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'Apple Customer Based Analysis Essay\r'

' apple’s brand name has a in truth richlyly valued name in decree. As an American, it is common for lot of on the whole(a) ages and demographics to be a customer of orchard apple tree. It is esteemed yet also almost considered the figure in today’s society to have an apple iPhone, orchard apple tree iPad, orchard apple tree iPod, or apple Macbook. Society set apple as having a last quality harvest that consumers can curse on plainly this also comes at a price. Most customers of apple atomic number 18 just below the baby baby boomer generation with customrs as young as bambinos.\r\nSome p atomic number 18nts may allow their toddler’s to use applications on their Ipads for their toddlers to detect and play games. Other demographics include all different races and both males and female persons. apple prides themselves with well-off to user consumer friendly technological products that people of all ages can use. Normally electronic products a tomic number 18 focused towards the males however the Apple products have a significant female customer base as well. Apple products ar normally sold in full(prenominal) income countries due to the high terms of the products.\r\nApple products are not want products by any means and and so apple customers have discretionary income to buy luxury goods such as the products that Apple offers. However, a music and video form such as Itunes may be more affordable for some consumers that use computers, phones, and tablets from other companies yet they can tranquillise download media from the Apple Itunes keep fraternity. Middle category families in the U.S. can own Apple products but it may be a luxury item that the household saves for. Apple, as a technology based company naturally attracts customers that are looking for high quality up to date products that change course in with society yet are customizable and satisfy all of their customers’ needs.\r\nApple’s Itune’s has efficacious rights to protect their media with patents and other legal rights that protect their electronic products. There is a current eccentric between Samsung and Apple in which Apple claims that â€Å"the Galaxy S4, Samsung’s flagship smartphone violates five of its patents” (Zeman 2013). Therefore, this shows that Apple takes their patent and products truly seriously and willing follow up with a cause if any of their competitors take any of their legal rights.\r\nApple collaborates with many an(prenominal) different companies in order to optimize their services and products including Microsoft. An Apple employee noted that â€Å"the company will straightway be organized by function- trade, legal, worry development etc.â€with more quislingism across divisions” regarding Microsoft (Shaer, 2013). Apple also whole shebang with companies regarding the development of applications for their Iphone and Ipad products.\r\nThere are many competitors of Apple such as manufacturers of PCs, tablets, cubicle phones, computer monitors, TVs, and many other types of electronics. These companies may consider Apple their largest competition but the one disadvantage that Apple has over other products is their higher price for their superior products. Due to the amount of competition it is very important that Apple continues update their products and marketing in order to remain in the market.\r\nApple products can be purchased now through Apple through the telephone, internet, or in anyone of their own Apple retail stores that are commonly found in shopping malls. The most scratch offular products are also found in plane section stores, electronic stores, and even certain Apple vending machines. Due to all of the provider locations, Apple has made it easy and agreeable for their customers to access their products, services, and assistance.\r\nStakeholders of the company include the employees, old-hatholders, and customers. If on that point is any major change or re-organization of the company the employees will be wedged and this may potential affect the stock prices which will affect the stockholders whom are basically the owners of the company. The Apple stock at the beat this paper is being written is at $502.36 a share which is very high and this truly shows that value that shareholders have for this company. The customers are stakeholders in the company because all of the managerial decisions will trickle down to the product and price.\r\nAs of January 2013, there were executive changes at Apple that created drama for people in the tech press field. â€Å"The man responsible for(p) for much of Apple’s ironware design since 1996, Jonathan Ive is now in frivol away of design of both software and ironware” stated Dan Moren, 2013. The late Steve Jobs was Apple’s chief executive officer that had a major influence on the startup of the company and the success of the company. This became the molding for the company’s culture today which has been influencing our pop culture for more than a decade. The company continues their innovation and delivers their premium products and assistance to their customers unheeding of the organizational changes that have been taking frame within the company.\r\nReferences:\r\nZeman, E. (2013). Apple adds samsung’s galax S4 to lawsuit. Informationweek †Online, Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxylocal.library.nova.edu/docview/1353775900?accountid=6579 Shaer, M. (2013, Jul 11). With ‘one microsoft,’ CEO ballmer sees sweeping shake-up of microsoft ranks. The Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxylocal.library.nova.edu/docview/1399442335?accountid=6579 Moren, D. (2013, 01). Changes at the top. Macworld, 30, 5. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.ezproxylocal.library.nova.edu/docview/1270547861?accountid=6579\r\n'

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