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Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 59

Assignment ExampleIn addition, professionalism may face numerous issues during the intromission because of the dressing code. Having attire that makes an individual confident during a notification is an added advantage as it raises the self-esteem to cut across all stances of incivility. Presentations may pose problems to an individual when he or she lacks the etiquette required. Business etiquette involves numerous issues that may check an individuals presentation especially in instances where the donor parties with his or her work mates and comprise irresponsibly. Such a trait may augment undesirable behavior from the work mates thereby making the presentation a hard thing to achieve in such situations.A presenter may face stances of incivility in instances where the presentation is targeted to an unfamiliar audience. Unfamiliar audience may not know the characteristics of the presenter thereby acting in a disrespectful manner. When a face-to-face presentation target a multit ude of audience, the presenter may be disrupted in substantial levels thereby hindering his or her presentation.In the grouping, I would group Joe and Ellen as teammates. Both of them are hard workers, and that would alter them to complete on the assignment administered. Since Joe is punctual, he will be able to utilize and work on the assignment given with Ellen who may stay late working. These individuals should not work alone as they work varied traits that require each others participation. I would assign this group with the responsibilities of drafting the last record after other tasks have been accomplished. During his task, Joe can write the document after Ellen tests and verifies the document. Such document will enable both members to have a thoroughly scrutinized document that has undergone testing and verification.In the future(a) group, I would group Marsha and Suzanne

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