn to understand what is expect of us behaviorally and why it is expected of us. We also learn rules of behavior based upon idea s about what is morally good and bad. Academic integrity means honesty and responsibility in scholarship. This includes values such as dodge of cheating or plagiarism attention of academic standards honesty and rigor in research and academic publishing. Academic Integrity is based upon ethics, which is the subscribe to of the basic value of a alliance. Academic work should be a result of ones own effort. It dishonest and show a lack of integrity to claim creativeness for someone elses work in any form. Growing up in a dusky church has draw out me to be exposed to the order of the black church on the moral and academic development of its students.The issue explored how religious influence affects academic achievement among black students. On a basic level this study found that all students participated in more religious activities and who had stronger religious convictions were more likely to report higher grades in school. The study does not determine that religion leads t o higher grades. The Ethical Lens Inventory make me aware of the fact that when I dont have the information I need Im tempted to exculpation myself from following the rules, convincing myself that rules are for other people. In such situations, it is incumbent to bring forward that I, like everyone else must abide by the rules and regulations because they are set for the good of the community not just for me.Conclusion go on Academic Success requires the setting of manifest and clearly defined goals that can be measured. This allows one to choose where they want to go and what they want to achieve. Motivation is an important factor in this process. Awareness of individual learning styles is beneficial in achieving success. And adherence to ethics and academic integrity is a moral responsibility of all who are involved in academic endeavors.References1. Gokalp, M. (2013, October). The Effect of Students Learning Styles to Their Academic Success. imaginative Education, 4(10), pgs. 627-632. 2. Linnebrink, E. A., & Pintrich, P. R. (2002). Motivation as an enabler for academic success. School of Psychology Review, 31(3), pg. 313-328 3. Toldson, Ivory A. & Anderson, Kenneth A. (2010) The Role of Spirituality, Religion and the African American Church on Educational Outcomes (Summer 2010)

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'Alan Mulally, Ceo, Ford Motor Company\r'

'Describe what is cause Jim Goodnight. Discuss how these factors atomic number 18 similar or different to what may motivate you if you moveed at SAS. What motivates Jim goodnight is that he has assembled a comp any(prenominal) with hardcore employees that enjoy working in the organization. Jim believes that” if you accost employees as if they make a divergency to the company, they will make a release” to the company. (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011) As stated in the case just having the ability to work in relax and stress chuck up the sponge environment makes the blood more fur-bearing which is a prominent factor in any occupation you work at.\r\nJim offers swell benefits to work at SAS. SAS has an on rear daycare center for kids is a great factor. Having the ability to put one across unlimited tramp days to take off for family. Those are the most important factors when working because you never want to feel like you ensnare your job in jeopardy for takin g off a lot for ptyalize days. Hellriegel, D. & Slocum, Jr. J. (2011). Organizational behavior. Mason, OH Cengage teaching publishing Describe ethical problems associated with performance-based punish programs.\r\nEthical problems associated with based performance retort programs are for example with DIRECTV as a CSR are incentives are base upon our annually performance which our supervisor gets a destiny of that. I feel that supervisors shouldn’t be able to get a received percentage of the employee’s earnings. This has been implemented from the job as a offer or incentive to supervisor as a benefit for the job. In your experience, explain any abuses you have seen.\r\nAn experience I have seen at a previous job where I have worked, an employee has trained another(prenominal) employee for a supervisor position and at a time trained the employee made less bullion than the other employee that was trained. I find that to be ethical. Recommend how leaders cani ster refuse such abuses. Leaders need to approach pattern a better management that can be the over sea to reprobate the loop holes in the issues that are occurring. Employees shouldn’t train management. There should be a team of management trainers that train the managers for their jobs.\r\n'

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'Apple Customer Based Analysis Essay\r'

' apple’s brand name has a in truth richlyly valued name in decree. As an American, it is common for lot of on the whole(a) ages and demographics to be a customer of orchard apple tree. It is esteemed yet also almost considered the figure in today’s society to have an apple iPhone, orchard apple tree iPad, orchard apple tree iPod, or apple Macbook. Society set apple as having a last quality harvest that consumers can curse on plainly this also comes at a price. Most customers of apple atomic number 18 just below the baby baby boomer generation with customrs as young as bambinos.\r\nSome p atomic number 18nts may allow their toddler’s to use applications on their Ipads for their toddlers to detect and play games. Other demographics include all different races and both males and female persons. apple prides themselves with well-off to user consumer friendly technological products that people of all ages can use. Normally electronic products a tomic number 18 focused towards the males however the Apple products have a significant female customer base as well. Apple products ar normally sold in full(prenominal) income countries due to the high terms of the products.\r\nApple products are not want products by any means and and so apple customers have discretionary income to buy luxury goods such as the products that Apple offers. However, a music and video form such as Itunes may be more affordable for some consumers that use computers, phones, and tablets from other companies yet they can tranquillise download media from the Apple Itunes keep fraternity. Middle category families in the U.S. can own Apple products but it may be a luxury item that the household saves for. Apple, as a technology based company naturally attracts customers that are looking for high quality up to date products that change course in with society yet are customizable and satisfy all of their customers’ needs.\r\nApple’s Itune’s has efficacious rights to protect their media with patents and other legal rights that protect their electronic products. There is a current eccentric between Samsung and Apple in which Apple claims that â€Å"the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s flagship smartphone violates five of its patents” (Zeman 2013). Therefore, this shows that Apple takes their patent and products truly seriously and willing follow up with a cause if any of their competitors take any of their legal rights.\r\nApple collaborates with many an(prenominal) different companies in order to optimize their services and products including Microsoft. An Apple employee noted that â€Å"the company will straightway be organized by function- trade, legal, worry development etc.â€with more quislingism across divisions” regarding Microsoft (Shaer, 2013). Apple also whole shebang with companies regarding the development of applications for their Iphone and Ipad products.\r\nThere are many competitors of Apple such as manufacturers of PCs, tablets, cubicle phones, computer monitors, TVs, and many other types of electronics. These companies may consider Apple their largest competition but the one disadvantage that Apple has over other products is their higher price for their superior products. Due to the amount of competition it is very important that Apple continues update their products and marketing in order to remain in the market.\r\nApple products can be purchased now through Apple through the telephone, internet, or in anyone of their own Apple retail stores that are commonly found in shopping malls. The most scratch offular products are also found in plane section stores, electronic stores, and even certain Apple vending machines. Due to all of the provider locations, Apple has made it easy and agreeable for their customers to access their products, services, and assistance.\r\nStakeholders of the company include the employees, old-hatholders, and customers. If on that point is any major change or re-organization of the company the employees will be wedged and this may potential affect the stock prices which will affect the stockholders whom are basically the owners of the company. The Apple stock at the beat this paper is being written is at $502.36 a share which is very high and this truly shows that value that shareholders have for this company. The customers are stakeholders in the company because all of the managerial decisions will trickle down to the product and price.\r\nAs of January 2013, there were executive changes at Apple that created drama for people in the tech press field. â€Å"The man responsible for(p) for much of Apple’s ironware design since 1996, Jonathan Ive is now in frivol away of design of both software and ironware” stated Dan Moren, 2013. The late Steve Jobs was Apple’s chief executive officer that had a major influence on the startup of the company and the success of the company. This became the molding for the company’s culture today which has been influencing our pop culture for more than a decade. The company continues their innovation and delivers their premium products and assistance to their customers unheeding of the organizational changes that have been taking frame within the company.\r\nReferences:\r\nZeman, E. (2013). Apple adds samsung’s galax S4 to lawsuit. Informationweek †Online, Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxylocal.library.nova.edu/docview/1353775900?accountid=6579 Shaer, M. (2013, Jul 11). With ‘one microsoft,’ CEO ballmer sees sweeping shake-up of microsoft ranks. The Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxylocal.library.nova.edu/docview/1399442335?accountid=6579 Moren, D. (2013, 01). Changes at the top. Macworld, 30, 5. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxylocal.library.nova.edu/docview/1270547861?accountid=6579\r\n'

'Life Course Case Study Essay\r'

'Introduction\r\nIn this identification I conduct a manner soma soulfulnessa development of a s make upty- intravenous feeding year quondam(a) man, Mr. Gambina, in order to catch out by whether building or spot has been more or less prestigious finishedout his conduct. The agent is the person who rattling performs the action, duration coordinate refers to the master(prenominal) social organizations in corporation that influence the instruction the agents act. around structuralists shargon a conviction that individualist human cosmoss function solely as fixingss of the (often hidden) favorable ne twainrks to which they belong.\r\nThe animateness course possibility emerged in the 1960s out of the vociferation to envision human development as occurring across the spiritedness span. This field, which emphasizes how individual lives be relationshipdly patterned over clipping, and the processes by which lives be changed by ever-changing environments. tone-course studies accent the immensity of epistemology in the study of society. Thus, pile up information on the four interrelated dimensions of the liveliness sentence story: structural, socio-cultural, inter face-to-face and individualised story. According to Janet Z. Giele and Glen H. Elder, Jr., â€Å"Any point in the manner span essential be viewed dynamic eithery as the consequence of ag ane experience and future expectation,” I watch tried to keep this in headland while conducting my study and analysis of Mr. Gambina’s life span.\r\nTheory\r\nThe sociological speculation that I shall be taking into amity is that of C. W full mill. Mills’ aim was to develop what he called sociological visual modality. The sociological imagination, he argued, is an scene on society that foc employs on the signify connections in the midst of larger structural issues (what he called Public Issues) and the chance(a) problems that confront individuals (Per sonal Troubles). Mills want to demonstrate how issues of power, ideology and category are tied up with the daily troubles of ordinary bicycle individuals. Mills similarly sought to expose what he saw as the tragedy of sociology †the inability, unwillingness or refusal to sour the sociological imagination.\r\nAn big assumption cardinal Mills’ work is that complaisant worldly concern is both(prenominal) macroscopic and microscopic. Sociologists should try to understand social h atomic number 53sty in term of the meanings that social structures throw away for individuals. Failure to compensate these macro-micro inner-connections results in sterile, pseudo-sophisticated rambling, which contri exclusivelyes little to the development of the social sciences or to the usefulness of sociology for progressive social change. This reluctance to cultivate the sociological imagination is, for Mills, the tragedy of modern sociology.\r\nMills conception that social structu re has a reality in babelike of the activities of ordinary individuals. Nonethe little individuals piss and remake the social relations of free-and-easy life. The aim of good sociology is to sensitise us to the numerous ways that social structure influences the daily lives of ordinary community. His peachyest semipolitical and intellectual concern was that people in advanced societies would be manipulated into a e body politic of acquiescence and political impotence, a state where the intention of human reason would no longer frivol be an alpha force for progressive social change. He presupposes, â€Å"we asshole non adequately understand ‘man’ as an isolated biological creature, as a bundle of reflexes or a primed(p) of instincts, as an ‘intelligible field’ or a system in and of itself. some(prenominal) else he may be, man is a social and an historical actor who must be understood, if at all, in al or so and intricate interplay with social and historical structures” .\r\n literary works Review\r\n at that place cast off been m some(prenominal) life-course studies in the last century, each pore on a separate element of the interviewee’s life, ranging from why and how people take aim their friends to the feminine social climber .\r\nA similar study to the one I am conducting is Katherine R. on the wholeen and Robert S. Pickett’s 1984 life-course study of women natural in 1910, in America. Allen and Pickett pay situation attention to the variations in life patterns and wefts fostered. They agnise an increased trend in the economic consumption of women, the expansion of educational careers, signifi dismisst alterations in marriage and divorce patterns, a sequel of the life course and a great imbalance in the proportions of women to men in their later old age.\r\nAlso in 1984, Dieter Ulich and Winfried N. Saup conducted life-course explore, conducted towarfareds manage with crises in ancient age. They put together electronegative stereotypes and self-concepts in the elderly. They argued that gerontology would bene accompanimentor towards move with stress.\r\nSusan De Vos and Steven Ruggles explored the connections between the life course and the kin group, in 1985, focusing on the demographic determinants of kin groups, such(prenominal) as oftenness and timing of births, deaths and marriages, which all define the place setting within which rules of chemical attraction command. Steven Ruggles used microsimulation (following the kinship path of the individual as they age) to ascertain the connection between an individual’s life course and the nature of his or her kin group and its sensitivity to overall demographic conditions.\r\nA more modern study is that of Ulrich Karl Mayer in 1997, which examined the challenges faced in cross-cultural comparisons of life courses. He constructed devil complimentary i piling types, based on life courses in der egulated societies and flexibly co-coordinated societies. Mayer found that links between macroinstitutional structures and individual life courses must be constructed as reciprocally reinforcing systems to enable successful cross-national comparisons. He reason that cross-national comparisons of life course patterns should contain a description of the institutional configurations and of the make-up of embodied actors and models of incentive systems and individual-level transitions.\r\nHowever, none of the life-course studies I reviewed deal specifically with the influence of structure and way of life finishedout the individual’s life, the payoff which I am dealing with.\r\nmethodological analysis and Methods\r\nMethodology\r\nThere are two main kinds of research: numeric and qualitative. In this case study I use qualitative research, in addition kn concur got as interpretive research, naturalistic research, phenomenological, descriptive research. There are three main ty pes of qualitative selective information collection: interviews, observation and documents, the crossroad of which is a narrative description. Qualitative research is very dependent on the detective as a person. The investigator is an instrument, non a mechanical device or test instrument, as in quantitative research.\r\nBy using qualitative research, the researcher gets much more depth and detail than in a standardised enquirenaire, and it helps the interviewer turn around the world view of the people studied, the responders’ categories, sort of than imposed categories. Descriptive research attempts to repeal pre-judgements, although some disagree here as we everlastingly make judgements, but fairish don’t admit it, for typeface the choice of one location or group over a nonher is a judgement. The goal is to try to capture what is hazard without macrocosm judgemental; to present people on their own terms, try to represent them from their perspectives so reader can gather up their views.\r\nHowever, qualitative research gives a much less generalised result, and makes it difficult to collect data and make systematic comparisons. Some claim the qualitative research is too dependent on the researcher’s personal attributes and skills.\r\nMethod\r\nIn this case study the method I used is that of an intensive, or in-depth, interview. This is an unstructured one-to-one interview, in which big questions are take ined, liberal the interviewee a offset point and then asking questions to help push him or her in the right direction.\r\nInterviews are the most flexible message of obtaining information, since the face-to-face situation helps answers to be in more depth and detail. Also, information can be observed by the interviewer without having to ask the specific question. Unlike in ring armour or telephone questionnaires, sensitive questions can non outride unanswered, and the interviewer can be certain who on the button is a nswering the questions, family members will not be able to confer.\r\nOn the other hand, one-to-one interviews may create and interviewer bias: physical appearance, age, race, bring up, dress, non-verbal behavior and/or rumourmongers may bustling respondents to answer questions untruthfully. In general, interviews are a disadvantage because a lot of time and money is required, but this is not the case for this erupticular life-course study, as it besides deals with one person.\r\nResults\r\nBirth and Family or Origin\r\nThe respondent, Mr. Gambina, natural in 1927, was born during the lull between the two demesne state of wars. When I asked him almost his childhood, he told me that it was very frequent, referring to intimacys all children do, in particular his holy communion, confirmation, and that he was an altar boy. He had only good things to say or so his parents, describing them both as soothe and devoted to their family. The little trouble he got into with his p arents was to do with going out sooner of staying home to study; he utter he felt very carefree during his young years, telling me that they used to play in the streets, even though a war was on. The most significant even of his teenage years was the Second human world War, and his father being repatriated to Sicily because of it.\r\n knowledge\r\nMr. Gambina remembers enjoying school, in particular remembers his teacher who he depict as gentle and well meaning. whizz of his lasting memories of school is the lessons being disrupt by air raids. He had a talent for languages, and remembered the name of an important book, Manzoni’s classic ‘I Promessi Sposi’ afterwardward only a second of thought. When asked somewhat the case of education in a person’s life, he immediately replied, â€Å"Education is every(prenominal)thing”.\r\nLove and Work\r\nMr. Gambina was 17 when he had his first date, which was a walk on the front. What he remembers as difficult near dating was that he a lady friend who he would have liked to ask out was constantly with a female friend of hers, making her very unapproachable. The respondent’s attitudes towards sex have always been in sync with the teachings of the papistic Catholic Church. He say that one of the main reasons with his wife was that she was a woman with her own mind, and he realized that the relationship â€Å"meant agate line” straight away. He held that he always cherished to get married and have a family of his own; in fact he went on to have four children, two girls and two boys. He describes the better(p) part of marriage was the birth of his children, and the beat his wife dying. The values the interviewee tried to make on his all his children are those of the papistic Catholic Church.\r\nThe respondent’s desire was only to live a normal life, which he succeeded in accomplishing. When he was teenage he had wanted to be a notary, but since s chooling had to be paid for, and he was relying on his brother for income, he could not continue studying. He said the war helped him to understand and accept his bragging(a) responsibilities, and he realized he had rick an adult when he began working as a clerk, which he decided to do because he liked office work, also there was not much choice at the time, as it was just after WWII.\r\nHistorical Events and Periods\r\nAs already mentioned, the Mr. Gambina lived through the experience the Second World War; also he mentioned the granting of Malta’s emancipation as the important historical events he saw. He has limitn the development of cooking on the Maltese traditional kenur to gas ovens, and remembers old wives tales to cure sickness put into practice. He was, and still is, and active member of the community, from being an altar boy as a child, to being an active member of the boniface of bloody shame now: visiting old people’s homes, the mental infirmary and pa rishioners in their own homes. He considers the most important thing his family gave him as honesty, the most important thing that he gave his family as affection and the most important thing he gave to the community as his time.\r\n retirement\r\nMr. Gambina remembers feeling jutting when he retired from his full-time job, as it was during Mintoff’s government, and he was boarded out for being a nationalist supporter. He went on to part-time work with a relative, but eventually had to stop because of wellness problems. He says he doesn’t look out on work, that he’s living a happy life now and commented on how nice it is not to have to take fire up early every morning, rainwater or shine. The worst thing about being retired, however, is that, since he is a widower and his children do not live with him any more, it can get lonely.\r\nHis time is engaged now with working for the many of Mary (as mentioned earlier), running errands for himself and his childre n, and baby-sitting his grandchildren. He says he is very proud of his grandchildren, the best thing about them being their affection, and the worst thing when they argue. He hopes that they will always give brilliance to family unity.\r\nInner Life and Spiritual awareness\r\nThe interviewee says he had a happy childhood, he definitely felt loved; one of his happiest childhood memories is preaching the Christmas sermon. He counts his act point as a teen as WWII, especially since his father was not with him, and his turning points as an adult as getting married and becoming a father. He says the superior stress of being an adult is responsibility. Spirituality plays a major role in the interviewee’s life, his main(a) beliefs being to love God and his neighbour, and giving importance to saving his soul. Even though he sometimes doubts, he feels he has inner strength, which he gets from God and when he feels drained renews his strength through prayer. He feels at peace wi th himself, which he says was achieved by keeping hope alive.\r\nMajor Life Themes\r\nMr. Gambina says that the most important gifts he has gotten are the values passed on to him from his parents, pointing out that they are the same as those of the Catholic Church. His all important(p) conclusivenesss were deciding to get married and have a family, which taught him to appreciate life more. He can handle disappointment serenely, acute that life goes on. His greatest joy has been the births of his children and grandchildren, while the worst points are the deaths of his father, mother, wife and brother. His greatest worry is that he has to leave this world. though he knows he stopped changing a long time ago, he does not feel old and believes he can cope, adding that his children and grandchildren keep him alive.\r\nDiscussion\r\n government agency and Structure both play important factors in our lives. Agency is the power of actors to operate independently of the shaping constraint s of social structure. Structure, on the other hand, is the main structures in society and their sway on our personal lives, such as the government, righteousness, education, and the work place, as illustrated through this life-course study. My job now is to determine where both structure and agency have influenced the field of view’s, Mr. Gambina’s, life.\r\nWhen asked about his childhood, Mr. Gambina said he considered his it to be normal with reference to activities related to the papist Catholic Church (namely his First sanctified Communion, Confirmation, and that he was an altar boy), this is a release indication that the structure of the Church has compete a very large role in his life, so large that he defines himself by it. We can also see this influence in Mr. Gambina’s attitudes towards sex as a teenager, the values he tried to impart on his children (those of the Roman Catholic Church), which he also considers to be the most important gifts from his parents and what he considers to be that happiest memory of his childhood †giving the Christmas sermon. We can also see the weight religion carries for him in his choice of activities: working with the Legion of Mary, one of their activities being going to people’s houses to pray with them, and to give them a statue of the Virgin Mary to pray to for a week.\r\nAnother structure that played a significant role in Mr. Gambina’s life is education. Though he did not continue his education past ordinary level standard, this was not because he did not want to, but because it was too dear(predicate) to do so at the time. This seemingly does not mean that he does not treat getting an education as important, and when he was asked, he himself said, â€Å"Education is everything”.\r\nInevitably, the war played a large part in Mr. Gambina’s life. He counts it as the event that turned him into an adult. Also, since his father was repatriated to Sicily, his teenage years, the years in which he involve a father’s counselling most, were spent without that support. In this way, we can see, again, the sanction of structure in Mr. Gambina’s life course.\r\nIn his work, Mr. Gambina was also affected by structure. Starting work when he did was referable to the fees that had to be paid to continue schooling, which his family could not afford. The type of work he did was influenced greatly by structure to, although he wanted to work in an office job, he did not have much option at the time, as it was just after the Second World War had ended, and there were a lot of people unexpended unemployed (this is also some other way in which the war affect Mr. Gambina’s life). I also cannot ignore the comment Mr. Gambina made about being relieved to have retired, as he was discriminated against, and in his own words, â€Å"boarded out,” of his job as a clerk because of his political beliefs.\r\nOne reflection that stru cture did not control was Mr. Gambina’s choice for a wife. It was not reciprocal at that time for women to be working, but this is precisely what first attracted Mr. Gambina to who would become Mrs. Gambina. He liked that she was an independent woman. In this circumstance, we see that agency playing its role.\r\nConclusion\r\nThe life course study conducted was to indicate to what limit the respondent’s life was a product of structure and/or agency. All individuals are affected by social structure, and at the same time, each and every structure is made up of individuals, all performing diverse social actions.\r\nIn examining Mr. Gambina’s life story, it becomes clear that structure has played a much more prominent influence in his life than agency. First and foremost the Second World War, which affected not only Mr. Gambina’s universal life, but also the life of each individual that lived through it. Education, another structure, is also a factor that Mr. Gambina considers to be important. In his work, we can see Mr. Gambina being affected by structure in the type of job he opted for, and also the influence of the government, even in his office, which had influenced his everyday life, and caused him to detest his last two years of work.\r\nIn the case of Mr. Gambina, the great importance that he has prone to his religion has passim his life, as illustrated in both the results and the discussion, plain leads to the reasoning that structure, and especially that of the Roman Catholic Church, has been given priority in his life span. The only case I could find in Mr. Gambina’s life of agency taking control is when he chose his wife, and his decision to rear a family, though I must admit, I am not exactly sure that the choice to have one’s own family is a choice made completely independently.\r\nIn conclusion, I think the answer to the question ‘has agency or structure been given priority throughout the life cour se of Mr. Gambina?’ is indisputable. Structure has been the major influence in his life story, and still remains so.\r\nReferences\r\nRichard T. Schaefer, Sociology, ordinal edition, McGraw-Hill, 2001\r\nC. Wright Mills, The Sociological Imagination, 1959\r\nJanet Z. Giele and Glen H. Elder, Jr., Methods of Life Course look\r\nRoger D. Wimmer and Joseph R. Dominick, Mass Media Research, An Introduction, Wadsworth, 1994\r\nInternet sources\r\nhttp://www.socialscience.eku.edu/Ant/BANKS/CWMILLS_HT2.htm\r\n'

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'A Cultural Criticism Of Kite Runner by Khaled Hoesseini Essay\r'

'How high could a increase fly?: a ethnical lit crit of increase smuggler by Khaled Hoesseini\r\n on that point is a saying that cultural contacts some snips bring the worst of both farmings. It could be true except it also an deception because of unchanging thinking on the human human relationship mingled with state. And gloss is all abtaboo relationship of people. What happens when people from different hea accordingly background and devotions are caught up in cascading events in a changing universe of discourse? What if the culture which binds or more than stainless(prenominal) divides people is essentially antediluvian patriarch and has persevere unchanged by dint of the years, generation after, generation. And what happens if the â€Å" instanter’s” world politics dead has suddenly broken the spell and subjected people to reality. This is the basic motif or thematic thread of the getupe kickoff.\r\nSee more: Foot Binding In china essay\r\nA falsehood puzzle in Afghanistan, an ancient land, of ancient culture in the the 1960s up the eighties when the Taliban came into power in Afghanistan, the increase Runner chronicles a strange adorership betwixt 2 people from different ethnicity, religion and socio-stinting status. It is a study of discriminates as t octogenarian by the main character amir.\r\nTo understand ameer and the characters set in a photomosaic of contrasting and sometimes sharp contrast is to understand the cultural milieu of the ancient culture of Afghanistan based on Islam. This is no easy thing to do because of the weigh of point of view. In the case of the increase Runner or by chance in any narrative, in that location are devil point of views. The point of view of the causality and the point of â€Å"culture” as to the events and characters cosmosness described by the author.\r\nIn the increase Runner, the point of view is definitely recent †the narrative is excellent as shown by the superb weaving of the textual system of logic and the plot contemporary.\r\nThe plot and characters\r\nAs told by emir, the story revolves around his friendship with Hassan the countersign of amir’s stimulate’s servant. It tells a story of betrayal, redemption and lastly turn tail to freedom.\r\n emeer is Pashtoon and Hassan is Hazara. Pashtoon and Hazara are two of the ethnic groups in Afghanistan. From the clean, it appeared that the Hazara is discriminated upon or looked knock off on as revealed in the the hobby portrayal when emeer and Hassan are suppuration up:\r\n unmatchable day, we were walking from my father’s house to Cinema Zainab for a new Iranian movie, taking the cutoff by the military barracks near Istiqlal nerve center School-Baba had forbidden us to take for that shortcut, however he was in Pakistan with Rahim Khan at the time. We hopped the fence that surrounded the barracks, skipped over a little creek, and broke into the open after part field where old, aband angiotensin-converting enzymed tanks hoard trunk.\r\nA group of soldiers huddled in the shade of adept of those tanks, smoking cigarettes and playing cards. unmatched of them saw us, elbowed the guy beside to him, and called Hassan. â€Å"Hey, you!” he said. â€Å"I chouse you.” We had neer seen him before. He was a squatty man with a s cleard head and black straw on his face. The way he grinned at us, leered, s disquietd me. â€Å"Just keep walking,” I muttered to Hassan. (Kite Runner, p 6-7)\r\n â€Å"You! The Hazara! Look at me when I’m talking to you!” the soldier barked He fleeted his cigarette to the guy next to him, made a circle with the thumb and index finger of one hand. Poked the heart finger of his other hand through the circle. Poked it in and out. In and out. â€Å"I knew your get under ones skin, did you know that? I knew her real good . I took her from underside by that creek over there.” The soldiers laughed. One of them made a squealing sound. I told Hassan to keep walking, keep walking. â€Å"What a closelipped little sugary cunt she had!” (Kite Runner, p 6-7)\r\nThis enactment revealed a lot on the circumstances surrounding the two friends. Hassan was called by a soldier, â€Å"Hazara” and specifically pointed at Hassan average to taunt him, telling him that his mother is prostitute. From this passage, the two associates are simply out to trace an Iranian movie partaking of what little vacant their culture has to offer when they are confronted by the soldiers. It is understandable that Amir could not pit his friend and hence he took ambiguous action. It also showed the meek character of Hassan.\r\nThe moving photo of Amir and Hassan is set early in the novel. The circumstances of their births are telling of the conquest and desperation of an ethnic group. The contrast is reve aled in this passage:\r\n It was in that small populate that Hassan’s mother, Sanaubar, gave birth to him one refrigerated winter day in 1964. age his mother discharged to death during childbirth, Hassan lost his less than a week after he was natural. Lost her to a fate just about Afghans considered far worse than death. She ran off with a clan of traveling singers and dancer. (Kite Runner, p 6-7)\r\n twain Amir and Hassan lost their mothers upon birth with Amir’s mother dying of hemorrhage giving birth while Hassan was born with not ofttimes problem as implied by the quick recovery of his mother. notwithstanding she ran away apparently not absent the responsibility of raising a child. This passage is revealing of the harsh reality of Hazara woman and how harsh her reaction could be as depicted in the novel.\r\n â€Å"the moment Sanaubar had presumptuousness birth to Hassan. It had been a unprejudiced sufficient affair. N o obstetricians, no anesthesiologists, no joke monitoring devices. Just Sanaubar lying on a stained, naked mattress with Ali and a accoucheuse helping her. She hadn’t needed much help at all, because, even in birth, Hassan was true to his nature: He was unequal to(p)(p) of hurting anyone. A few grunts, a couple of pushes, and out came Hassan. Out he came rapturous. As confided to a neighbor’s servant by the garrulous midwife, who had consequently in bending told anyone who would listen, Sanaubar had taken one coup doeil at the baby in Ali’s arms, seen the cleft lip, and barked a bitter laughter. â€Å"There,” she had said. â€Å"Now you have your own doofus child to do all your smiling for you!” She had refused to even hold Hassan, and just louver days ulterior, she was gone.” (Kite Runner, p 9-10)\r\n This early in the novel, how the characters would develop has already been foretold. The novel’s author, include d the phrase â€Å"true his nature, incapable of hurting anyone” in referring to Hassan. A t from each oneable soul, helpless and innocent amid the torrid racial, economic and political cauldron that is Afghanistan.\r\n Ethnic credulity is a pervading theme in Kite Runner and there are many another(prenominal) scenes screening this. In another passage, Hassan was taunted and called him â€Å"flat-nosed” referring to the corporeal features of Hassan.\r\n It is interesting to point out, that this tale is in the point of view of Amir, a Pashtoon, an ethnic group which Amir found out later that his people have subdue the Hazaras. This is the turning point of Amir’s understanding of Hassan and critical to the development of the novel and Amir’s actions much later in the book. The passage reflects the contrast between Amir and Hassan.\r\n then(prenominal) one day, I was in Baba’s study, looking through his stuff, w hen I found one of my mother’s old history books. It was written by an Iranian named Khorami. I blew the dust off it, sneaked it into bed with me that night, and was stunned to develop an entire chapter on Hazara history. An entire chapter sanctified to Hassan’s people! In it, I read that my people, the Pashtoons, had persecuted and oppressed the Hazaras. It said the Hazaras had essay to attire against the Pashtoons in the nineteenth century, but the Pashtoons had â€Å"quelled them with unspeakable violence. (Kite Runner, p 9)\r\nThis is no easy revelation to a child. concentrated to grasp the extent of racial stress and oppressiveness, of a horrendous history separating him from a childhood friend, almost a puzzle brother if not a fast(a) servant. This as mentioned earlier is the difficult part. Is Amir, undergoing a change as a likeable master or into egalitarian soul? The climactic culmination of the this relationship is visualized in the kite contest wherein Hassan is the kite runner of Amir. Take remark that the relationship of master-servant did not change so are the dreams of children. Winning contests or making a name to make someone happy. In this case, Amir wants to impress his father so he joined the contest.\r\nIn one part of the novel is this passage showing that the relationship is still is master and servant. This is big in the understanding the construct of the Kite Runner.\r\nFinally, I had my kite in hand. I wrapped the opened string that had collected at my feet around the spool, shook a few more hands, and trotted home. When I reached the wroughtiron gates, Ali was postponement on the other side. He stuck his hand through the bars. â€Å"Congratulations,” he said. 1 gave him my kite and spool, shook his hand. â€Å"Tashakor, Ali jan.” â€Å"I was praying for you the whole time.” â€Å"Then keep praying. We’re not through yet.” (Kite Runner, p 67)\r\n Ali, here is the father of Hassan, note Amir’s dialogue: â€Å"I gave him my kite and spool, shook his hand.” It is plainly, a lad in confidence talking to a servant, as if saying, here take care of this will you? Like what Batman would have through with Alfred after a caper. â€Å"Here Alfred, take care of my boomerang will you?” The by-line passage shows the blissful innocence in triumph.\r\n I hurried back to the street. I didn’t ask Ali about Baba. I didn’t want to see him yet. In my head, I had it all planned: I’d make a majestic entrance, a hero, prized trophy in my bloodied hands. Heads would turn and eyes would lock… Then the old warrior would walk to the young one, embrace him, discover his Worthiness. (Kite Runner, p 67)\r\n The prize trophy being referred here is a wild blue yonder kit which Amir won. Hassan is tasked to recover the prize in a kite war. But succeed events in an otherwise happy function of winn ing which Amir wanted to plowshare with Hassan is not allowed by the author and the illusion of a champion in kiting as clashed with reality is painted squarely by Hosseini when Hassan was violated by Assef, the nemesis of Amir who would figure as the dark symbolization of the grim world of Afghanistan at the rise of the Talibans in the 80’s. The sexual violation or rape of Hassan, peradventure symbolizes the subjugation by use of powerful nip over another. In one scene, perhaps to zero in on a contradiction in Afghan culture, Hosseini weaved this passage describing Amir as he looks for Hassan concisely after the kite contest and short before witnessing the violation of Hassan.\r\n By the time I reached the marketplace a few blocks away, from the haji Yaghoub Mosque, the mullahbellowed azan, calling for the faithful to unfurl their rugs and bow their heads west in prayer. Hassan never missed any of the five day-after-day prayers. Even when we were out pl aying, he’d excuse himself, draw water from the considerably in the yard, wash up, and disappear into the hut. He’d amount out a few minutes later, smiling, find me seated against the wall or perched on a tree. He was going to miss prayer tonight, though, because of me. (Kite Runner, p 68)\r\n Here in this passage, Hassan is picture as a devotee of Haj Yaghoub Mosque, religious, true to his faith innocent. A simple child devoted to a friend performing for him the task of a kite runner. He performed his task and recovered the blue kite of Amir but was intercepted by Assef.\r\n Amir saw the whole sequel but did nothing. Here is a symbolic twist in the novel. The incapacity of Amir to act to protect not lone(prenominal) Hassan but himself. As we noted earlier, Amir is both a master and a friend of Hassan in terms of relationships, cultural and personal. As a master, he endorse down to the superior force of Assef and friends, he knows he coul d not win so he whimpers just watching. As a friend, he suffered internally at the kettle of fish of the violation. The illusion of triumph in the kite contest shattered.\r\nWhen kites are let loose\r\nThe resolution of the tale of ethnic dissension Kite Runner is framed by the author in the succeeding generation. It would be the redemption of Amir, when he rescued Hassan’s child who was taken captive by Assef who became a Taliban official. Amir was able to escape to California with his wife and Hassan’s child. Hassan was revealed to have been killed by the Taliban.\r\nAs far as handling the themes of conflict and its resolution, the Kite Runner showed us symbolically, how change is almost unsurmountable in an ancient setting. It would take perhaps generation after generation to a society more tolerant of each other’s differences. The novel is rich in symbols. The kite is highly symbolic, there is a thread that keeps it afloat, there is the wind. clip lo ose has significant meaning as when Amir decides to escape to California. The kite of Amir has crossed the continents, from the ancient to the modern or post modern California.\r\nWe are then left with one question, authenticity. It is not the target area of this paper to analyze what is Afghan culture and conflicts which tearing the country apart in flare ups of violence, we could only view the novel as woven by the author. though in many ways, ethnic or racial discrimination has been a disgust of mankind, and even stable techno-scientific economies has their share of racial disharmony and bigotry. Apartheid was just recently abolished in South Africa and there are racial and ethnic strifes in Eastern Europe. What Kite Runner did is to open our eyes to such(prenominal) problems and maybe in the future, youthful dreams would come true.\r\nReference\r\nHosseini, Khaled, Kite Runner\r\nhttp://rahapen.org/RAHA_Literary_criticism_safar_hanifi2.htm (1 of 8)5/6/2006 1:30:29 PM\r\nRAHA PEN: A quick glance on Novel” The Kite Runnner”\r\nWIKEPEDIA.com\r\n'

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'Leadership in Healthcare\r'

'Contents intromission2 synergistic Model of whizinghiphip3 Measure to Analyse Leadership Skills5 Introduction5 behavior-sustaining Factors5 laying Leadership Gaps5 Closing the gaps6 constitution of Motivation, Satisfaction & Performance8 caper Orientation among Teams8 Nature of convention & convocation exploitation8 direct Virtual squads8 Creating the Virtual Team9 Conclusion9 References10 Introduction The organization chosen for this subsidisation is Bupa C atomic number 18 go, Leeds, UK. Founded in 1947, Bupa commission operate let believed in the motto that they should cooperate pack live longer, happier & healthier lives with pro pot of comput fitting tone health burster.Bupa not organism open to sh areholders blend ins strictly for the benefits of its patients. Their various initiatives in terms of investment are learned at break come to the fore health premeditation for their patients. The focus of this assignment is on the leadi ng course of studyme conducted by Bupa in â€Å"Caring for elder passel” Bupa, by means of its net of re facial expressionntial hospitals, retirement homes & nursing homes in the UK, Australia, Spain and raw(a) Zealand issuances care of thousands of elder patients.Over a period of age with increase in experience they study determine lacunas in their processes and r distrisolelyivelyed a maturity to excel in innovation and winment of care facilities for the elderly. With collaborations with researchers, expert founderners and academics they motor to distinguish innovative shipway to improve their service With the society at full-gr proclaim being dominate by ageing individuals, it introduces the health care domain with fresh ch altogethithernges to summateress. It is more prevalent in developed countries which put on a firm healthcare system to curb individuals during their more productive phase in life thus improving their life expectancy.Glob all in a lly speaking, it is estimated in the nigh two decades that in that location would be about in two ways the percentage of elders in the UK as compared to today, while individuals who bedevil completed their centenary would be 4 measure as compared to today. In Australia, the numbers are expect to increase from the on-line(prenominal) 0. 2 million to an estimated 0. 5 million in the next two decades. A more similar trend is predicted in unexampledly Zealand whereby the current count is estimated to be doubled in the next three decades..The programme aims at congresswomanless to profile care home population, support initiatives to pucker pedigrees, target improvement of healthcare aspects and a aim at the greater good for improving the bill of living of the elderly. The programme was conducted under the capable leading of Mark Ellerby, Managing director, Bupa keeping Services and Dr. Clive Bowman, Medical Director, Bupa Care Services. Interactive Model of Leadership Response from citizenry today in a corporate police squad based culture is largely influenced by the behaviour of their draws.People like if their leading are with them rather accordingly above them, which gives them a feeling on be in the police squad and not a break ones back to the system. This calls for an innovative and lateral shift in the mentation behaviour on part of the leaders to be effective in their hitplace. The interactive lead development program helps leaders learn to effectively seduce that shift & excel as squad players. The program offers a new lease of life and offers an chance for to be leaders to benchmark their skills a pass onst the best practises from more or less the world which is supported and sanitary documented with a world class study of ore than three decades. The intent of the program is to get out send awaydidates test their intimate skills and coach themselves against external actions. It provokes them to improve upon th eir competencies and be better leaders to touch higher performance with results which eat up a long lasting impression. The research on interactive leadership has been conducted by founder David H. Burnham and Harvard psychologist Dr. David C. McClelland origination which they put on observed the way leaders practice and salutary-nigh historicly how they think in the most fine of situations.The focus of the program is to inculcate a aspect process to be able to engage with individuals and groups, improve the emotional intelligence and take on a dedicated focus on results. Let’s now focus on applying the model to the leadership programme at Bupa Care Services. The primary predate on which the interactive leadership works is: Thoughts take up Actions to create Outcomes. Participants are given the opportunity to work through simulations, perform good examples and activities in for each one of the critical areas in give to: Experience and evaluate how their cede thinking will help them drive outcomes in emerging ? Develop and invest in particular goals which would prepare them for either future qualifying ? Identify the key areas that need development and hold conscious(p) thought process to compass them ? Learn the nuances to make the change(s) happen. Measure to Analyse Leadership Skills 1 Introduction Leaders are aware of change and it is translucent to them that they need to adapt to the change as individuals as well as a group and the constancy at large. and considering today’s enigmatic and mingled work culture, the immenseness lies in watching the importance of leadership skills. The entire healthcare domain for geezerhood yield been operating in a fighting(a) world with changes stuporing every(prenominal)one including insurance companies, healthcare postrs, device firms and pharmaceutical to a great extent. The indus filter out has been boosted by the orgasm of technology, newer & improved means of care, a more energizing clientele model. Regulatory authority and ethical issues add to the existing woes of the healthcare industry.With such mazyities, organisations find it clumsy to identify the leadership endowment fund which can help them set direction, gain commitment from employees as well as from partners and drive high step care for the patients. With a volatile environment, the healthcare sector is looming large on drastic changes ahead in season and at the present moment; it is already amidst a phase of rapid change. This demands high levels of expertise in technology and thorough bred professionals with good leadership skills to be able to swim in the rough waters.The other problem for the healthcare domain is that it is extremely arduous for them to classify their challenges since these are multi dimensional and of a complex nature. In roll to address these challenges, common strategies and processes have to be developed which would enable the organization to achieve high performance. It is the need of the hour and even a need for Bupa Care Services. 2 Critical Factors 1. modify the ability to lead subordinates and work in groups. Leaders should be able to collaborate and should be fit of creating a culture to influence participation from all fragments in the group.It is also important for leaders to be able to deal with problem subordinates. 2. Create strategies to show current and future leaders broad holistic view. In order to have a holistic view, leaders are evaluate to have about critical qualities like self awareness, career watchfulness and functional know how. A majority of the leaders today have been found wanting in these critical areas. Such limitations are expected to be everywherecome through uninterrupted training and development, feedback sharing, teach and succession planning. 3. Leaders possess important strengths.They are well equipped to allot change and have the ability to achieve the end results. They p ossess some key additional qualities like cool composure, mobile learning qualification and clarity in thought process. Such qualities inherited by leaders offer abundant proof that the healthcare leaders are a capable bunch of individuals who are assets to the industry. 3 Identifying Leadership Gaps Like in every exercise which involves comparison of two levels of attributes in any individual, there would always be some gaps in the expected level and actual level.With leadership this disparity can be arrived by the difference in current skills to expected skills. With this judgement, organizations can come up with effectual strategies to prove a capable pool of able leaders. The process of identifying gaps leads us to the characterizing certain attributes which are important for leadership skills and certain factor ins that are termed as derailment factors. funda amiable Factors 1. Resourcefulness. Possesses multiple qualities such as good conclusion make under pressure, setting up conglomerate systems, analytical thinking, flexible behaviour and problem resolve skills.Gets along with seniors and has the capability to deal with higher commission responsibilities. 2. Result Oriented. Has the capability to get things done by carefully investing in ideas and thrives to overcome hindrances with a dedicated focus. Can stand up and take responsibility to handle assesss individually and at the resembling judgment of conviction is open to learn from others to accomplish the task. 3. sprightly Learner. Has the capability to quickly steep business and good know-how. 4. Decisive. eer fancys for prompt and precise solutions to any of the worry problems which otherwise would be slow and sluggish. . Leading Subordinates. fortified delegation powers and provides opportunities to budding subordinates to show case their talentss. Always on the look out for fresh talent for hiring. Has an unbiased approach towards his subordinates. 6. Handling Problem Subordinates. Tries to understand the problem subordinate and only after strait-laced evaluation decides to act upon a problem employee. Shows copious bewitchingness and is unbiased with problem employees. 7. Encourages participation. Is a good listener and takes everyone’s opinion before arriving at a decision. 8. Handles change.Is always expecting changes and is ready to adapt. Also, takes efforts to overcome any resistance from his other subordinates with a view that the change has its benefits in the long run. 9. Build relationships. Capable of build and maintain good relations with subordinates and external parties. master the skills of negotiation without stick outing any of the subordinate sentiments. 10. grieve and Sensitive. Genuinely inte lie downed in solving others problems and is sensitivity to employees’ needs. 11. Composure. Does not get into blame game over a mistake committed by anyone in the group.Handles the problem calmly and looks at solving the comparable quickly. 12. Personal Life. Strikes a balance between his operative commitment and personal life. Neither of them is ever side tracked. 13. Self-Awareness. Knows his strengths and weaknesses and has the willingness to improve. 14. Puts people at ease. Displays the right amount of ecstasy to people and has a good sense of humour. Having a good sense of humour is not at the expense of hurting subordinates sentiments. 15. eradicates his career. Remains focussed towards mental synthesis this career through continuous investing in training, coaching and feedback.Derailment Factors 1. Interpersonal Relationships. Finds it hard to get along with subordinates which indirectly impact his work. 2. Building and Leading a Team. Finds it difficult to build and lead a team. 3. Manage change. He is not able to manage change. Finds it difficult to adapt to change and inherently shows resistance to change. 4. Fails to achieve goals. Finds it difficult to keep up with his commit ments and fails to fulfill business objectives. 5. Narrow thinking. Does not get into details and fails to have a holistic view. 4 Closing the gapsTo good the leadership gap in the areas identified, organizations and individual leaders will need a solid reason of the skills and behaviours required to be effective in each area. Here, is the starting point for understanding five areas that healthcare leaders and organizations should emphasize: 1. Leading employees. This requires a leader to be self aware and have strong interpersonal skills. They need to invest in creating and twist a team. They provide ample opportunities and challenges to their subordinates which is followed up with continuous guidance and coaching. They look at being mentors to future leaders. . Encourage participation. A leader should look at acquiring his teams involved, build a consensus and have a concurrent decision with everyone’s strong participation. Should be able to communicate well and also be a good listener in order to be able to get the best out of his team members. Looks at multiple perspectives before arriving at a decision. 3. Relationship Management. A leader should look at building relationships with his subordinates and also be fair in handling these relationships. He should be able to relate to all kinds of people and easily gain support and respect of peers, senior management and customers. . Self-Awareness. Be aware of ones strengths and weaknesses. whatever one who is aware of his own being will always seek feedback from others and try to improve him continuously. He would be open enough to admit his mistakes and self correct himself. 5. Organizational perspective. A leader should have a broad and holistic organizational view. If the thinking is narrow then it would hurt the team was well as the organization in the long term. Should be capable enough to handle the tactical and technical points required to manage his work. Nature of Motivation, Satisfaction & PerformanceMotivation is something that makes people performs better. However, not everyone gets make by the same things: Someone who is motivated strength be satisfied and would perform better by getting additional responsibilities, whereas someone would gets some flexibility in his working style might get motivated to perform better. It merely means that motivation to every individual might mean differently and his result to it would also differ. The various initiatives take at Bupa Care Services to contribute to the overall success of the leadership programme are listed below 1.Clinical Leadership: Director of mental and physiological hinderance care, Dr Graham Stokes, is creditworthy for driving forward the quality and scope of care for people living with mental and physiological harm in Bupa’s care homes in the UK, Australia, Spain and mod Zealand. 2. Fund Raising: Bupa is continuing their successful partnership with Alzheimer’s Society in England and Wales, and Alzheimer Scotland for the Bupa Great fall Series. They managed to nurture close to ? 1 million in 2009, which is evidence of the shared commitment to continue to raise awareness of mental and carnal deterioration.Bupa has sponsored the Great guide Series for 17 years, making it one of the longest-running white partnerships in the UK. 3. Boosting Research: Alzheimer’s Society and the Bupa debut have formed a partnership to broach and boost research into carnal & mental deterioration and its causes. They jointly launched a ? 1. 5 million fund to support research into the cause, cure, care, and prevention of physical & mental disabilities. Task Orientation among Teams Every organization wants to have a well collaborated team which can provide results effectively.There are many factors which would define a team’s success but the key factor being a leader’s vision and control over his team. Leaders have to be a mix of task and team orientation. This capability to leverage on both orientations enhances the ability build trust, create stability, and bring strength among the team. The various task orientation initiatives taken at Bupa Care Services are listed below. 1. Pioneering Champions: Alzheimer’s Society and Bupa have united together to launch the first ever physical & mental deterrent Champions programme across xcl Bupa specialist care communities in the UK.The programme aims to develop in-house bred leaders to combat physical & mental disability care in their place of work and has been successfully piloted in Bupa care homes. By changing the culture, the physical & mental disabilities champions aim to further improve quality of care and quality of life for people with physical & mental disability. 2. Supporting careers in their own communities: Bupa’s partnership with the charity for physical & mental disability aims to build capacity by developing new admiral Nurse Posts in communities not served by this specialist nursing discipline. Physical & mental disability Pioneers’ are appointed to selected areas to spearhead development plans. The work of the Admiral Nurse in helping families and those living with physical & mental disability is well proven. Admiral Nurses have a significant role in helping families cope with the difficulties faced through their trip with physical & mental disability. Nature of group & group development There are four intelligible full stops that a group passes through as it comes together and starts to operate. The process can be known to all, but an understanding of the stages can help everyone attain effectiveness more quickly. . Forming: Being humans, everyone thrives to be accepted in their groups and also looks to avoid getting into conflicts. Everyone has a part to play in the entire jigsaw vexer and thus they avoid getting into issues and hurting others feeling. But they ha ve to accomplice their task by being in touch with their sub ordinates in order to achieve the results. 2. Storming: Every group has Individuals with varied natures. Some have a high degree of patience while some just get irritated at everything. Similarly there is a door to everyone’s patience which eventually might lead to minor disputes or confrontations.These might be cerebrate or totally unrelated to work. 3. Norming: As we gain from the storming stage, the group matures and starts understanding their roles and responsibilities. These become more slang and each one agrees to follow the same. They start understanding each other better having gone through the grind during the storming stage. This eventually would lead to forming a gummy unit which is capable of achieving the desired results. 4. Performing: make this stage for any group is an achievement as not many groups reach this stage.Having attained this stage signifies that the group is highly collaborative an d works as a cohesive unit. The group possesses high esprit de corps and has created a identity for itself which reflects through their loyalty for each of the members. Leading Virtual teams The last couple of decades have seen rapid globalisation which has also make an impact on the healthcare domain. Challenges have come up with leaders expected to manage teams which are geographically diverse in terms in distances and time zones and not being co located.The problems however with managing realistic teams especially in the healthcare domain has not received enough importance the world over. 1 Creating the Virtual Team With the above problem statement, leaders today have an inherent wish to be able to select team members based on their ability to work in virtual teams. However, in the healthcare domain, this is not an option which is readily gettable since there are very limited options lendable when it comes to having the right skill sets. The choices are therefore made as far a s ossible; collate team members who have experience in virtual teamwork, rest of the parameters remaining same. 1. Discovering Commonalities: It is a difficult task to find commonalities within virtual teams as it is very some(prenominal) possible that the team leader has never met all members face to face and thus does not have enough data points to gauge them on a level scale. Extra efforts have to be taken by the leaders to Identify commonalities between people to actually arrive at trying to group similar minded or similar adept team members together. . Creating Trust: Trust and respect cannot be commanded, it is almost always earned from the members of a team that trust each other and will go far in working together as a team. It is important to make every member valued and appreciated. Everyone should be given the opportunity to voice their opinion and all opinions need to be heard. 3. correspondence team dynamics: Within virtual teams, there are no visual or physical cues and thus it makes it challenging for the leader to understand the team dynamics.The likes and dislikes of the team members are also difficult to assimilate since the communication most of the times would be on phone or emails. 4. Team member interaction: An important component of virtual teams else would be difficult to handle such diverse user groups. work virtually sometimes has its limitations that some of the team members might get missed out in the communication theory and which would be harmful for the team as a whole. It is sometimes observed than one member gets invited to fewer and fewer meetings and suddenly one is a non-entity on the team.Now imagine this happening with multiple team members. 5. parley: With virtual teams, there are various ways in which the communication happens †phone, phone conference, video conference, email, internet, yack away rooms and IM. The leaders have to be well conversed with all these medias and should decide on the right telephon e circuit when communicating with the members of the virtual team. Conclusion Hoping to get quick results, healthcare organizations cannot be investing in besides many leadership programmes especially in the uncertain times.Therefore, it is important for the team to be conservative when it comes to making such decisions. Yet, it should be noted that leadership talent and technical expertise are necessary to meet the population’s healthcare needs, manage operations and find innovative and effective solutions to complex challenges. practiced leadership initiatives, then, are essential for success. To start with, healthcare organizations have the opportunity to re-assess their organizational leadership capabilities and fetch focused efforts to develop leaders and create a culture of collaboration.References Ellerby, Mark and Dr. Bowman, Clive, Bupa Care Services, 2011, â€Å"Healthcare leadership in caring for older people” CCL get over Jun, 2010. â€Å"Addressing t he Leadership Gap in Healthcare” retrieved on twenty-ninth family 2012 from â€Å"Group Dynamics: canonical Nature of Groups and How They Develop” retrieved on 29th phratry 2012 from < http://managementhelp. org/groups/dynamics-theories. htm > â€Å"Stages of Group Development” retrieved on 29th September 2012 from â€Å"InterActive Leadership”, Burnham Rosen Group retrieved on 29th September 2012 from\r\n'

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'Health Care Management Essay\r'

'Roles and Functions\r\nManagement is a major element in every judicature. Management is â€Å"the process of organizing, blueprintning, commanding the use of resources, and leading to accomplish proceeding goals” (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, &type A; kramer, 2007, p. 5). Most motorcoachs follow similar roles and functions that help suss out that the organization flow is steady and business moves on smoothly. In the health cargon setting watchfulness have four major functions in which the managers palliate so that workers can work toward normal goals. completely managers, regard little of level are responsible for the spare-time activity functions: organizing the process of delegating, allowing, and coordinating, planning the process of determining actions, performance objectives, and decision maker. Controlling the process of comparing events, pickings corrective actions, and gather and interpret work performance, and depart leading the process of building commitme nts, encouraging activities that supports alliance goals, and fulfill and accomplish objectives.\r\nThe four major functions has helped, organizations globally to achieve high-pitched performance goals and quotas. For most business, high productivity measures organizational success, and the managers are responsible for ensuring its achievement. In the organization in which I work, I avouch all four of the functions used daily. My managers each day organize schedules to accommodate the senses. If the senses are low than the managers leave behind have to cut the labor when mean transmit workers home earlier. I have witnessed my manager plan in ahead by adding extra volume to schedule to ensure productivity. As we any organization there are workers who attempts to defy the organizations rules, that I have seen first had how the managers use function of tick to restore order.\r\nLeading in the organization in that I work for is one in which I am leery about. Allow me to rephrase the leading who manage my department are questionable. The leaders in this organization could be success only they do not have worked ethics about themselves, but that is not the issue here. Applying these functions at the organization, which I am employed, if properly trained can enhance, the unity of the organization, the flow, and the note of hand of communication. Health care oversight and leaders esteem a diversified workforce. Workforce diversity â€Å"describes demographic differences among employees, principally differences in age, race, ethnicity, able-bodies, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation course” (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, & kramer, 2007, p.5).\r\nThe organization I work for is overpoweringly cultural diverse and its enjoyable. Yet there are always barriers, such barriers as prejudice, including absurd idea of other associates who are unlike themselves. Its discrimination, and it can result in the glass ceiling affect it prevents the less likely and minorities from exceling. This is a horrible characteristic to have, but it happens way too often. The most significant font related to health care management that I foretaste to gain from taking this course wear time management, and to develop leadership skills. I hope that I can be a manager who can empower associates and have a common goal.\r\nReference\r\nLombardi, D. J., Schermerhorn, J. R., & kramer, B. (2007). health care management: Tools an techniques for managing in a health care surroundings . Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.\r\n'

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'Massive Multiplayer Games Essay\r'

'With the rise and popularity of multiplayer jeopardizes over the conk two decades, the industry has created natural grittys that catered to the taste and preferences of gimpy players in various age groups. Likewise, as these plump fors countenance players to cooperate and compete against to each one different from different boundaries, there is now a rising touch of whether the crippled creates benefits to players or only serves as habituation to those who engage in such activities. Due to this, it is in-chief(postnominal) to determine the scope and challenges surrounding massive multiplayer games to actively decipher appropriate strategies for further development.\r\nUnderstanding the head Looking at it, the term multiplayer games denotes from the ability of whizz player to actively come upon part in a painting game together with patrons well-nigh the world in a simultaneous manner. ). These games release players to cooperate and compete against each early(a) on a large scale, often with other players round the world. It is a natural evolution to gaming with the widespread use of the internet that has opened up a global community. As outlying(prenominal) as the overall go is dreaded, for players to participate in these games, you must early purchase the game and then pay a monthly fee to play to compete in the game.\r\nMMORP games that make the most m hotshot and only(a)y be those that go muckle subscribed or buying new items for several consecutive months. The explosion in popularity and sales has drawn a often closer count on into the attraction of gaming and its effect on game players. Consequently, there is a renewed interest in finding out the relevant effect of this performance particularly among gamers themselves. This has sparked the interest of enquiryers and everyone wanting to know what the frenzy is all about. Is it an addiction, or argon there corporeal benefits that draw the player in to these games?\r\nOn one hand, we arsehole see that these people to gain interpret and recognition for their figure out. At the same time, it opens up the foundations of hit out to individuals in different shades with the game as a medium. However, that is precisely what draws the gamer in; it separates them from the real world. It is lightheaded to understand the allure of MMOG’s on gamers. They take place in a separate universe, and you can create a character for yourself that is exactly the soul you want to be. This game universe has it own rules, culture, and ordering of people with all kinds of interactions taking place.\r\nThe possibilities for exploration are unlimited and there are no somatogenic consequences to your actions. What do studies say? Relating this to research and studies, a 2007 Harris synergetic poll of 1,187 youths aged 8-18 gathered detailed data on youth opinions about word picture game play. About 81% of youths stated that they played video games at least on ce per month. Further much, the average performing time varied by age and sex, from 8 hours per week (responses from teen girls) to 14 hours per week (responses by teen boys).\r\nTeens (8-12 year olds) fell in the middle, with boys averaging 13 hours per week of reported game-play, and girls averaging 10. Harris concludes that 8. 5% can be classified as pathological or clinically ‘addicted’ to contend video games. (Harris synergistic) Dr. Douglas Gentile, Director of the Media inquiry Lab at Iowa State University and the director of research for the National Institute on Media and the Family, states, â€Å"It is important that people realize that playing a lot is not the same thing as pathological play. For something to be an addiction, it has to squiffy more(prenominal) than you do it a lot.\r\nIt has to mean that you do it in such a look that it damages your life. This is why we based our definition on how pathological gambling is diagnosed in the DSM-IV. Almos t one out of every ten youth gamers shows teeming symptoms of damage to their school, family, and psychological functioning to merit somber concern. ” (Harris Interactive) Lastly, to Dr. Suzanne Martin, Youth and Education Researcher at Harris Interactive, â€Å"The prevalence of video gaming in youth culture in combination with this level of pathological video gaming is great cause for concern and highlights the pauperization for further research in this arena.\r\n” Gamers who were surveyed and classified as pathological were receiving lower grades in schools than their peers, were more apparent to have video game systems in their bedrooms (65%), were outgo much more time playing games each week (averaging 24. 5 hours per week), and were also more potential to have been diagnosed with an attention deficit problem. (Harris Interactive) Analysis The Harris Interactive report seems to indicate a consider commensurate meter of usage among children and tweens; but do es not indicate that it is a cause of the games themselves.\r\nA deeper look into other factors associated with gamers require to be considered. Do these children or tweens spend more time at home because of both parents work schedules? Is there a correlation coefficient to the household income and the affordability of the games that makes them more accessible and appealing? Is there a correlation to the popularity of a video/media culture so much more accessible to children now that also plays an bring? There is apparently cause for some concern; but a deeper look in the other factors needs to be considered before a judgment can be Evaluation\r\nEvaluating these studies, it can be argued that there are indeed positive and controvert consequences that can be deciphered as far as massive multiplayer games are concerned. Looking at it in a constructive manner, this process creates opportunities for players to assume and enhance their creativity within the specific game and platfor m. Moreover, it extracts the necessary skills needed in either to assoil a quest or achieve a common goal. This in turn throw ins them to expand on their capabilities and create outcomes that will enhance their cognitive capabilities.\r\nOn the other hand, there are also electronegative consequences of too much exposure in this area. In here, individuals can get addicted in the process and create a world of their own. Seeing this, players change themselves towards reality as they become immersed with the game they are involved in. Such idea can provide negative consequences psychologically, physically, and socially. Seeing this, it is then essential that a form of consensus and control be initiated in the process.\r\nThis promoter that parents must actively create methods that will allow their children not only to immerse in such activity but also give them other options to consider. Though we may not be able to take away these things to children, having a specific playing time can encourage them to explore other possibilities available for them. By doing this, players can maximize the benefits of the game they play and limiting the possibilities of addiction that may be incurred during the process.\r\n'

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'Changes in the American Federal Government from 1876 to the New Deal\r'

'On many occasions since the end of Reconstruction, the American political remains has demonstrated its ability to adapt to changing internal and foreign policy requirements, frequently by extending the fulfill of its power. An examination of the actions of the fed durationl governing during three periods (the modern Era, World state of war I, and the New Deal) reveals some of the modern functions and responsibilities that the federal government assumed. In the years like a shot pastime Reconstruction, wariness was necessarily focused on domestic matters.A shift from an agrarian economy to an industrial one created new sets of needs and expectations for the American existence. progressive era reformers, notably Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Wilson, responded to these needs by concern for reform: breaking-up monopolies; addressing corruption; enacting laws to protect women, children, and the large immigrant population; overseeing food and drug safety; and establish ing regulations for sanitation and hygiene.These reforms often required the establishment of new governmental institutions (for example, the intellectual nourishment and Drug Administration and the Department of Labor ). some of these institutions are still in operation today. starting with the United States’ participation in World War I, heed was redirected to foreign matters. Americans became increasingly involved in world affairs, not only through and through their involvement in the war efforts but also through the expansion of imperialist endeavors.Though these campaigns had begun earlier, they rapidly increased following the acquisition of Guam, the Philippines, and Puerto Rico in 1898. These actions extended the refer of the federal government to overseas territories. With the Great Depression, attention once again necessarily shifted to domestic matters. In order to alleviate the effects of the Depression, Franklin Roosevelt instituted massive changes referred t o together with as the New Deal.These policies included massive informality efforts for the employed, the establishment of a minimum wage, the creation of fond Security, and the expansion of federal regulation of agriculture, industry, finance, and labor relations. genius major result of FDR’s administration was the government gained the legal power to regulate the economy. During much of his administration, FDR unbroken the federal government’s focus on domestic matters as he sought to enact neutrality legislation to keep America surface of the war in Europe.vi It is significant that in multiplication of economic crisis (such as those that straight off preceded the Progressive era reforms and the New Deal), the federal government of this country turns its attention to combating corruption, regulating the economy, instituting public works projects, and enacting legislation that directly affects the lives of American citizens. In so doing, Wilson and F. D. Roosev elt focused their attentions in the first place on domestic policy at the pricey of foreign policy.\r\n'

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'How has Baz Luhrman used sound effects to appeal to a younger audience?\r'

'Baz Luhrman riding habits effectual, euphony and speech to have an exiting and appealing effect on a younger interview. It helps us identify the characters, the Montagues and Capulets, beca handling we shell a sense that these devil groups are only different and have a conflicting ardour of music to acquaint them. The various sounds effects employ to help us, the auditory modality, see the Montagues ‘Boyz as cowardly and spineless and the music that they are listening too ‘The boys the boys… tells us that they are young boys not men this is reflected by means of their music.\r\nWhereas the sound effects with the Capulets are more strong-arm and sinister. Baz Luhrman helps the young audience judge clearly in the midst of these two gangs, and the music and SFX help the audience bring in a personal impression of them. The Montagues are childish, juvenile, and loud, use raft humour and are trying to be noticed; the Capulets comparison to the Montagues a re powerful, forceful, skilled fighters and are feared like criminals.\r\nAt the start of the film Baz Luhrman has use a female news contracter. The newsreader is serious, straight †set about and straight to the point. It seems like a normal daylight to day news bulletin; withal the desktop of the newsroom is a dark and sinister colour. Straight after(prenominal) that we attempt the same monologue but its a male verbalize over. The voice over has a serious deep gravely voice also Irish, this, to the audience makes you want to listen more. As the voice over reads it much slower we can hear it clearer and as its the second time being read out we can determine what they are genuinely saying. While the voice over is speaking the audience can see continuous images being blast at the screen with key words from the monologue. Baz Luhrman has utilise sound and image to help us, the young viewers, understand Shakespeares language by being bombarded by sound and imagery.\r\nY ou can read also Audience translation Paper\r\nThe sound also creates tension, when the music is at a proud pitch. We can hear high pitched voices, as if there were angles looking bulge out or looking over what is happening. The voices could also behave whats happening, as the two gangs are at war. The use of the helicopter sounds gives us a wider impression of what maybe happening, for example, war, fighting, battles and the landscapes.\r\nThe Capulets are introduced by their own music. Their music has a sense of western; the viewers also string to hear the roar of their engine as it starts up. The audience is in anticipation when the fighting starts, it seems like the two gangs are waiting for a showdown, all is quite a and the viewers are left waiting in fear for the first gun shot.\r\nThe Montagues are like ‘boy racers they really want to be noticed. They do this by shouting out, having their music turned up full blast. They use a lot of toilet humour as well as mak ing gestures to the nuns. They live in this care free area where nothing else matters excepted them messing around ‘boys playing with their toys.\r\n'

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'Philosophy Of Education Paper Essay\r'

'As with any successful profession, at that place must be a strong grounding on which to build upon. This foundation in the champaign of education is your personal philosophy of education. Successful doctrine includes diversity of every student’s backgrounds, and levels of ability. Without losing jalopy of goals, my beliefs of enlightening and agreeing are very specific. First, I believe every s brookr deserves to receive an education. No matter their race or income, every child deserves to learn. The are innocent beings, and these children are going to be our future just aboutday. More specifically, the philosophy that I would teach to my students would be Cultural Nationalism. â€Å"The cultural nationalist instructor focuses exclusively on the experience of the oppressed crowd as the center or pivot of the political platform” (Asante, p. 4).\r\nI want to use what is going on in the world and focus on their cultural experience. This allows children from o ppressed groups to feel nurtured in their school environment day by day. Another philosophy that I have is, I believe a instructor should make learning childs play for his/her students. When children are having fun at school, It makes them want to come back and forestall coming back. Regular curriculum can have pretty boring. Making the curriculum fun engages the students into learning, and helps them sympathize it better. Also, I believe in staying involved with paid development so we can continuously learn clean things. It is important to me to keep using updated technology in classrooms. â€Å"Matthew Arnold warned that faith in machinery was humankind’s greatest menace” (Postman, p. 36). I do not believe in what Arnold stated. I think that new technology in the classrooms is constantly helping teachers and the alone education process.\r\nNext, I believe in melodic line to have supportive relationships with students and parents. It is very important to have somewhat of a personal relationship with your students and their parents. It unfeignedly shows that you care as a teacher. Developing positive relationships with your students allows you to understand them more(prenominal). This allows you to figure out the best dash to teach each and everyone of your students. There are multiplication when we encounter students that require a little more effort than others.\r\nWhen we are faced with this type of role teacher must reflect on the unbent meaning of teaching. This will enable the teacher to tangle the difference in the learning styles of students and allow the teacher to develop innovative strategies for reaching such a diverse population. Teachers should give all students the chance to allow their creative juices flow. With a little nudge and some encouragement there is no end to what a student can do. Teachers must realize that the opposition that we have on our students last a lifetime. I can always remember being told knowledge is power. This statement has been true for decades and surely will be true in the future.\r\n'

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'Fire and Its Social and Economical Problem\r'

' beset has been called the foundation of humankind civilization. sack up provides warmth and oestrus, protecting us from the ravages of the elements . Fire gives us light to see in the aphotic and to signal other people who may be looking for us. Its light also tends to keep predacious animals away. Fire enables cooking, which improves the taste of many foods and helps eliminate abusive bacteria. In extreme situations, kindle roll in the hay be used as a weapon, brandished against wild animals or others who intend us harm. Fire plays an important image in various aspects of the Hindu Tradition. It is both the reason and destroyed of life.\r\nUncontrolled and misuse of send packing can cause tremendous adverse impacts on the purlieu and the human society. Forest exculpate is a major(ip) cause of degradation of India’s forests. Some putting surface causes of fuel in the houses are kitchen stoves, electric blankets, unseasonable wiring, clothes dryers, lighting, LPG, candles, crackers, flammable liquids etc. The potential for fire is present in any workplace. But, if you’re awake(predicate) of the causes and conditions, if you’re prepared, and if you think before you act, the risk of a workplace fire and its damaging effects †on you, your co-workers or your company †can be minimized.\r\nFire extinguishers are a critical component of sparing property and lives in the case of a fire emergency. En certain(a) that fire protection equipment (i. e. , sprinklers, smoke/heat detectors, alarms, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, and fire blankets) are maintained, for sale for use, and not impaired or concealed. Make sure fire extinguishers correspond to the potential risk. Know where they’re located and how to use them. Good housekeeping practices and fire fighting training are the crucial to fire prevention. Ultimately it is the extra economic burden on the society.\r\n'

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'Explore the Ways in Which John Steinbeck Presents He Character of Lennie in ‘of Mice and Men’\r'

'In this essay I am going to be writing fairly iodin of the of import shares in John Steinbeck’s novella ‘Of Mice and Men’. The written report portrays the travels and arising problems of two migrant workers who sh be an uncommon knowledge for the time and environment in which the novella is amaze. Lennie depressed is the vulcanized fiber I leave alone be exploring and I will start cancelled by swelled a detailed explanation of his physical visual aspect and behaviour. Second I will look at his and the opposite main character George’s kindred which will hence be come ined by Lennie’s relationships with new(prenominal) characters end-to-end the book.\r\nI will then go on to look at the betoken in which Steinbeck displays in the accounting and fin whollyy I will conclude the story of its final climax. Steinbeck uses umpteen different descriptions of Lennie secondary in the novella. Often comp atomic number 18d to animals, whiz z of the first descriptions of him is him being compared to a bear. ‘He was draw his feet a little, the flair a bear drags his paws’, is a parentage which portrays an image of how physically large Lennie is succession to a fault suggesting the extent of his say-so.\r\nLennie is besides described to be ‘shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes’ which compares easily to a small innocent child who doesn’t visualise his surroundings. The imagery created in this scene lowers to imply that Lennie, even though a grown man, does not fetch a mind of his own, al just about child bid, while incessantly having someone to direct him through tone. disrespect his age, Lennie acts and speaks with immatureness due a mental disability. ‘Slowly take placele a terrier, who doesn’t want to bring a ball back to his traverse’ is a line Steinbeck wrote to emphasise Lennie’s immature spirit.\r\nBy comparability him to a terrier he becomes viewed as irrational with a very instinctive side to him. Steinbeck uses the word ‘master’ which signifies how Lennie, unable to shed light on sensible finalitys, needs a master or more so a carer. It stresses his simple-mindedty and likewise his loyalty to George. Furthermore in this novella Lennie doesn’t intentionally mean to do harm but that does not mean he is completely benignant. This is channelisen when Steinbeck writes ‘I wasn’t doing no function bountiful with it, George.. jus’ stroking it. in the scene where George is demanding the dead creep from Lennie. By writing this Steinbeck has suggested that the innocent Lennie is and both(prenominal) a victim and villain throughout his life. No amour how harmless he is within his mind, his strength betrays his personality leaving his child like mind, and brute strength a threatening combination. Steinbeck’s first description of George and Lennie’s relationshi p demonstrates the fact that George is very a good deal like a father figure to Lennie.\r\nHe is constantly mimicking George and following obediently which is described when ‘they had walked in single file atomic pile the path, and even in the open one stayed one behind the otherwise’. This quote emphasises the dominance in the relationship and how Lennie is continuously following behind George because he wants to show him respect. in addition Lennie imitates George with the upmost precision, ‘Then (George) replaced his hat, pushed himself back from the river, drew up his knees and embraced them.\r\nLennie who had been watching imitated George exactly’ highlights this as it shows just how such(prenominal) Lennie looks up to George as if he is also a hero as well as a father figure in which he wants to admit noble-minded. It produces the thought that maybe all Lennie wants is for George to be proud of him and is symbolic to the fact Lennie looks up t o George as a role model. In the opening dialogue in the midst of George and Lennie the nature of their relationship is easily distinguishable when George says ‘Lennie! Lennie for Gods sake, fatigue’t drink too some(prenominal).. ou gonna be draw like you was last night’ because it conveys how much George real cares for and worries for Lennie without making it sound too affectionate. He speaks raft to Lennie in a patronizing manner which also symbolises the authority in the relationship. In this novella one of the key things about(predicate) Lennie and George is the dream they both propensity to achieve. Due to Lennie’s girlish mind curing and George’s fatherly role in Lennie’s life the dream becomes somewhat a bedtime story for Lennie. On several occasions ‘Lennie pleads â€Å"Come on George.\r\nTell me. Please, George. Like you did before. ” ‘ which further emphasises how much of a child he is due to the fact it makes him calm, able and almost settled as if he were an infant going to bed. It could also portray the subconscious worries Lennie has so he feels the need to be reassured about their dream. Lennie’s relationships with other characters vary and progress throughout the novella. When quash, the jerkline skinner, is first introduced to Lennie and George he is taken aback by the oddness of their relationship with each other.\r\nHe practiced away design’s Lennie’s lack of mastermind and later on states to George ‘it seems kinda funny, a cat like him and a smart guy like you travelling unneurotic’ which is the first opinion abbreviate reveals towards Lennie. At first he only sees the childlike Lennie but after the situation explained he understands and views Lennie in a completely different light. ‘He’s a nice fella, guy don’t need no sense to be a nice fella’ is a line which Steinbeck wrote to show clearly how come down respects and likes Lennie as it emphasises that he doesn’t just see the absence of acquaintance but the nice guy hidden underneath the childish exterior.\r\nEven though Slim doesn’t really get to know Lennie in this novella, his familiarity with George allows him to understand Lennie and the position the two are in. Slim appreciates that Lennie is not a cruel person when he says ‘He ain’t mean, I jackpot see Lennie ain’t a go mean’ which further emphasises the intelligence Slim be in possession of to see behind the original interpretation of Lennie as a man and shows how his mental pictures towards him wipe out developed into somewhat respect. another(prenominal) relationship that Lennie has is one with the stable buck, Crooks.\r\nSteinbeck enforces this unverbalized friendship between the two because both are isolated from the rest of the ranch workers, Lennie because of his size and childish behaviour and Crooks because of him being black and being separate from the rest of the workers. Although Lennie is portrayed as the weakest mentally, he doesn’t understand the unwritten code of racial separationism which brings out the intelligent side to him which is proven in the way he acts towards Crooks. When Crooks questions him about why he has entered the barn Lennie replies with ‘Nothing- I seen your light.\r\nI thought I could jus’ come an’ set’ which shows how innocent Lennie is and in a way how lonely he is as he goes to investigate the possibility that he could converse with someone. It could also show that Lennie sees crooks as an equal unlike the other men on the ranch who merely see his colour. In this novella Steinbeck uses foreshadowing a coarse deal throughout the whole story. It appears everywhere, hinting on what will pop off to different characters and the way the story will develop. It is used to show that Lennie will be acquire in trouble with Curleyâ₠¬â„¢s wife, her finish and also his death and the exact way in which he dies.\r\nThe moment Curley’s wife is introduced an ill feeling overcomes the atmosphere signifying that Lennie will in fact be getting into some sort of mess involving her. George says at the very beginning ‘I seen ‘em acerbate before, but I never seen no wear round of jail bait like her before. You leave her be’ is a quote from the novella which directly foreshadows Curley’s wifes death because by having George tell him to leave her alone, it’s obviously going to go the opposite way and something will end up bringing the pair off together.\r\nAnother thing that adds to the foreshadowing of her death is Lennie’s tendency to ‘get carried away’ with touching soft, glib and pretty things. Throughout the novella the victims of Lennie’s harmless ‘petting’ gradually get bigger, starting off with the girls dress in Weed, the mouse, pro gressing on to Curley’s hand and the whelp and finally ending with Curley’s herself. The skirt, mouse, puppy and Curley’s wife all link in with the need to touch ‘soft things’ and the same reaction even happen in each.\r\nOnce they begin to panic or squirm Lennie reacts in a childlike way and doesn’t know what to do so he simply doesn’t let his hold of that object go. Excluding Curley’s hand which was rigorously down to animal and childish instinct, all the other incidents could connect to the idea that in Lennie’s naive mind, ‘soft and pretty’ things relate to the dream that he and George have and once the victims begin to struggle it at one time alerts Lennie that the dream is escaping him and he holds on in fright of letting go and loosing it.\r\nThe foreshadowing of Lennie’s death occurs at different points throughout the novella. The shooting of glaze’s chamfer being the main one. Whe n Carlson is nerve-racking to persuade sugarcoat into letting him shoot the quest after he says ‘He ain’t no good to you, Candy. An’ he ain’t no good to himself. Wh’n’t you shoot him, Candy? ’ which is exactly how Lennie is viewed as a partner of George. two the dog and Lennie are connected as they both in some way weigh down their ‘owner’ and aren’t really useful to them.\r\nAnother thing which foreshadows his death is George’s constant reminders of how his life would be easier without him. ‘God you’re a business deal of trouble, I could get along so lite and so nice if I didn’t have you on my tail. I could live so blowzy and maybe have a girl’ is a line which Steinbeck wrote to foreshadow what might happen in the end of the story as it is how George feels inside which he frequently tells Lennie at different points in the story. Lennie’s death, placed right at the end of the story, is no big surprise when it actually occurs. Beforehand Lennie and George are merely talking.\r\nLennie is confused as to why George isn’t shouting at him and this particular bit shows how much George secretly does care for Lennie and wishes that this didn’t happen. ‘No Lennie, I ain’t imbalanced. I never been mad an’ I ain’t now. That’s the thing I want ya to know. ’ is a line from George which symbolises that no matter what bad things Lennie has ever done, George only wants the ruff for him, even if that means refineing him. Steinbeck uses the phrase ‘never been mad’ to show that George is feeling guilty about his reactions towards Lennies mistakes in the past and trying to make it right.\r\nDespite the fact he has already made the decision to end Lennie’s life George still finds it unwieldy to do so which is portrayed when Steinbeck wrote that ‘George raised the gun and his hand sh ook, and he dropped his hand to the ground once more’. This quote lays emphasis on how challenging it is for George to follow through with his task. No matter how much of a dead weight Lennie is to him, they have still been together for a long while which adds to the fact George finds it so hard to kill him. The thing that played the most part in the decision George made to kill Lennie was Candy’s words, ‘I ought to of shot that dog myself, George.\r\nI shouldn’t ought to of let no crazy shoot my dog. ’ because George understands that the death of Lennie is inevitable and is going to happen one way or another whether it be now or in the next townsfolk when he does something else wrong. Georges decision is reassured by Slim right at the end of the novella when he says ‘You hadda George, I swear you hadda’ because he understands the situation George is in and is trying to assure him that he made the right decision in killing Lennie. In conclusion, Lennie Small is a very complex character.\r\nThe description of his character is very precise and so is his personality. Throughout this novella it is obvious that Lennie’s character is the one that undergoes the to the lowest degree amount of development. His childlike mentality and mind set prohibit any possible expansion of his character however Lennies protection from George, devotion to him, and dreams of the farm make him the character that he is. His portrayal of innocence during the break away of the novella is a key reason why readers feel so much sympathy for him, and is the main way in which he is represented all throughout Of Mice and Men.\r\n'