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'How has Baz Luhrman used sound effects to appeal to a younger audience?\r'

'Baz Luhrman riding habits effectual, euphony and speech to have an exiting and appealing effect on a younger interview. It helps us identify the characters, the Montagues and Capulets, beca handling we shell a sense that these devil groups are only different and have a conflicting ardour of music to acquaint them. The various sounds effects employ to help us, the auditory modality, see the Montagues ‘Boyz as cowardly and spineless and the music that they are listening too ‘The boys the boys… tells us that they are young boys not men this is reflected by means of their music.\r\nWhereas the sound effects with the Capulets are more strong-arm and sinister. Baz Luhrman helps the young audience judge clearly in the midst of these two gangs, and the music and SFX help the audience bring in a personal impression of them. The Montagues are childish, juvenile, and loud, use raft humour and are trying to be noticed; the Capulets comparison to the Montagues a re powerful, forceful, skilled fighters and are feared like criminals.\r\nAt the start of the film Baz Luhrman has use a female news contracter. The newsreader is serious, straight †set about and straight to the point. It seems like a normal daylight to day news bulletin; withal the desktop of the newsroom is a dark and sinister colour. Straight after(prenominal) that we attempt the same monologue but its a male verbalize over. The voice over has a serious deep gravely voice also Irish, this, to the audience makes you want to listen more. As the voice over reads it much slower we can hear it clearer and as its the second time being read out we can determine what they are genuinely saying. While the voice over is speaking the audience can see continuous images being blast at the screen with key words from the monologue. Baz Luhrman has utilise sound and image to help us, the young viewers, understand Shakespeares language by being bombarded by sound and imagery.\r\nY ou can read also Audience translation Paper\r\nThe sound also creates tension, when the music is at a proud pitch. We can hear high pitched voices, as if there were angles looking bulge out or looking over what is happening. The voices could also behave whats happening, as the two gangs are at war. The use of the helicopter sounds gives us a wider impression of what maybe happening, for example, war, fighting, battles and the landscapes.\r\nThe Capulets are introduced by their own music. Their music has a sense of western; the viewers also string to hear the roar of their engine as it starts up. The audience is in anticipation when the fighting starts, it seems like the two gangs are waiting for a showdown, all is quite a and the viewers are left waiting in fear for the first gun shot.\r\nThe Montagues are like ‘boy racers they really want to be noticed. They do this by shouting out, having their music turned up full blast. They use a lot of toilet humour as well as mak ing gestures to the nuns. They live in this care free area where nothing else matters excepted them messing around ‘boys playing with their toys.\r\n'

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