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Barbeque machine Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Barbeque machine - Assignment deterrent exampleThe bell of designing the barbeque cook is reduced by using a hybrid dodging that will leverage the flexibility of industrial manufacturing with lowest advantages. Recycled metallic elements can also be used. The running cost is reduced by denying the lid tightly thus shortening the cooking time. The grill uses smallish amount of charcoal depending on the amount of food to be cooked and the size of the charcoal box. The bust grill barbecue is easy to operate. The food to be roasted is placed on an already lit grill, the cover put in place and the food allowed to cook. The tool set is used to flip and toss the food. The round grill barbecue is designed to a small portable size that is easy to carry most and occupies very small space. The round grill barbeque machine is mostly used for roasting, boiling, or sweltry food. It can also be used to depot food. However, the round grill barbeque machine cannot store perishable food for a longer period of time. Pair wise comparison chart. OBJECTIVES COST PORTABILITY USABILITY vim USE AND EFFICIENCY SCORE COST - 0 1 1 2 PORTABILITY 1 - 1 1 3 USABILITY 1 1 - 1 3 ENERGY USE AND EFFICIENCY 1 1 1 - 3 Morphological chart DESIGHN PARTS DESCIPTION Casing The casing is make of metal sheet. Holds the mesh, top cover, and the charcoal box in place Rack make if steel rods and acts as the lose for the grill. Can be fitted with rollers to allow easy mobility. Mesh Made of stainless steel and used to founder the food strategically while cooking. Top cover Prevents contamination of food while cooking and reduces faculty loss by containing the heat thus increasing efficiency of the barbecue grill. Tool set Made of stainless steel and is used to toss and flip the food while cooking Numerical valuation Matrix DESIGN COST ENERGY USE PORTABILITY USABILITY SPACE Round grill barbecue 45% 30% 20% 10% 25% Electric grill barbecue 60% 60% 40% 30% 20% Wood pallet electric grill barbecue 5 5% 80% 50% 40% 40% Gas barbecue grill 75% 65% 40% 55% 60% Kettle barbecue grill 55% 80% 30% 40% 20% Conclusion The prevarication or regulatory measures on charcoal use and production, and the increasing depreciation rate of energy resources has made it necessary to develop a barbeque grill that is energy efficient and eco-friendly. The round grill barbeque machine is therefore designed to use a small amount of charcoal with very negligible energy loss. Reference Classic barbequing. Bristol, Wis. Charmglow Products, 1977.

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