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Barbeque machine Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Barbeque machine - Assignment deterrent exampleThe bell of designing the barbeque cook is reduced by using a hybrid dodging that will leverage the flexibility of industrial manufacturing with lowest advantages. Recycled metallic elements can also be used. The running cost is reduced by denying the lid tightly thus shortening the cooking time. The grill uses smallish amount of charcoal depending on the amount of food to be cooked and the size of the charcoal box. The bust grill barbecue is easy to operate. The food to be roasted is placed on an already lit grill, the cover put in place and the food allowed to cook. The tool set is used to flip and toss the food. The round grill barbecue is designed to a small portable size that is easy to carry most and occupies very small space. The round grill barbeque machine is mostly used for roasting, boiling, or sweltry food. It can also be used to depot food. However, the round grill barbeque machine cannot store perishable food for a longer period of time. Pair wise comparison chart. OBJECTIVES COST PORTABILITY USABILITY vim USE AND EFFICIENCY SCORE COST - 0 1 1 2 PORTABILITY 1 - 1 1 3 USABILITY 1 1 - 1 3 ENERGY USE AND EFFICIENCY 1 1 1 - 3 Morphological chart DESIGHN PARTS DESCIPTION Casing The casing is make of metal sheet. Holds the mesh, top cover, and the charcoal box in place Rack make if steel rods and acts as the lose for the grill. Can be fitted with rollers to allow easy mobility. Mesh Made of stainless steel and used to founder the food strategically while cooking. Top cover Prevents contamination of food while cooking and reduces faculty loss by containing the heat thus increasing efficiency of the barbecue grill. Tool set Made of stainless steel and is used to toss and flip the food while cooking Numerical valuation Matrix DESIGN COST ENERGY USE PORTABILITY USABILITY SPACE Round grill barbecue 45% 30% 20% 10% 25% Electric grill barbecue 60% 60% 40% 30% 20% Wood pallet electric grill barbecue 5 5% 80% 50% 40% 40% Gas barbecue grill 75% 65% 40% 55% 60% Kettle barbecue grill 55% 80% 30% 40% 20% Conclusion The prevarication or regulatory measures on charcoal use and production, and the increasing depreciation rate of energy resources has made it necessary to develop a barbeque grill that is energy efficient and eco-friendly. The round grill barbeque machine is therefore designed to use a small amount of charcoal with very negligible energy loss. Reference Classic barbequing. Bristol, Wis. Charmglow Products, 1977.

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Phoenix air pollution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

phoenix air pollution - Essay ExampleI am very convinced that we are alone after the same goal, which is to have a pollution free air. We now have to find a common ground to thread. I be impositionve I have a proposal that will do work everyone on board. To solve this problem, we first have to accept that a problem does indeed exist. The most perceptible constant in the skies of Phoenix is the blanket of smog hovering up t here. This smog extends to the wider regions of Maricopa County. The sky that is constantly heavier-than-air with cloudy dense smog that sometimes results in poor visibility. To put this into perspective, we have to look at statistics on the pollution levels. A survey on the quality of air in Phoenix make The American Lung Association found that the Air Quotient Index is at a staggering high at 57%(areavibes.com).The Air Quotient Index (AQI) refers to an average value that considers harmful pollutants in relation to its impact on the health of the people. Thi s is way above the national index by 172.9 % ( arevibes.com). EPA uses this AQI when enforcing the Clean Air Act. EPA has classified these results into pentad major categories in relation to the pollutants. These are nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ground level ozone, particulate outcome and carbon. With these as guidelines, EPA in conjunction with ALA has made great strides in relation to the air quality in Phoenix. Another parameter used in the determination of the quality of air is the pollution index. This is the sum of altogether harmful and hazardous pollutants shown in pounds. The pollution index of Phoenix genus Arizona is at 46.6%. The main pollutants here are arsenic, benzene, lead, mercury and carbon tetrachloride. These pollutants have long term health implications for the inhabitants of this area. Consequently, Phoenix and the regions of the greater Maricopa County lie in a valley. Winds blowing across this area are mostly too weak to blow apart the pollutant. Thi s creates a scenario where all polluted air produced is trapped within the valley and put back into circulation. The weed from factories, vehicles and other emissions accumulate and deplete the ozone layer. The ozone layer shields us from the unsafe rays of the sun. When depleted, the protection reduces and this increases chances of developing cancer. The accumulation of these toxins leads to the establishment of the dense cloud of smog, which is synonymous with Phoenix. Another thing, which worsens the pollution levels, is the type of weather experienced in the Arizona area. The hot desert climate of Arizona increases the rate at which the smog is giveed leading to regular(a) more hazy skies (Gulbinas 4). Air pollutants are grouped into two categories primary pollution brought about by carbon monoxide, etc. Its pollution is direct in nature. Secondary air pollution occurs when some particles pit with other particles to cause pollution. A good example will be rain and sulfur wh ich form sulfurous acid. (Gulbinas 1). In depth analysis shows that hydrocarbons are a major source of cancer specially lung cancer. Ground level ozone forms when nitrogen in the atmosphere reacts with rainwater. (Gulbinas 7) .As earlier stated

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The abortion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The spontaneous spontaneous stillbirth - Essay moralHowever, a spontaneous riddance occurring within the twelve weeks of gestation is termed as a miscarriage. On the other hand, the cessation of a pregnancy may also occur due to induced expulsion of human embryo or fetus (Gupta, 2011, p. 359). Abortion seems to be a mystery when it comes to ethicality and an argument in favor of supporting family life. The Reader-response criticism of the story The abortion by Alice Walker, however, provided a better view on my perceptions and beliefs on the topic of abortion. Induced expulsion is done intentionally by parents themselves. It is done by using medicines to kill the fetus while the babys heart starts beating. It is either because parents do not want to have another chela or they do not want a pincer at all. There are numerous procedures for induced abortion. However, the chosen process or way should be in accordance with the age of fetus, laws and rules, service availability and the coordination between doctor and patient about the chosen process (Surgery 2009). The most common medical reasons that are claimed to be strong and in favor of abortion include the struggle to save womans physical and mental well being. An induced abortion is that brought on intentionally by medication or instrumentation (The Free Dictionary by Farlex). further does this intentional act actually an individual and sovereign decision? Was Imrani willing to undertake that abortion? Was it chastely and ethically justifiable? The ethical reasons most people present often include the argument that their electric razor is of less age and he or she needs more attention of the mother. But it is a criminal offence and it is unfair means to avoid a nipper. The mother, often forcing herself into this decision, suffers a lot. Imranis immediate response to the abortion was painful, torturing and suffering. She could not imagine being fine again (p. 212). This is what happens to mothers du e to their natural affection and venerate that they hold for their children. If the abortion was to save Imranis life or mental health, it was deteriorated anyways. The story The Abortion by Alice Walker, is based on this brutal act of aborting ones child. The incidents and scenarios provided in the story resemble the component part that one of my friends went through. She had a 7 months baby and she was pregnant again but her husband persuaded her to abort the child as their first child was still too young. My friend really did not like the mentation to kill her own child as she feels his heartbeat and she was very upset. But as her husband insisted she hold to abort it. The consequences of not opting for an abortion seemed devastating for her married life. Her husband got too harsh while persuading her on the abortion. However, her strong will and determination led her to resist all the forceful arguments against the birth of her second child. The pecuniary problems that her husband referred to, the health issue that he used as a prop and the worsened consanguinity between them were difficult to resist. Like Imrani, she also took a wrong decision due to continuous scrap with her husband. This was the day she killed her baby and her happy life. She felt awful after getting the abortion and could not tolerate her husbands love and affection to be true. She felt cruel and inhuman. Her views changed about herself and her husband. She could not deal with her happy life and did not feel contented ever again. The guilt of killing a child and taking his breath away stayed with her, even after her divorce Abortion has been legalized during 1973 in approximately 50 states for social, medical or other valid reasons. But as everyone knows, in the modern society, the decision of

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Classroom Observation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Classroom Observation - Essay Example concord to Vygotsky and Cole (1978), teachers give notice use some(prenominal) levels of Vygotskys proximal development zone information to trick up courseroom activities in involving instructions, co-op learning activities and scaffolding. Instructions can be planned in swan to provide adequate practice in the proximal development zone for groups of children or to mortal children. conjunct learning activities can be organized with childrens groups at levels that are different so that they can help one another learn. Scaffolding is a tactic for assisting the child in her or his proximal development zone whereby the enceinte gives prompts and hints at various levels. Here, the task is not simplified by the adult rather the learners role is effectively simplified through graduated teacher intervention. fit to Vygotsky & Cole (1978), the Vygotsky theory suggests that children learn best whenever the material is new in the Zone of Proximal ripening (ZPD). This means that the material is not too easy but, a bit challenging which ultimately with a little assistance from an individual who is more learned, the material can be mastered and then shimmy the zone upwards.In the Math connect program class the teacher tried to ensure that the class understood the various basic tests that they were required to perform. The teacher effectively used three methods, which are instructions, cooperative learning and scaffolding to teach the Math lesson. The teacher started by doing examples with the class as a unhurt and gradually advanced to higher levels in the Zone of Proximal Development. This was done by the teacher in various ways. The teacher did a number of tests and then individual tasks were assigned to the class on individual levels. The teacher used various symbols to do the examples which is an example of TPE 1A. The teacher asked the children to write the test, and he would go rape the class checking on the answers i ndividually. This was an example of TPE4. Some of the math addition examples that the teacher gave the students include 1. Round both 22 and 39 to the nearest ten. 22 rounds to ___ 39 rounds to ____ Then, add the rounded numbers to estimate the sum, and then the sum of the rounded numbers is ___ 2. 700 500 = ____ The teacher was able to assist the children individual by explaining how the questions were hypothetical to be done in order to arrive at the right answer. Here the teacher was using TPE 6B. Those children, who were not able to get the answer correctly, got the opportunity to be taught on an individual level. This assistance was especially much helpful to each child since they got the chance to be explained individually where they did not understand. After red around the class, the teacher divided the class into groups of threes and questions were given to the groups to tackle. The children here were able to dispute in groups in answering the questions. The teacher th en went round in the various groups checking on their progress and answering any

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Monitoring and Controlling Project Deliverables Essay

Monitoring and Controlling end Deliverables - Essay ExampleThere are many differences between physical auspices, and information security. breeding security is concept that entangles most aspects of the society, majorly because of the ubiquitous adoption of computing technology in the modern world. In our everyday lives, we use computers at work place for our employers, play on computers in homes, study online, do business, and withstand emails, and so on. The level of development in the modern world has greatly improved especially with the increase rate of innovation, and growing technology. Everyone in the modern world is impressed at how the level of technology is increase so fast because they benefit from it in very many different ways (Matford & Whitman, 2012).Owing to the particular that most people have the urge to make things easier in the modern world, everyone is turning towards the direction of Information technology because online seems to be the future of everyone , and everything. The web is viewed as the future of most activities in the world instantly since currently it serves as a very useful tool even though it also has virtually intimidating proposition. Although technology enables more productivity and allows access to much information, it also carries a lot of security issues. Employers preserve information about their companies, employees, and other important documents on the computer systems. Banks also store critical information on money transaction between them, and other clients.One of the most common challenges in the modern technology world is hacking, and piracy. When someone hacks information about a company, then this leaves the company in danger of either breaking down or losing credibility from the public that it serves because this interferes with its reputation, and competitors can take good of this situation. Employers can lose millions of dollars, and suffer damage of reputation, face legal

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Germany's Market economy as a Model for Europe Research Paper

Germanys Market economy as a Model for Europe - Research Paper ExampleHowever, the long run effects of the pact might not seem to be as fruitful as expected owing to the diverging ideologies prevailing within the EU member states, where most of nations are argued to follow a neo-conservatism policy remote Germany (Amable, 2011 Abrahamson, 2010). Even though the leadership performances of Germany has been praised by other EU nations, it has also been criticised on the basis of the new financial crisis and free trade policies between the US and EU as one of the major constraints to aim the in stability within the member states (Mller & Parkes, 2012). Thus, in light of the current economic ideological differences persisting within Germany and other EU member states and also with the US, a question arises that Will the negotiated TTIP between the EU and the US impose significant impacts on the international trade affairs of Germany within EU and outside, causing alterations in Germa nys position in the near future of global politics.In the current environment of global politics, effects of the recent economic downturn can be witnessed apparently in the reasons performing behind international treaties. A similar aspect can be witnessed in relation to the proposed TTIP accord promoting free trade between EU member states and the US. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008, some(prenominal) the US nation and the member states of EU had been facing inevitable disruptions in terms of economic stability and growth. As was apparently noted, the GDP governs in all over EU countries were dipping rapidly creating a strong negative influence on its monetary policies. The effects of financial crisis 2008 were apparent in the EU housing market and also in its stock market which indicated a steeply declining growth rate refer to figure 1 and 2 (European Commission, 2009).Evidently, the performance of almost every sector in the EU member states began dippi ng,

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Coca-Cola Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Coca-Cola - Case Study ExampleThe first spot of the stem will identify and evaluate the key success factors employed by the business organization. Next, this root word will analyze the weaknesses of the company and the potential threats that lie ahead. Lastly, this report will give its recommendation on how Coca-Cola ass further improve its marketing schema. In order to give a thorough investigation, this paper will utilize different strategic management tools.A key success factor is be as specific skill or talent or competitive capability which spells the difference among profit and loss or competitive success or failure of a business organization. flavour at the strategic operation of Coca-cola, it can be seen that the key success factors of the company are its excellent marketing mix, focus on innovation, and globose orientation.Coca-Colas marketing mix, as with other companies have four study components which are overlap, price, promotion, and place. It can be seen that the company has done an excellent job in coming up with a marketing mix which appeals to the global market. The products offered by Coca-Cola, for instance, have become widely accepted in the global market because it conveys a universal taste which discounts the differences in nationality, culture, and traditions. Secondly, the company has a pricing strategy which is at par with the industry. The marketing campaigns launched by Coca-Cola define and become a foundation of modern daytime marketing. The advertisements of the business organization irrefutably reveal new techniques and styles in capturing the audience. Lastly, Coca-Colas success is largely due to its wide availability. Its products are sold almost everywhere, from restaurants, to cafes, to vending machines, to kiosks, and most establishments.Another key success factor of Coca-cola is its focus on product innovation. Recognizing that the various changes in the market where it operates, the company reinvented itself to evolve from a single core product to a total beverage firm. Currently, Coca-Cola has nearly 400 beverages in its portfolio and is still geared in pass beverages which suits the preferences of its market. In 2005, the company announced that it has introduced a variety of new brands, brand extension, and new beverage products.Lastly, Coca-Colas success is in like manner highly attributed to its global orientation. Recognizing the huge profit opportunities abroad, the company has expanded geographically. By being global oriented, the company is not only equal to(p) to establish presence in foreign markets but is also able to generate new revenues and efficiently distribute costs among its operating segments. The company is also able to utilize resources which are present abroad in order to enhance its operations. However, aside from being globally oriented, the company also concentrates on creating specific products which suits the need of a specific market Consumer demand can va ry from one locale to another and can change over time within a single locale. Employing our business strategy, and with special focus on core brands, our Company seeks to build its existing brands and, at the same time, to broaden its historical family of brands, products and services in order to create and satisfy consumer demand locale by locale.Weaknesses and ThreatsThe weaknesses and threats faced by the Coca-Cola can be determined by conducting a SWOT

Week1 Knowledge paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Week1 Knowledge paper - hear ExampleIn addition to the need for goods and services, there was a high demand for housing. This demand spawned the instauration of the subdivision. With the proliferation of the automobile, better highways, and television people began to move west as they left the rust belt for the sun belt. While women had been instrumental in working in the wartime factories, after the war women left the factory jobs and became more domestic. This period transformed America into the single wage family headed by a male that became the middle class. The trade in demographics created even more desire and need for products in the marketplace. The economy was growing due to the affix in employment opportunities, more leisure time, and the advertisers ability to reach the public through the new speciality of television.The information that I have about the economy during this era comes from older family members who have related their stories to me. In addition, I have picked up images and impressions from television and the Internet. I have always been interested in subtlety and like to watch some of the old post war movies or 1950s sitcoms. Though I know they are only stories, you can sometimes glean some facts from good fiction.The relationship in the midst of the US and the USSR had always been somewhat tense due to the claims of communist infiltration in the US that went underpin to the 1930s. However, the war against Germany had necessitated that they become allied in their goal of defeating Hitler. Russia endured a heavy burden and paid a great cost during the war. As such, Stalin felt that they were owed the spoils that go to the victor in war. The US, though cautious, was willing to charge the Soviets by giving them control of the countries on their western border that would serve as a cowcatcher against Germany and would become their satellite states. After the defeat of Japan, Truman once again

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Organisational leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organisational leadership - Essay ExampleThis paper forget discuss the different responsibilities of chief operating officers and will seek to establish whether the chief executive officer is influential in rallying presidencyal culture.The chief executive officer is the overall leader in an organization, and he is infallible to report to the climb on of governors. The CEO acts according to the will of the board of governors, and he utilises their decisions and strategies. Since the CEO cannot manage the organization on a solo basis, he/she appoints other managers to whom he/she delegates roles and responsibilities (Hajdini, 2010, p. 39). The number and roles of subsequent managers depend on the organizational structure. The CEO is required to understand the goals of the organization and come up with ways of achieving the set goals.The CEO takes actions in place of the board of governors and he/she represents them in the daily operation of the business. The CEO is required to i mplement the decisions made by the board (Gitlow, 2004, p.87). He/she governs the organization on behalf of the board and so all decisions and strategies must be in line with what the board has decided. The CEO is entrusted with the responsibility of creating philosophies in the organization (Hajdini, 2010, p. 22). The philosophies created should be delegacy oriented and should favor the employees and the management. Most CEOs have better academic qualification that members of the board and are the responsibility of designing strategies to accomplish the organizational goals.The CEO is the liaison amidst the board and the employees and therefore he/she ensures that the two groups linkup well. He/she acts as the link tool through communication between the two groups. The CEO understands the organization better than the board and hence is trusted on advising and informing them. The CEO oversees all the departments and liaises with the department heads to ensure that each

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E-Recruiting Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

E-Recruiting - Term Paper ExampleI hope to gain much noesis on improved techniques that piece of ass be apply in organizations to get potential employees more easily using the Internet resources. This knowledge will to a fault enhance an individuals knowledge around technological advancement. E-Recruitment analysis E-recruiting is the process by which personnel are recruited by using electronic resources and in particular the Internet (Watson, 2008). Most recruitment agents and companies have relocated most of their recruitment processes online in order to enhance the speed at which potential candidates can match live vacancies. Online recruiting systems are time-saving to the employer since they can easily rate their e-candidate and also several other people in the human resource segment can review these candidates (Gary, 2005). The database technologies used in this program in conjunction with worthy seek engines that force online jobs enable candidates to fill posts in a remarkably short period. In the nineteenth century, recruitment was centrally based on an apprenticeship methodology. Organizations had apprentices who were not employees in the organization and after completion of the apprenticeship they were given jobs in the company. coincidence between the apprentices and skilled candidates proves that the skilled candidates are considered more desirable since they have the necessary qualifications pertaining to the job vacancy. With the necessary employee data in the human Resource Information System databases, Human Resource executives are barren to pursue creative thinking and critical projects. This technology uses the power of online CV search technology to search resume databases and aid employers together with the human resource personnel actively search for valid candidates... This canvass stresses that the Human Resource department is truly changing the operational phenomena in organizations that have adapted this change. The Human Resource Management System will ensure that employees data is managed effortlessly. The use of this system also reduces data-entry errors which are common in the traditional recruitment methods. In a considerate view, the paper-based processes detain about 80% of the information whereas the software system can detain all the data. The optimizing of the Human Resource counsel software system requires identification and investing in the right system to suit the businesss demands. One can also examine the technological, cultural and economic parameters. The communication factor also affects the belligerent nature of the company by either increasing or decreasing it depending on the organizations productivity. Employee satisfaction is also impacted by the financial capability of the employer. This also affects the health requirements and wellness of the employee in several ways. This article makes a concluiosn that nowadays, Human Resource managers are channeling their attention in m otivation, policies, relations and part consciousness in conjunction with E-Recruitment. Lastly, there are other future advocated models like Triple I, national and Shamrock that have been proposed by HR professionals including the likes of Charles Handy among others. These are the future organizational models to be used in the future of E-Recruitment.

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Mary Shelley - Frankenstein Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Mary Shelley - Frankenstein - Essay ExampleThus, it is evident that the author incorporates in her figment the important factors in the history of Europe such as the effect of French Revolution on notions of class and identity, the role of the Industrial Revolution on the socio-economic life of the people. As Essaka Joshua maintains, the social comment in Frankenstein is especially inspired by the ideology of the French Revolution and the works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Critics have recently attached Frankenstein with this period of social upheaval, reading the novel as an allegory of the French Revolution, the attempt to recreate troops and the disillusionment and terror that followed. (Joshua, 23) Therefore, it is essential to realize that the diachronic and political context of the author has played a crucial role in the writing of the novel. This essay offers a reflective exploration of the political and historical backdrop of the period in which Mary Shelly wrote her celebra ted novel Frankenstein. Much of the critical commentary on Mary Shellys Frankenstein has focused on the impact of the historical and political context of the novelist on the study themes, and references in the work.

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Training for Excellence at Wegman's Food Markets Essay

Training for Excellence at Wegmans Food Markets - Essay ExampleIt has consistently appeared in Fortunes list of 100 exceed Companies to Work for, since Fortune started compiling it. The question now is how Wegmans can improve its dressing system better, so that it does non only measure put in sales, but similarly evaluate changes in employee reaction, learning, and behaviour, as headspring as changes in results that pertain to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Problem Statements Challenge 1 The comprehension of impudent measures in assessing training forte Wegmans measures the success of its training based on whether a stores sales are growing. Challenge 2 Changing the training process to include approaches that forget be effective in influencing the new measures of training effectiveness Wegmans uses a blended approach to training, trust classroom sessions with on-the-job learning. Challenge 3 Understanding the connection betwixt employee satisfaction and deliv ery of run that result to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, because customer satisfaction and customer loyalty can also impact organisational succcess This vision of training assumes that people who understand what they are selling and who care about customers get out naturally be able to sell by providing value to the customers... resolvents Solution 1 It would be reclaimable for Wegmans to expand the results it measures. At present, it only measures training effectiveness through store sales. In order to die hard competitive, it must have a human resource (HR) strategy that fits its organisational strategy, and it can do so by doing its training differently from other supermarket chains and competitors (i.e. substitutes that do not directly compete with Wegmans, such as farmers that directly sell their goods at residential subdivisions). A different kind of training will lead a different set of measures, so that the training process can improve the connection betwe en positive reaction and learning to behavioural changes, and results. In Ibrahims 2004 study on training effectiveness for 94 trainees, findings showed that the training program resulted to positive reactions and improvement in trainees knowledge and skills. This study has not established a direct link between positive reactions and employee and organisational performance, but it does suggest a authorization relationship between training reaction and knowledge and skills development. Giangreco, Sebastiano, and Peccei (2009) suggest the importance of training reaction to training usefulness. Thus, it will also be fruitful for Wegmans to measure training reaction and learning, aside from its usual concentrate on the effect of training on store sales, so that it can enhance its training effectiveness. Solution 2 Changing the training process to include approaches that will be effective in influencing new measures of training effectiveness can also improve training strategy at Wegman s. At present, Wegmans uses a blended approach to training, combining classroom sessions with on-the-job learning. This means that Wegmans predominantly uses apprenticeship training. In order to identicalness additional training methods, it is important to conduct training needs abridgment for both shop-level employees and management. The two of import ways that can be used to analyse training needs are task analysis and performance analysis. Task analysis will focus on the kind and frequency of tasks performed, as healthy as where and how they can best be learned. Performance analysis will be conducted

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Personal development plan Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Development plan - Personal Statement ExampleHaving been into Loughborough expanded my interests and familiarity better. I came to satisfyingize that byplay Management requires me to be well-rounded. Having numerical skills is an advantage, but there are former(a) traits required of me such as a good market sense, excellent inter personal skills, throng skills and management. Along the way, I felt the drive to improve in each area. Most of my subjects became the driving deplume for me to be always one step ahead of my curriculum. I in any case took pains in meliorate my communication skills and became involved in activities that helped me become a good speaker and enabled me to improve my public transaction skills. My one year internship in PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hong Kong, gave me the opportunity to put my skills and knowledge into practice, as I became involved in customer management while I assisted in providing accounting and business advice to clients. Being in the work place challenged me not to make mistakes. Accuracy is one of the goals I had to achieve, being in a spatial relation that allowed me to influence the clients business decisions. For one year, I was able to see Business Management on a personal note, seeing firsthand the challenges that businessmen face. Figures, when transformed into useful data, foundation make or buy the farm a business. From then, I had a much clearer vision of what I want to do after act my bachelors degree in Business Management. I see myself employed in a Multi National company, rising from the ranks in the span of ten years, most probably specializing in Marketing and fiscal Management. My short-term goal includes immediately getting into a post graduate degree in Business Management after my graduation. Pursuing higher studies leave translate into obtaining better qualifications so I can land a good short letter in any of my dream companies. A Masters compass point will also enhance my skills, provide me more opportunities to hone academic skills and hopefully, apply them in a real business setting. I plan to do this by getting an entry level job in the middle of pursuing my Masters Degree. I firmly believe that one can yet fully understand the concepts learned in school by putting them into practical use. Having a real job will allow me to do this. To succeed in post graduate school will prove to be a challenging feat to me, but I see no contend why I would fail. Academically speaking, I have sufficient knowledge and experience for me to understand the ropes of this course. My decimal skills and immense interest in Business will definitely get me across my goals. I also recognize my personal skills that would help me get through graduate school. I am a results oriented person who always has a set of goals, short term and long term, to accomplish. I set my avouch pace basing on the goals that I have set. I am motivated, self driven, who always strive for excellency in the th ings I do. I am highly inquisitive, always wanting to go deeper into my interests. Moreover, I compute myself to have above average leadership skills. I have the ability to encourage a company of people towards achieving goals. Further to this, I have special interest in the culture and the arts, which was brought forth by the fact that I have travelled in various countries and immersed into difference cultures. I can hold well in any

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Death According to Socrates and Roland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Death According to Socrates and Roland - evidence ExampleA majority of sixty voted to convict Socrates, and he jokingly offered to pay a handsome of 100 drachmae, a fifth of his property. The prosecutor was not happy with this and pushed for the death, a penalty of which the jury concord by a margin of 360 to 140. Although his supporters encouraged him to flee, Socrates did not and would not repent for his actions professing that he would alternatively die in his own manner than live like those who had condemned him. Socrates stated, I say, gentlemen, to those who voted to kill me, that vengeance allow come upon you immediately after my death, a vengeance much harder to bear than that which you took in killing me (Plato 40). In essence, Socrates believed his death would teach others to hold fast to their convictions, even in the face of condemnation by an raw society.The Song of Roland is touted as the oldest known major work of French literature. It is written as an epic poes y depicting heroic deeds that took place in 778 A.D., when Charlemagnes retreating army was attacked by pagan armies. Roland was an army soldier, express to be a nephew of Charlemagne. The tale speaks of betrayal and revenge within Charlemagnes army, with Roland and his fellow soldier Oliver being left field with only an army of twelve peers when thousands of Franks attack. Oliver pleads to Roland to retreat, however, Roland states, Hold the field, let us not be beaten The French say A curse on the man who runs away Until death itself not one of us entrust fail you (Merwin 35). Roland and his peers are successful in battle after a bloody fight which includes slice off limbs. Roland eventually suffers a severe injury to his temple, not through battle alone by blowing his horn at the urging of a comrade to call Charlemagnes troops. Count Roland, in pain and anguish, and in great sorrow, blows a blast on his ivory horn, and the bright blood flows from his mouth, and the veins burs t on his forehead, but the sound of the horn swells and mounts (Merwin 55). Roland continues to fight, despite his injury, tries to unsuccessfully break his sword, and then His brains have begun to seep out through his ears. He prays for the peers, asking God to summon them to His presence, and then for himself he calls upon the angel Gabriel.appearRoland is dead and God has taken his soul into heaven (Merwin 69 & 73). It is clear that Roland fought a valiant fight and his honor and morality would not allow him to surrender even in the face of impossible odds. Therefore, Roland believed that his death would teach others to never vow up on beliefs and values, even if faced with certain demise and destruction.How Does Socrates and Rolands Beliefs Reflect the Values of Athens and chivalrous EuropeSocrates beliefs do not appear to reflect the values of ancient Athens. He was not well-provided with accepting the mores of the day and questioned the influential figures of the time, who se reputations for wisdom and virtue he debunked through his questioning. Socrates in any case taught his students this method of inquiry, which greatly upset the established order and moral values of Athens. Socrates criticized democracy, including the local voting process, yet he also fought and argued for obedience to local

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Assignment ExampleIn addition, professionalism may face numerous issues during the intromission because of the dressing code. Having attire that makes an individual confident during a notification is an added advantage as it raises the self-esteem to cut across all stances of incivility. Presentations may pose problems to an individual when he or she lacks the etiquette required. Business etiquette involves numerous issues that may check an individuals presentation especially in instances where the donor parties with his or her work mates and comprise irresponsibly. Such a trait may augment undesirable behavior from the work mates thereby making the presentation a hard thing to achieve in such situations.A presenter may face stances of incivility in instances where the presentation is targeted to an unfamiliar audience. Unfamiliar audience may not know the characteristics of the presenter thereby acting in a disrespectful manner. When a face-to-face presentation target a multit ude of audience, the presenter may be disrupted in substantial levels thereby hindering his or her presentation.In the grouping, I would group Joe and Ellen as teammates. Both of them are hard workers, and that would alter them to complete on the assignment administered. Since Joe is punctual, he will be able to utilize and work on the assignment given with Ellen who may stay late working. These individuals should not work alone as they work varied traits that require each others participation. I would assign this group with the responsibilities of drafting the last record after other tasks have been accomplished. During his task, Joe can write the document after Ellen tests and verifies the document. Such document will enable both members to have a thoroughly scrutinized document that has undergone testing and verification.In the future(a) group, I would group Marsha and Suzanne

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Respond question about reading - Essay Examplee texts sire that establish a comparison or relationship between Alexie and dose, and thirdly, why Alexie uses superman and not or so other fictional character, in the readings, The Joy Of Reading And Writing Superman And Me.Superman, a superhero character in comic fiction books, at times, faces suicidal situations, but in the end of the episode, he usually saves the creative activity and he survives. Similarly, Alexie faced a dangerous when he was born hydrocephalic, which forced him to go through a brain surgery when he was only 6 months old. The likeness in the two is based on the fact that, they are faced with a dangerous situation, but ultimately they thrive and overcome the dangerous situation (McQuade & Atwan 27).Furthermore, as Superman grows to be older, his prowess is shown by how he wins various feats involving villains. Similarly, as Alexie, from an low Spokane Indian background grows up, his prowess starts to show when he moves from the reservation discipline and enrolls in a last school. In particular, Alexies prowess is seen firstly, when he becomes a star player in his high school basketball team. Secondly, he gets a scholarship to attend Gonzaga University in Spokane. Thirdly, after graduation he receives the uppercase State Arts Commission verse line Fellowship and a National Endowment for the Arts poetry Fellowship. Fourthly, he receives a PEN/Hemingway Award for Best First check of Fiction because of writing a collection of short stories. Fifthly, Alexies prowess that make him similar to Superman, continue to be seen, when Granta puts his name as part of Best of Young American Novelist, and his books win different awards such as the Christopher Award, National Book award for Young peoples Literature and PEN/Faulker Award for Fiction (McQuade & Atwan 28).The major connections in the text that establish a comparison or relationship between Alexie and Superman are the struggles that Alexi e and Superman had to go through in

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Leisure and Recreation in Action Essay Example for Free

Leisure and amusement in Action Essay unit 6 Leisure and Recreation in action is a mandatory part of my AVCE Leisure and Recreation Course. This unit includes planning, organising and hosting a leisure and recreation instance. We put together stunned at the end of July 2005 that we were going to hasten to hold an event for a certain customer base. We would keep up to decide on this customer free radical and accordingly brainstorm some ideas for events that we could organise for them. in one case we have done this we will have to rush a business plan and present it to school officials. Then we would similarly have to appreciate of publicizing the event.Our first meeting included brainstorming different ideas for the event that we could organise. Below is a copy of this brainstorm.Once we had brainstormed the event we wrote down our ideas and put them into a t eithery table. Once we had done this we went round different classes surface-nigh the school and asked whic h event they would prefer to go on. It loosenessed break through that the preferred event would be to go to an England footb tout ensemble match. We thought that this event would be quite a easy to organise, as there were 2 England dry land Cup qualifier matches coming up. We tried to order the tickets for both of the upcoming matches scarcely found out that our request would be put into a b solelyot as there were many different groups of nation who wanted to go to these matches.We wouldnt find out if we had succeeded in getting the tickets until 6 weeks before for distri howeverively one match. This was a problem, as we would have had to rush organising the rest of the event. E.g. Transport, Customers. We were unsuccessful in getting tickets to either of the matches. This was a mouse to us because we had designed posters and al shewy done some organising. We had to decide on another event that would be quite easy and quick to organise.Read moreWhen Leisure is Defined as R ecreational practiseWe opinionated to organise and host a higher-ranking Citizen Christmas Lunch, as it was near to Christmas. We decided on our customers because we decided that the senior citizens of Darlaston had done a lot for our community, and we wanted to give them something back for their help and support. Our customers would excessively be ex-employees of our school. This wasnt even in our list of brainstormed ideas, but with a little help we thought of it.First we had to make out up with aims and objectives for our event, and also all other details. We decided on the aims and objectives by thinking about the customers wants and necessarily and also our own. This included finding a venue for the event, finding out if the Senior Citizens would want to have sex to our event and other aspects such as our figure. We had to consider our budget as we would have to provide the Senior Citizens with a high standard of cuisine, and also provide them with diversion and make t heir time with us enjoyable.We found out that the school wouldnt be able to provide all of our computer memorys for the event, so we had to find a way of making generous money to pay for it. We came up with a number of ideas such as bag packing at ASDA, Football Cards Guess the number of sweets in a flap and to hold a football tournament. We decided to do the football card because the other ideas would cod a while to conduct and also host. The football card was really successful. We had 48 police squads and people paid 1 for a team name, a team name was then picked out of a hat by an unbiased volunteer, and the person who had the name of the team picked out won 10. From this fund raiser we make 38. This was enough to pay for some of the shopping for the event.On our second meeting we had to decide on committee characters for each member of our group. We decided on these roles by constructioning at everyones strengths and weaknesses. These roles are listed below* Chairperson M athew Bayley. As the chairperson Mathew would have to make sure that everyone was doing their put-ons right, and if they werent then they would have to tell them to try harder. We selected Mathew for this role as he is a strong minded person who everyone listens to* Secretary Krystle Larkin. As the secretary Krystle takes down notes from each of our meetings and turns them into minutes, then she gives them to us as soon as possible so we know what our weekly bloods are. We selected Krystle for this role as she is the comfortably-nigh organised person of the group* Treasurer Ben Hall. As the treasurer Ben looks after all of our funds and receipts. We selected Ben for this job as he is near(a) with money and knows how to budget money* Marketing mortal Donna Hawkins. As the marketing person it is my job to market the event through invitations and/or posters. I was selected for this job as I have done marketing for 1 year in business and am also quite creative* Staffing/Human R esources Leigh Griffiths. As the person in charge of provideing it is Leighs job to accede more staff members if we need them. Leigh was selected for this job as he is quite persuasive and also satisfactory at deciding on good doers with good character* Health and Safety Matthew Bray. As the wellness and Safety person it is Matthews job to do a risk assessment of the event. Matthew was selected for this job as he is good at finding out what problems could occur during eventsWe had a good marketing structure which meant we were all on the same level as each other and we were all given fair shares of the jobs. Our caution structure is below.I think that the group worked really well together, although there were a few problems on the way. We worked well throughout communication, although because of the stress of organising our event we did argue quite a lot. Mathew Bayley coped really well world our leader. He managed to keep us on track with all of our work and also our make up ones mind tasks. We interacted well with each other, keeping each other informed on how well we were getting on with our jobs and tasks. on that point was some tension between myself and Krystle, because we kept getting in each others way and taking everywhere each others jobs. But overall, we worked really well together.As a team we really enjoyed planning and organising the event. Until the daytime of the event we helped each other with our tasks and also with any problems that occurred with the tasks that we were set. We managed to keep out of each others way most of the time, although there were a few problems and hiccups during the planning and organising of the event. However, apart from the few problems that occurred we all worked well together.Moxhull Hall HotelI think that our visit to Moxhull Hall Hotel went really well. We had to dress smart to make a good intuitive feeling on Andreas, the manager, and the rest of his staff at the hotel. We learnt a lot off the ch efs at the Hotel, than if we had of prepared meals ourselves.On 7th December 2005 at 11.30am we travelled to Moxhull Hall Hotel. This visit was to help us learn to set up covers and serve our guests properly and also how to prepare food properly. Our group was split up into cardinal teams. These were the apparent motion of house team and the catering team. My team (the catering team) were taken into the kitchens and the front of house team was taken into one of the restaurants.First we had to get acquainted with the members of staff who would be helping us. There was crapper and Neil, the two chefs. They then split us up into two teams of four. One of the teams went with John, whilst my team stayed with Neil.We were allocated different jobs. I had to mix up the flour, butter and sugar to make the dough for the mince pies that we were going to cook.My group also had to make a salad, potato salad and also coleslaw. We had to chop up the vegetables from fresh and then mix them up with mayonnaise to make the coleslaw and potato salad. We had cooked this meal for our and the rest of the groups lunch. Once we had finished cooking for the group we then had to sporting the side units and table tops that we had gotten dirty whilst preparing the food.The day of the eventWe started the day of the event by meeting up at our school at 8.15 and collected all of the equipment and accessories that we needed. We then walked up to the venue of our event and started to set up our equipment. The front of house staff set up the principal(prenominal) hall and the kitchen staff, which consisted of me, Matthew Bray, Leigh Griffiths and 2 other helpers from a year 11 leisure and tourism class, went into the kitchen to set up.We as well ask all of the food into the kitchen and started to prepare the food. We all wash offed our hands first and also washed up the saucepans and cooking utensils that we would need. I had to prepare the parsnips, while Matthew and Leigh prepared the carrots. Reagan and Emily prepared the sprouts whilst Mrs Lavender prepared the potatoes.Below is a impression of me peeling the parsnips by and by we had prepared the food and put it on the stoves to cook we had to tidy up and clean the sides. We also had to set out the small plates for the starter. We decided to do a prawn cocktail for the started and while the important course was cooking I prepared the prawns whilst the others tidied up and washed up any bowls and stonecutter we had used.Below is a exposuregraph of me preparing the prawnsAfter preparing the prawns and setting them out on the plates the front of house staff came through to collect the starters and serve them to our guests. When our guests had finished eating the plates were brought back in and the main meal was served. It was my job to serve the sprouts, as the picture at the side shows.Once the plates had been taken out then we had to wash up the starter plates and prepare the desert. Because 2 of our gu ests were diabetic we couldnt serve them the traditional dessert of Christmas pudding and custard, so we served them a variety of cheese and biscuits instead.Once all of the food had been served the washing up and clearing by had to be done. This was done whilst the front of house staff were setting up the entertainment equipment. The washing up and cleaning away was done by all of us in turn.Below is a photo of me cleaning the sides of the kitchenOnce all of the cleaning and washing up had been completed we had to go and get changed into our front of house uniforms. We did this because we were going out the front to the guests to help with the entertainment.Below is a picture of me in my front of house uniformOur first lot of entertainment was a few games of bingo. Ben was the caller for the bingo, and the rest of us helped our guests with the games. After the games of bingo we had a few different quizzes that some of the group had composed. These were played in teams of two. Afte r the quizzes had been completed we then played a game of catchphrase, which was performed by Leigh and Ben. The quizzes and the bingo went down really well with the senior citizens, as did the game of catchphrase. After the entertainment was finished it was time for the guests to go home. While Mathew Bayley and Leigh were beholding the guests out the rest of us started tidying away the tables and chairs and all of the equipment that we had used. This took about 20 minutes to do. Afterwards we had to take all of the equipment back to the school and pack it all away.Overall the day went extremely well. There were a few problems, such as 2 people turning up early and uninvited. Also the cooking utensils from the venue went deficient, so I had to go home to get some from my house that we could use. alone of the entertainment went down well and the meal was enjoyed by all of the senior citizens. The atmosphere of the venue was really good and Christmassy too, which made us and the gu ests feel good about ourselves, and also really happy with each other. This made us better people to be around and we worked better together because of this.ImprovementsIf we were to do this event once more then I would recommend making some improvements. We would have to make sure that people didnt turn up uninvited. Because of this we had to make room for peculiar(a) people and also share the food out more than we thought we would have to. I also think that we could have made more money from the fund raising. We could do two fund raising events to make double the amount of money so we dont have to struggle so much keeping within our budget. I also think that we could improve the attitudes of the extra staff that we recruited. The year 11s that worked in the kitchen didnt pull their weight and they stopped working for a chat at anytime they could. We had to keep telling them to get back to work. I think that we could split them up and make them work with one of our group to keep t hem in check and stop them from slacking off.I also think that we could improve the racetrack smoothness of the quizzes. We did have 4 quizzes, so we had to do them quickly. However, some of the guests thought that the quizzes were get word out too slow and the others thought that the quizzes were read out too fast. We could improve this by practising how to read out loud to guests properly. I think that we could also use a bigger venue. Everyone did seem quite fasten up and there was not much room to move about in the kitchen theatre either.The kitchen was small and there were 6 people in there all together. This made it very cramped and quite uncomfortable for us to work in. I think that we should also only have 2 courses instead of 3 if we do the event again. Originally we had only planned to do two courses, but the manager of Moxhull Hall Hotel gave us some prawns to make a starter as he knew our budget was limited. We thought that this was a nice gesture, but we should have checked if any of our guests were allergic to seafood. It turned out that one of our guests was allergic to seafood, so she didnt get to have starter. She did state on her invitation reply that she was allergic to seafood but they werent checked properly, so in future we would have to make sure that we checked the invitations more than once.I think that the project was successful. We kept to our objectives throughout the planning the event and also conducting it. We worked well as a team throughout the event, with only a few arguments occurring. We found solutions to possible problems, such as the arguments and also problems with decorating the venue. We provided our guests with a high standard of cuisine and entertainment. We know this from the witness statements that they produced for us. We all enjoyed the hold out and we provided the elderly with a memorable event.We know that we enjoyed it from talking to each other and finding out what we thought went good and noisome on th e day. We know that our extra staff enjoyed themselves too, as we found out when we questioned them about it. We know that our guests enjoyed the experience from the positive comments we had, witness statements, our guests facial expressions on the video and also one of the guests took the time to write in to the local newspaper about how much she enjoyed the event. This statement was sent into the newspaper by Mrs Doris Robertson. These are all included in my work.We came in on budget, but we had to keep things to a minimum and also minimal brain damage a few extra pounds ourselves to buy the prizes for the quizzes. I think that if this event is done again then more fund raising could be done. This way products will be brought comfortably without any fretfulness of not having enough money to buy the necessities for the meal.Customers were satisfied with the event and we have the proof of this from witness statements. much(prenominal) quotes include very polite, willing and help ful. All cheerful and pleasant and also very good meal efficient service all round.The ambience of the venue worked really well with event. We made the venue look Christmassy by putting up decorations and we also played Christmas music into the hall where the meal was to be served. All of the front of house staff were dressed professionally in black trousers, white blouse/shirt and a black bow tie. Once the kitchen staff came out, we also changed into smart, professional clothing.Good things of the event included* do the senior citizens happy and cheerful* Giving ourselves the satisfaction of making other people happy* Everything running quite smooth* Positive feedback from the guests and members of staffBad things of the event included* Venue being too small* Extra people turning up* One member of the kitchen team turned up late* I had to go home to get some cooking utensils as the ones from the venue were missing

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The clause The Mountain Man and American Anguish demonstrateIn the article, The Mountain Man and American Anguish in the Journal of Popular Film Television, Patrick McCarthy reflects on movie production and the image of cud workforce. Contrary to how dope men are shown in coetaneous American pop culture media, McCarthy claims that there is a greater connection between that period of time and the different cultural challenges we face today. Staying consistent to the tune of his article, McCarthy claims modern media has skewed the reality of the life of the mountain man. He disagrees with how modern American pop culture portrays the mountain man. McCarthy references movies including the Adventures of Kit Carson and The Oregon Trail, as substantially as other movies, all of which depict mountain men as uncouth ruffians lacking some(prenominal)(prenominal) form of human nature or any civilized attributes. He attempts to illustrate that the mountain men were actually a very real reflection of contemporary society, that is people overwhelmed by lack of any control of their lives or controlled by a sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain.According to McCarthy, many things contributed to these pot remoteness, self debasement and other less than ideal conditions. It resembles current situations in which people feel the trounce conviction that they are devoid of control over their own life and lack of liberty. The portrayal of mountain men in this fashion should convince contemporary society that finding solutions in adverse situations is inwardly the power of any collective people. All that is necessary is determination and undying resilience. As far as can be ascertained from historical documents, mountain men demonstrated the necessary ability to chip at out a living independent of outside help.In The Mountain Man and American Anguish, Patrick McCarthy reveals just insight but is not free from his share of imperfections. The article bases most of its argument on how todays sprout industry falsely portrays past and present cultures. The article utilizes popular culture to draw people scratch off to earth, in respect to the vast value of how the American populace is viewed in a time of agony. The article has a limited review of the whole view. It only reviews a limited amount of movies which is important to the picture Hollywood presents. the mountain man, it would be much better if the articlelisted movies with a more accurate portrayal of mountain men.Works CitedMcCarthy, Patrick. The Mountain Man and American Anguish. Journal of Popular Film

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Liberal Reforms Essay Example for Free

Liberal Reforms EssayBy the archean twentieth century the Liberal judicature was worried that Britains soldiers capability and general military power was not as strong and it once was. Therefore, the Governments concern over case security measures definitely influenced the decision for the reforms. However, there are three main factors that also need to be taken into account when deciding if concern over interior(a) security was the real reason for the reforms the affectionate reasons, concerns for Britains Empire and the Political motive. The Social reasons played a large part in persuading the Liberals to reform.The critical reports of Booth and Rowntree, and the evidence which was brought to light, highlighted that nearly a 1/3 of Britains population lived in mendicancy. This infallible to be addressed by the Government. In addition, criticisms of the Poor Law effectively put pressure on the Liberals. The Boer War shone light on the ineffective and malnourished Brit ish Army. Britains embarrassing performance and recruitment in the War raised concerns over Britains overall military capability and the general wellness of Britains populace.In addition to this, the Liberal Government was concerned that Britain was losing its status as a major(ip) industrial power. Political motives for reform include the changing attitudes within the party, peeled Liberalism, the fear of the ever increase popularity of the Labour Party and the party advantage which the Liberals would have received from introducing reform. In 1899, Britain became involved in a war, known as the Boer War, in S erupth Africa, which was part of the British Empire at that time. As a result of Britain having a relatively small army, volunteer recruits were needed to increase the army size.However, the British Government became al fortify when almost 25% of the volunteers were rejected because there were physically unfit to serve in the armed forces. This figure was even higher among v olunteers from the industrial cities. Politicians and the public alike began to ask if Britain could survive a war, or protect its empire against a far stronger enemy than the South African Boers, if the nations chip stock of young men were so unhealthy. The national reforms introduced a variety of bills which would hopefully solve this problem.The 1906 throwaway was passed, allo make itg local authorities to provide give lessons meals to children. In 1914 this was extended to becoming compulsory to offer school meals. This bill meant that poorer children, who previously could not afford a proper nutritious meal, were now receiving regular, healthy food. This would hopefully improve the health of Britains army as in the long term, the children who would eventually make up Britains army, would be nourished, fit and capable to serve their dry land. The 1907 Bill made the medical inspection of schools compulsory.Doctors had to the board of Education on their findings which resulte d in the introduction of the 1912 bill which saw to the establishment of school clinics. The improved life style and eating habits of Britains youngsters, combined with the introduction of medial inspections for them were the result of the Liberal reforms. Therefore, the Liberals concern over national security played a major role in achieving reform which would effectively benefit the country as a whole. However, there are still other reasons which influenced the Governments choice to reform.through and through the Poor Law of 1845 (1834 in England), local rate-payers provided poor relief for destitute pile. This help was often provided in a poorhouse. Conditions in these poorhouses were designed to be very harsh indeed. Conditions in poorhouses were extremely harsh because it was to monish people who were just lazy and thought of the poorhouses as the easy option. Glasgow had three poorhouses One in the city centre, Barhill in Springburn and Govan. The percentage of the public re lying on the Poor Law relief, by 1900, was 2. 5%.This whitethorn seem very little but this figure does not represent the number of people in Britain who were in poverty. Destitute people who accepted help from the Poor Law became paupers and automatically lost galore(postnominal) civil rights such as the right to vote. By 1900 many critics of the Poor Law believed that it failed to deal with poverty adequately. In addition to criticism of the Poor Law, the evidence discovered from both Booth and Rowntrees studies reason that there was a large percentage of Britains population living in poverty.Charles Booth, a capital of the United Kingdom businessman who doubted the claims of socialist that a quarter of the population lived in extreme poverty. Working with a team of researchers from 1886-1903, Booths work was based on hard, statistical facts, and not opinion. His book, The Life and Labour of the people of London, consisting of 17 volumes, showed that 25% of Londons population live d in extreme poverty. Much more(prenominal) than the socialists claimed. The second investigation into poverty was carried out by Seebohm Rowntree, in the city of York.After two old age of research, he published a book in 1901 which showed that almost 30% of Yorks population lived in extreme poverty. If York had such poverty problems as a typical English city then as did other cities in Britain. The reports of Booth and Rowntree produced solid evidence to suggest that sections of society-regardless of hard work- would never pull themselves out of poverty. The reports showed poverty to have causes and the cities were beyond the individual efforts of the poor.The concept of deserving poor, an ideal created by Rowntree, was of import and took root, becoming an important theme of the Liberal Reforms. Finally, evidence which suggested that the scale of poverty in Britain was much big than the figure of 2. 5% suggested by Poor Law Records, indicated to politicians that the Poor Law wa s not working. When the Liberals came to power they had a majority of 400. In the elections in 1910 this majority dropped to 2. The Labour Party threatened the Liberals hold onto power. Labour promised pensions, exertion against unemployment and other welfare reforms.Following voting reform from 1980 the majority of voters were working frame. Liberals worried that Labour would win working class support and threaten the position of the Liberals. In 1900, the Labour Party formed with 2 sit down in parliament, by the 1905 election, Labour had increase this to 29 sears. It was becoming more increasingly alive(predicate) that the Labour Party was a direct threat to the Liberals. In 1907 the Liberals lost 2 safe seats in Jarrow and Colne Valley to Labour. David Lloyd George recognised the need for welfare reforms for governmental survival and to maintain working class support.In addition to the fear of the Labour Party, the Liberals also faced the problem of trade trade unionism and revolutionary socialism. Radical Socialism called for the destruction of capitalism. From 1910-14, there was a wave of miners and dockers strikes. Liberals realised welfare reforms could prevent political unrest. Historians argue that the sudden increase in the Labour Partys popularity and the problems the Liberals faced regarding trade unionism and radical socialism persuaded the Liberals to introduce pensions the next year, and furthermore, encourage the Liberals to reform.Before 1905, many Liberals believed in Lassiez-faire. However, new groups in the party believed that it was the duty of the Government to take action to help Britains poorer citizens. This group was called new liberals. It include David Lloyd George and Winston Churchill. Churchill aimed to draw a line below which we will not allow people to live and labour. The Liberals, cherished to help the deserving poor out of social conscience but they recognised the political advantages it could claim too. The Labour Party was offering such reforms that would bring them political success.This could be soon through their increased popularity. Therefore it is likely that the Liberals reformed due to the pressure put on them by the ideal of New Liberalism. In conclusion, the Liberal reforms came most as the result of many influences from both different areas of the Government and the public. On one hand, the embarrassing performance by the British army in South Africa and the lack of able volunteers to increase Britains armys capability was definitely a main influence wherefore the Liberals introduced the reforms when they did.On the other hand however, the evidence brought to light by Rowntree and Booth cannot be disregarded as not being an influence to the introduction of these reforms. In addition, other factors such as the Liberals fear of losing votes to the new Labour Party and the political readiness to pass reforms influenced by new ideas about New Liberalism made the reforms a more press ing necessity. Overall, it cannot be seen that concern over national security was the only reason for the Liberal reforms, as there were other influences which encouraged the Governments decision.

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Funnist Incident in Classroom Essay Example for Free

Funnist Incident in Classroom Essay fine so it was an ordinary day at school, and I was going to my locker in between 5th and sixth hour for the school-wide locker clean-out. I didnt have much to clean, I however emptied my locker of a few homework assignments that seemed to be hiding in the back. So I was done cleaning and I went to my sixth hour class, which really isnt much of a class as it is independent study. Its just me and these devil kids from New Delhi who are in seventh grade and take pre-calculus. Well, the room I go to for sixth hour is a science room, so there are a few safety apparatuses to use, just in case There is an eye wash station if you overtake chemicals in your eye and a ventilation wood if youre working with things that give off fumes. The last safety device is the safety shower, which is vigor more than a slight depression in the floor where there is a drain, a showerhead overhead, and this surface rod thing that you pull which releases an e nomou s gush of water.I think you use it if your clothes get on fire or if you accidentally spill chemicals on yourself. Anyhow, I was walking around the room, instruction some science comics that were plastered to the wall. Well, I happened to slip on a rogue piece of unlifelike that was lying on the floor, and I was spiraling out of control right towards the safety shower. I had no other choice, and plus I was a bit disoriented because I was spinning, so I grabbed on to the metal rod to stop myself from falling and WOOOOOSH A hundred gallons of cold water come overthrow all over meIm standing their soaking wet, not knowing what to do, and finally the teacher walks into the room and more or less drops his coffee. I was sent to the nurse and she gave me a big towel to wrap myself in. The nurse called my mom to allow her know what happened, and she picked me up from school about twenty minutes later. The worst part wasnt me getting wet, oh no. When I activated the safety shower, the d oor to the classroom was open, and you could see me directly from the doorway There was a whole crowd of people outside the adjacent classroom, and they started laughing I was so embarrassed

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History of Bareilly Essay Example for Free

History of Bareilly EssayThe sphere has, also, acted as a mint for a major part of its history. From archaeological point of view the govern of Bareilly is very rich. The extensive remains of Ahichhatra, the Capital town of Northern Panchala have been discovered near Ramnagar settlement of Aonla Tehsil in the district. It was during the first excavations at Ahichhatra (194044) that the painted grey ware, associated with the advent of the Aryans in Ganga Yamuna Valley, was recognised for the first fourth dimension in the earliest levels of the site. Nearly five thousand coins belonging to periods earlier than that of Guptas have been yielded from Ahichhatra. It has also been integrity of the richest sites in India from the point of view of the total yield of terracotta. Some of the masterpieces of Indian terracotta art are from Ahichhatra. In fact the classification made of the terracotta human figurines from Ahichhatra on grounds of style and to some extent stratigraphy beca me a model for determining the stratigraphy of subsequent excavations at other sites in the Ganga Valley.On the basis of the existing material, the archaeology of the region helps us to get an idea of the cultural sequence from the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC up to the 11th c. AD. Some ancient mounds in the district have also been discovered by the Deptt. of Ancient History and culture, Rohilkhand University, at Tihar-Khera (Fatehganj West), Pachaumi, Rahtuia, Kadarganj and Sainthal. 2

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Too Much Medication Essay Example for Free

Too Much medical specialty EssayOne Source Cited On 9 February 2007 The Boston existence presented an obvious example of tenderness in its presentation of an overdose of psychotropic drugs leading to the death of 4-year-old Rebecca Riley. Consequently, this sparked debates about whether health officials should press urgently to establish the advantages of treating children with psychotropic drugs, and the safety measures that go along with their use. From top to bottom, the text questions the dangers of over-medicating children who show signs of potential cordial disorders the age at which children should start the prescribed medication assessment of children after psychotropic medication interposition and the indebtedness of doctors to evaluate the ability of p bents to oversee these potentially fatal drugs (The Boston Globe). For the purposes of this essay, I am forced to agree that health officials should press urgently to determine the advantages of treating children wi th psychotropic drugs, and the cautions that must accompany their use. The look into I found on this topic appear to support the idea that intense discussion and thoughtfulness about pharmacotherapy is vital for future directions of treating children with these medications. According to Hyman (2006) there are far more difficulties in find the risks and benefits of psychotropic drugs in children. There is also less information known about mental disorders in children than in adults and numerous drugs have not been sufficiently tested in children, particularly because their brains are take over developing.In addition, there is even less data about the safety and efficacy of antidepressants in children (Hyman 2006). In actual fact, Hyman (2006) states that these drugs are being used even in the absence of data. That is why I powerfully argue in favour of the need for more clinical research involving children, to identify the potential risk-benefits of psychopharmacology. It is the responsibility of caregivers to diagnose manage and be commited to training in this area.Therefore we need to find out whether the approaches of these drugs are beneficial and safe for children. Furthermore, we have to think about a greater goal and a more practical way to enhance the quality of life for children showing signs of possible mental disorders. What we need to do is patch-up the treatment gaps and incorporate an effective monitoring system which allows health professionals to liaison with schools, other professionals and agencies.In doing so, we may improve diagnostics, treatment and follow-up services and possibly even avoid the recurrence of over-medication?ReferencesThe Boston Globe http//www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/editorials/articles/2007/02/09/too_much_medication/ Hyman, S.E. (2006). Improving our brains? Electronic Version. Biosocieties, 1, 103-111. Retrieved 16 February 2007 from http//journals.cambridge.org/action/loginjsessionid=36ED98BDE8893D 2A30D1BEED7CE0AD3C.tomcat1

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Effective Communication Essay Example for Free

Effective Communication analyzeEffective converse between team members is a desire to have deep down exclusively distressing justice organizations. Communication kindlenot only be by dint of with(p) verbally it can also be done nonverbally with the use of body lyric as well. Another major component in effectual communication is having the ability to know the difference between listening and hearing. Even though effective communication is vital to the success of criminal justice organizations, there atomic number 18 many barriers to overcome such as language barriers, communication involving semantics, and the ability to listen. The Process of Verbal Non-Verbal Communication and the Associated Components of Each There ar dickens types of effective communication channels in the criminal justice field that are known as formal and informal channels. According to (www.businessdictionary.com), A type of verbal presentation or document intend to share reading and which conforms to established professional rules, standards and processes and avoids using slang terminology. The main types of formal communication within a business are downward where information moves from higher management to subordinate employees, upward where information moves from employees to management and horizontal where information is shared between peers. In the criminal justice organization, the formal communication channel goes upwards within the chain of command based on the ranking system. The military is a perfect example because they are ran through a chain of command system where they are obligate to utilize the formal communication channel. According to (www.ehow.com), Formal channels of communication are within the power mental synthesis of the criminal justice field. The chain of command directs the formal channels of upward, downward, and horizontal communication through thelevels of command.The organizations hierarchy establishes procedures related to communica tion within the levels of command. The directors dictate the means of communication and to whom each subordinate is to report. The hierarchy sets the structure and atmosphere through written policies and procedures. An example of an informal channel of communication would be a intercourse between two people at impart ab unwrap a particular individual and their work habits. There is no documentation of the entire conversation and it is not formal.The Difference Between listening interview in Communication There are a few key differences between listening and hearing. When you actively listen you are able to comprehend what the person is saying and able to remember it along with bounteous an accurate response. The meaning of hearing is one of the five senses. According to (www.differencebetween.info), hearing is one of the five senses of a person and it is the ability to perceive sound by detecting vibrations through an organ such as the ear. According to Merriam-Webster, heari ng is the process, function, or power of perceiving sound specifically the special sense by which noises and tones are received as stimuli. In hearing, vibrations are detected by the ear and then converted into nerve impulses and sent to the brain. A person who is unable to hear has a condition known as deafness.Hearing occurs even in sleep, where the ear processes the sounds and passes them on to the brain, but the brain does not al focal points react to the sound. earshot also known as active listening is a technique used in communication, which requires a person to pay attention to the speaker and provide feedback. Listening is a step further than hearing, where subsequently the brain receives the nerve impulses and deciphers it, it then sends feedback. Listening requires concentration, deriving meaning from the sound that is heard and reacting to it. Listening is a process of communication, where if the person is not listening it can cause a break in communication. Listening i s defined by Merriam-Webster as, to hear something with thoughtful attention give consideration. When you are an active listener you are giving the speaker the upmost respect because it shows that you truly care about what they are saying. This is the best way to effectively communicate and it helps build the relationship between the two individuals who are engaging in conversation. iniquitous Justice wrangle Barriers Solutions to BarriersJust a few weeks ago a San Diego Naval Hospital go wrong scare occurred due to a language barrier in communication. Nobody was able to understand two Spanish men that approached the gate to deliver a package. According to (www.sandiegoreader.com), When questioned by the sentries on duty, a language barrier prompted uncertainty about the mens intentions, specifically regarding a package in their possession. Notice went up through the chain of command, and orders came back to follow precautions used in case of a bomb threat. The gate was format o n lockdown, and bomb-sniffing dogs were called in. Since the area immediately surrounding the gate lies outside Navy jurisdiction, a notice went out to police for assistance. The SDPD complied by setting up a blast perimeter, closing access to Florida and according to an eyewitness Pershing Drive north of 26th Street and south of Upas. No residential streets were affected by the closures. last a border patrol officer came to aid the Naval Police and translated the words of the two Spanish men. They were not a threat at all and were merely just delivering hospital items to the base. A tooth root to this problem must take place to avoid an issue like this happening again. A quickly solution to this issue is to train all security personnel on navy bases so they can understand multiple languages and/or having personnel who already speak multiple languages guard the front gate. If all personnel were able to understand all languages then this problem will have never happened. A situa tion like this is an embarrassment and is also can fall into the lines of harassment if the two men valued to press charges.ReferencesBusiness Dictionary. (2014, Jan 6). Formal Channels of Communication. Retrieved from http//www.businessdictionary.com Difference Between. (2013, December 12). Difference Between Hearing and Listening. Retrieved from http//www.differencebetween.info San Diego Reader. (January 2, 2014). Language Barrier Prompts Naval Hospital Bomb Scare. Retrieved from http//www.sandiegoreader.com eHow. (2014, Jan 10). Formal and Informal Channels of Communication. Retrieved from http//www.ehow.com

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Enabling Learning and Assessment Essay Example for Free

Enabling Learning and Assessment Essay1. The purposes of sound judgmentAssessment is the fulfill of evaluating an individuals knowledge. It involves generating and collecting evidence of a assimilators increase of knowledge and skills and judging that evidence against defined standards.Tummons suggested thatWith app lay outment we faeces* Find out if learning has interpreted place* Diagnose learners needs* Provide public acknowledgment and certification of learning* Allow solvees of survival to be carried out* Provide way to evaluate learning programmes* Motivate and encourage learners.Tummons (20095)Written vindication of judgement methodsI wee-wee chosen to do Holding and aiming in the prone position, I would do this by getting the SUT in the tramline formation. This is where they allow number off in pairs, so alone the No.1s on one side of the room whilst each(prenominal) the No.2s are on the nearly other(a) side of the room. I will get the No.1s to condu ct the apply when I endow the newsworthiness of command. The No.1s will be ensuring they adopt the prone position correctly, going through the 9 headstone out point check list and taking aim on the target. Whilst this is happening the No.2s will be observing end-to-end constructioning for any mistakes. erst the No.1s watch completed the drill I will go down the line asking the No.2s if they observed any mistakes. By doing this I am getting the SUT to consider out peer assessment on the progress of his/hers drill on the gun system as this pot develop and make a motion student.The student will also bedevil their own self assessment this is where the students are assessing their own progressthroughout the lesson. These methods encourage the SUT to make decisions rough what has been learnt so far, and to reflect on aspects for further development. Once the No.1s eat up completed the drill, the same process will happen with the No.2s and the No.1s looking and observing fo r any mistakes. Whilst all this is going on I will be looking for any mistakes as I watch from one remnant of the tramline formation, this is called tutor assessment and cannister help give feedback to the student to guide them on their effectiveness and areas of development. This is also known as formative assessment so it can provide for me a endless source of information about the students progress, improvement and problems encountered in the learning process, so I together we can develop their confidence and competence on the weapon system.2. Practical assessmenta) AimThe aim of a practical assessment in a classroom environment is to ensure that when handling a weapon system that the necessary measures and safety precaution is carried out correctly and sufficiently. It is my aim to make sure that the SUT maintain out the drills correctly, if however people are struggling to adapt to the new drills then its up to me the teacher to change my approach to the individual learn ing style.b) Reason for selecting practical learning assessmentWe accustom practical assessment in the army especially when teaching a lift officular subject standardized Skill at Arms to help us as a teacher to subscribe that the SUT progress to understood the correct handling of the weapon. Its not only a confirmation for the teacher but a confirmation for the individual that he/she has took on board the new skill and knowledge they have been taught in the lesson. During the lesson, when I have demonstrated a new drill, the SUT are required to imitate the drill whilst I explain and demonstrate it, taking it step by step. Once I am clever that the SUT have grasped the new drill, a confirmation is done to ensure that the SUT finds the newweapon drill.This will be done when I give the word of command and the SUT canaliseing out the drill without any help or focussing as I watch and observes for any mistakes that the SUT may do. In order for the SUT to use boob or live amm o on exercise or on the ranges, they are required to perish a Weapon Handling Test (WHT) which is a critical practical assessment as it is divide of their summative analyze and needs to be done twice a year. I will give a number of instructions which the SUT must complete correctly and confidently in order to pass. thither is no time limit and they are allowed one mistake on each stage of the test.This assessment is to show that he/she has the knowledge and skill to handle the weapon with blank or live ammunition with confidence. For assessment of practical activities, the potential barriers should be considered and reasonable adjustments developed that meet the needs of the individual learner. many a(prenominal) of the adjustments for a practical assessment are similar to those of a written assessment. We must however be aware of the learners/individual learning styles as this will vary across each lesson we teach. If we look at Fleming understanding of learning styles which he used the terminology of VARK, he stated that people can be grouped into four styles of learning* Visual Seeing.* Aural Listening and talking.* Read/Write Reading and writing.* kinesthetic Doing.(Gravells 201240)The SUT will come under one or to a greater extent of these learning styles and as I have perceiven it in the past whilst teaching, I have to adapt as a teacher to accommodate to their like learning style which means I have to plan and break down my lesson to ensure all SUT get the full benefit of what is being taught to them.Sue Crowley of the IFL statedOften new teachers teach as they were taught, then perhaps as they would liketo have been taught, and in conclusion they realise different ways and a wider spectrum of teaching and learning approaches are needed and available. (Gravells 201240)A statement in which I agree upon as my thought process was similar but when teaching SUT its taught me to adapt my teaching skills to benefit the individuals so they can get t he best outcome during the lesson.c) Conduct of the practical assessmentThe SUT will be assessed throughout the lesson and this can be done in many ways as it is classroom based, this will be an unceremonial assessment. As the SUT reacts to the word of command for example For inspection port arms they are to carry out the necessary drill in which I will observe for mistakes. Observation is a wakeless way to assess the skills, knowledge and attitudes of the SUT. When observing, it enables me to see how well the SUT are doing, letting them make mistakes as farsighted as it is safe, especially when dealing with a weapon so they can learn from their own mistakes. Once the drill is complete I can ask each individual if they made any mistakes and give them self assessment, otherwise I can give negative or positive feedback to the SUT. Observation is beneficial within our training establishment as it assess the SUT competence, skills and attitudes when dealing with a weapon and the obs ervation can follow on with a heading to check the knowledge and understanding.SUT training can be assessed in two other ways and they are called peer assessment and self assessment. For the instructor to see this happen, the students will pair up and work as a team. Whilst one SUT does the drill on the weapon whilst the other partner watches for mistakes, this is called peer assessment, but at the same time SUT who is carrying out the drill can self assess as he/she goes along. If the student was to carry out the Load, Ready, Unload drill, their partner can look in for any mistakes and as the instructor asks the observer from each team if there were any mistakes, this can be useful to develop and motivate the SUT. Peer assessments can be affective as SUT feedback is abandoned skilfully, but other students may think more about what their peers have said than about what the instructor have said.3. Question assessmenta) AimThe aim of a question assessment is for the instructor to se e if the SUT can demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the subject being taught to them. It also helps when asking a question to the SUT that they have to think about their final result. b) Conduct of a Question assessmentDuring each lesson throughout the army, as an instructor we will always ask the SUT questions of the particular topic that we have been learning about in front moving on to the next topic or next stage of the lesson. This is formal or informal assessment and is used to assess cognitive ability which can be used whenever the instructor wants to assess the knowledge and understanding of SUT. When giving a lesson on Skill at Arms, Different combat position. The instructor will always give an explanation of why we do it and when to incorporate the positions for example, on the ranges or when we are on operational tour, followed by a demonstration. As the instructor has given the explanation and demonstration, we will go through the demonstration again whilst the SUT imitate you as you take them through step by step.Whilst doing this process we normally ask the SUT questions on the next stage of the movement, pausing for a second and then state the physical body of the learner who can answer. This way, all SUT is thinking about the answer as soon as you have posed the question, and is ready to speak if their name is asked. This assessment not only help the instructor to confirm that the individual or group know the answer but helps their peers to understand it as well. We also do oral written assessment, as this is partof the minimum core, for example before I start the lesson I would ask the SUT to take out their note books and pens.I will ask them a number of questions in which they will write their answers in their note books which will be marked before the lesson take place. If for some reason some of the SUT get a few questions wrong I will ensure that I make a plan in the evening to go through the questions or drill in which they got incorrect so that they are at the same stage as all the other SUT. asking questions to the SUT and for them responding in giving the answers back to the instructor is self assessment and peers assessment so that the SUT know what areas they are good at and what areas they need to work on. However its good for the tutor assessment to understand how the SUT progress is going by conducting these assessments.C)Advantages DisadvantagesProblems can be solved SUT dont know the answerQuestion being answered SUT can be put on the spotUnderstanding peoples views and opinions Gives people a voice 4. Reflecting on how feedback has informed your learners progress and achievementFeedback is a vital part of the learners training at the army foundation college as it informs the SUT on their progress and achievement. To make sure it is effective it is important that we develop rapport, mutual respect and trust between the instructor and the SUT. During a Skill at Arms lesson it is important to giv e effective feedback as this informs the SUT on how well they are doing or on what areas they might need to work on. I try to give out the best feedback as I can to the SUT or the individual as I know this will help reassure, boost confidence, encourage, motivate and develop their knowledge, skills. It can help the SUT to maximize their potential and professional development at different stages of training, raise their awareness of strengths and areas for improvement, and identify actions to betaken to improve their performance.5. Reflecting on how feedback from others has informed your own professional make outOn the 1st November 2012, I conducted a lesson on pain relief (Morphine) which was observed by an assessor. I felt that the lesson was well structured, planned and I got the key learning points across to the SUT. Once the lesson ended I sat down with my assessor and was given feedback on my lesson. The written feedback said thisThe session had a snuff it and important conte nt to communicate. This was achieved and checked by the test. A stronger introduction would set the scene and provide guidance to learners of what they had to do during the lesson. Focus on the test/know the purpose of the test.The conclusion could tell learners what to do with the test composings and how this will be an aide memoire. Test was very well created, covering all key learning and checking recall, understanding and application. It could be improved with clear guidance i.e. working individually without referring to their notes. As this was assessment for learning as well as assessment of learning learners could work individually, with a partner and finally as a whole group to get the answers/self assessment and check learning. You could get feedback on results from the test by asking those who got 100% to stand up an energiser, positive motivation and a mere(a)ton measure for you.This feedback has opened my eyes a lot clearer as I was more channelled to delivering a sim ple but constructed lesson. Just by delivering a stronger introduction can make the learner motivated to learn, which I didnt realise until someone made it aware to me. It was a good motivation and energiser to perceive from the assessor that the test paper was well created which gave me that sense of pride. However when it came to handing out the test paper, giving the SUT a certain amount of time to do it in and once they had completed it they would mark their own paper as I went along with the answers. Just from what the assessor has written in the feedback it can givethe learner self assessment and check their learning, so in future I will take more time on how I construct the test and how to mark it as this will give me a feedback on the progress of the SUT.6. Reference List* http//www.open.ac.uk/inclusiveteaching/pages/inclusive-teaching/barriers-to-learning.php Date accessed 8.11.12* Tummons J (2009) Assessing learning in the lifelong learning sector. Exeter Learning Matter s* Gravells A (2012) Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector. London Learning Matters* www.faculty.londondeanery.ac.uk

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Discovering Our Identity Is Both Challenging And Ongoing Essay Example for Free

Discovering Our Identity Is Both Challenging And on-going EssayFinding ourselves stop be a described as a difficult and neer ending process. People keep excavate new aspects of their identities e real day, from new experiences and forkaking in contrasting activities with different volume. An individual can spend their whole lives searching for answers roughly themselves and to the highest degree their life. However, for some people, their identity comes more than naturally. Discovering our identity come from nurture about our inheritance, engaging with different people who manufacture and mould us as individuals and our religion. Examples of this are displayed constantly in our world, on personal, local and global levels.Learning about our heritage can be crucial in discovering our identity. Our culture and genetics makes up such a full-grown part of who we are as human beings. With so many contrasting and unique cultures in this world, husking more about our own c ulture can be very eye opening, and service shape who we become as people. Two of my cousins were adopted from Korea. Although they fit in with the Australian culture very headspring and identify as being Australian, a very strong part of them is still connected to Korea. They chat themselves Kozzies, and often joke about their Asian-Australian upbringing. Their parents recently took them on a holiday to Seoul, which is where they were both born. This experience was very enlightening for them, and taught them so much about themselves as people. This is an example of how discovering more about our cultural background signal can aid us in uncovering aspects of our identity. Although they believe they dont belong in Korea, their interest in the Korean culture is still very strong, and they both want to endeavor to unearth more about their genetics, and biological family.Interacting with different people can be a major contributant to our leading about our own identity. Generally h umans tend to surround themselves with like minded people. However, when an individual finds themselves in a different environment with contrasting personalities, they wee to adjust accordingly. This may include changing aspects of themselves. In brute Falling, the protagonist meets a woman called June, who is studying psychology at University. It is clear that both Wildcat and June come from opposite socioeconomic groups and have very diverse lifestyles. However, Wildcatengages with June, and although he appears dismissive and uncaring, he is generally stimulated by their conversation.Through this interaction, Wildcat discovers that perhaps he could be interested in leading a different lifestyle to his criminal past. Similarly, in life, people discover new things about themselves constantly through interaction with others. Through conversation and association with other people, our views and values can change. On a local level, debate about same-sex marriage has sparked controver sy in our society. The national discussion on equality has caused divides mingled with many people and calls for ethical decisions to be made. Through debates with others and general conversation, we can learn more about ourselves, and our values, which make up a very large part of our identity.Our identity can be impacted and shaped around our religion. Around the world there are many people who identify with contrasting and diverse religions. These religions can provide a comfort to people and act as a way to bring communities together. However they can also be the cause of conflict between groups of people. Many wars have been fought over religion and many religious extremists can be the cause of policy-making controversy. In investing oneself to a religion, many people find a satisfaction because they feel part of something.They feel like they a part of a community, of something bigger than themselves. Religion is a world simple practice, and it through learning and developin g deep connections to their religion, people can discover parts of themselves they never knew existed. about people dont yet believe in anything, and are still searching for answers about the earth, and universe. In doing this, they are learning about themselves and their beliefs. Sometimes it can be difficult to commit to a religion. Because people believe in some aspects of it, but disagree with others. Thus, our opinions are formulated, which in turn help to shape parts of our individuality.With the vast amount of individuals occupying this earth at anyone time, it is impossible for us to be whole individual. From birth be are programed to be a particular way. Due to our genetics and our culture, we are bound(p) to have particular features, and be predisposed to havespecific diseases. As we grow up, our culture can have a very profound effect on our identity. It can effect our whole mastermind and the way we behave. Our identity can also be said to be comprised of the persona lities of the many people who have influenced us throughout our life. These people in some way or another, have had an effect on us. This could have changed a small or large part of our identity. Our religious practices can have a profound effect on our identity. Religion can either play a small or large part on our lives, however it is always influencing us in one way or another, whether it be our own religion, or the actions of others due to religion, we are always concocting opinions on it.