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Week1 Knowledge paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Week1 Knowledge paper - hear ExampleIn addition to the need for goods and services, there was a high demand for housing. This demand spawned the instauration of the subdivision. With the proliferation of the automobile, better highways, and television people began to move west as they left the rust belt for the sun belt. While women had been instrumental in working in the wartime factories, after the war women left the factory jobs and became more domestic. This period transformed America into the single wage family headed by a male that became the middle class. The trade in demographics created even more desire and need for products in the marketplace. The economy was growing due to the affix in employment opportunities, more leisure time, and the advertisers ability to reach the public through the new speciality of television.The information that I have about the economy during this era comes from older family members who have related their stories to me. In addition, I have picked up images and impressions from television and the Internet. I have always been interested in subtlety and like to watch some of the old post war movies or 1950s sitcoms. Though I know they are only stories, you can sometimes glean some facts from good fiction.The relationship in the midst of the US and the USSR had always been somewhat tense due to the claims of communist infiltration in the US that went underpin to the 1930s. However, the war against Germany had necessitated that they become allied in their goal of defeating Hitler. Russia endured a heavy burden and paid a great cost during the war. As such, Stalin felt that they were owed the spoils that go to the victor in war. The US, though cautious, was willing to charge the Soviets by giving them control of the countries on their western border that would serve as a cowcatcher against Germany and would become their satellite states. After the defeat of Japan, Truman once again

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