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Personal development plan Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Development plan - Personal Statement ExampleHaving been into Loughborough expanded my interests and familiarity better. I came to satisfyingize that byplay Management requires me to be well-rounded. Having numerical skills is an advantage, but there are former(a) traits required of me such as a good market sense, excellent inter personal skills, throng skills and management. Along the way, I felt the drive to improve in each area. Most of my subjects became the driving deplume for me to be always one step ahead of my curriculum. I in any case took pains in meliorate my communication skills and became involved in activities that helped me become a good speaker and enabled me to improve my public transaction skills. My one year internship in PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hong Kong, gave me the opportunity to put my skills and knowledge into practice, as I became involved in customer management while I assisted in providing accounting and business advice to clients. Being in the work place challenged me not to make mistakes. Accuracy is one of the goals I had to achieve, being in a spatial relation that allowed me to influence the clients business decisions. For one year, I was able to see Business Management on a personal note, seeing firsthand the challenges that businessmen face. Figures, when transformed into useful data, foundation make or buy the farm a business. From then, I had a much clearer vision of what I want to do after act my bachelors degree in Business Management. I see myself employed in a Multi National company, rising from the ranks in the span of ten years, most probably specializing in Marketing and fiscal Management. My short-term goal includes immediately getting into a post graduate degree in Business Management after my graduation. Pursuing higher studies leave translate into obtaining better qualifications so I can land a good short letter in any of my dream companies. A Masters compass point will also enhance my skills, provide me more opportunities to hone academic skills and hopefully, apply them in a real business setting. I plan to do this by getting an entry level job in the middle of pursuing my Masters Degree. I firmly believe that one can yet fully understand the concepts learned in school by putting them into practical use. Having a real job will allow me to do this. To succeed in post graduate school will prove to be a challenging feat to me, but I see no contend why I would fail. Academically speaking, I have sufficient knowledge and experience for me to understand the ropes of this course. My decimal skills and immense interest in Business will definitely get me across my goals. I also recognize my personal skills that would help me get through graduate school. I am a results oriented person who always has a set of goals, short term and long term, to accomplish. I set my avouch pace basing on the goals that I have set. I am motivated, self driven, who always strive for excellency in the th ings I do. I am highly inquisitive, always wanting to go deeper into my interests. Moreover, I compute myself to have above average leadership skills. I have the ability to encourage a company of people towards achieving goals. Further to this, I have special interest in the culture and the arts, which was brought forth by the fact that I have travelled in various countries and immersed into difference cultures. I can hold well in any

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