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Discovering Our Identity Is Both Challenging And Ongoing Essay Example for Free

Discovering Our Identity Is Both Challenging And on-going EssayFinding ourselves stop be a described as a difficult and neer ending process. People keep excavate new aspects of their identities e real day, from new experiences and forkaking in contrasting activities with different volume. An individual can spend their whole lives searching for answers roughly themselves and to the highest degree their life. However, for some people, their identity comes more than naturally. Discovering our identity come from nurture about our inheritance, engaging with different people who manufacture and mould us as individuals and our religion. Examples of this are displayed constantly in our world, on personal, local and global levels.Learning about our heritage can be crucial in discovering our identity. Our culture and genetics makes up such a full-grown part of who we are as human beings. With so many contrasting and unique cultures in this world, husking more about our own c ulture can be very eye opening, and service shape who we become as people. Two of my cousins were adopted from Korea. Although they fit in with the Australian culture very headspring and identify as being Australian, a very strong part of them is still connected to Korea. They chat themselves Kozzies, and often joke about their Asian-Australian upbringing. Their parents recently took them on a holiday to Seoul, which is where they were both born. This experience was very enlightening for them, and taught them so much about themselves as people. This is an example of how discovering more about our cultural background signal can aid us in uncovering aspects of our identity. Although they believe they dont belong in Korea, their interest in the Korean culture is still very strong, and they both want to endeavor to unearth more about their genetics, and biological family.Interacting with different people can be a major contributant to our leading about our own identity. Generally h umans tend to surround themselves with like minded people. However, when an individual finds themselves in a different environment with contrasting personalities, they wee to adjust accordingly. This may include changing aspects of themselves. In brute Falling, the protagonist meets a woman called June, who is studying psychology at University. It is clear that both Wildcat and June come from opposite socioeconomic groups and have very diverse lifestyles. However, Wildcatengages with June, and although he appears dismissive and uncaring, he is generally stimulated by their conversation.Through this interaction, Wildcat discovers that perhaps he could be interested in leading a different lifestyle to his criminal past. Similarly, in life, people discover new things about themselves constantly through interaction with others. Through conversation and association with other people, our views and values can change. On a local level, debate about same-sex marriage has sparked controver sy in our society. The national discussion on equality has caused divides mingled with many people and calls for ethical decisions to be made. Through debates with others and general conversation, we can learn more about ourselves, and our values, which make up a very large part of our identity.Our identity can be impacted and shaped around our religion. Around the world there are many people who identify with contrasting and diverse religions. These religions can provide a comfort to people and act as a way to bring communities together. However they can also be the cause of conflict between groups of people. Many wars have been fought over religion and many religious extremists can be the cause of policy-making controversy. In investing oneself to a religion, many people find a satisfaction because they feel part of something.They feel like they a part of a community, of something bigger than themselves. Religion is a world simple practice, and it through learning and developin g deep connections to their religion, people can discover parts of themselves they never knew existed. about people dont yet believe in anything, and are still searching for answers about the earth, and universe. In doing this, they are learning about themselves and their beliefs. Sometimes it can be difficult to commit to a religion. Because people believe in some aspects of it, but disagree with others. Thus, our opinions are formulated, which in turn help to shape parts of our individuality.With the vast amount of individuals occupying this earth at anyone time, it is impossible for us to be whole individual. From birth be are programed to be a particular way. Due to our genetics and our culture, we are bound(p) to have particular features, and be predisposed to havespecific diseases. As we grow up, our culture can have a very profound effect on our identity. It can effect our whole mastermind and the way we behave. Our identity can also be said to be comprised of the persona lities of the many people who have influenced us throughout our life. These people in some way or another, have had an effect on us. This could have changed a small or large part of our identity. Our religious practices can have a profound effect on our identity. Religion can either play a small or large part on our lives, however it is always influencing us in one way or another, whether it be our own religion, or the actions of others due to religion, we are always concocting opinions on it.

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