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Organisational leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organisational leadership - Essay ExampleThis paper forget discuss the different responsibilities of chief operating officers and will seek to establish whether the chief executive officer is influential in rallying presidencyal culture.The chief executive officer is the overall leader in an organization, and he is infallible to report to the climb on of governors. The CEO acts according to the will of the board of governors, and he utilises their decisions and strategies. Since the CEO cannot manage the organization on a solo basis, he/she appoints other managers to whom he/she delegates roles and responsibilities (Hajdini, 2010, p. 39). The number and roles of subsequent managers depend on the organizational structure. The CEO is required to understand the goals of the organization and come up with ways of achieving the set goals.The CEO takes actions in place of the board of governors and he/she represents them in the daily operation of the business. The CEO is required to i mplement the decisions made by the board (Gitlow, 2004, p.87). He/she governs the organization on behalf of the board and so all decisions and strategies must be in line with what the board has decided. The CEO is entrusted with the responsibility of creating philosophies in the organization (Hajdini, 2010, p. 22). The philosophies created should be delegacy oriented and should favor the employees and the management. Most CEOs have better academic qualification that members of the board and are the responsibility of designing strategies to accomplish the organizational goals.The CEO is the liaison amidst the board and the employees and therefore he/she ensures that the two groups linkup well. He/she acts as the link tool through communication between the two groups. The CEO understands the organization better than the board and hence is trusted on advising and informing them. The CEO oversees all the departments and liaises with the department heads to ensure that each

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