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The article The Mountain Man and American Anguish Essay Example for Free

The clause The Mountain Man and American Anguish demonstrateIn the article, The Mountain Man and American Anguish in the Journal of Popular Film Television, Patrick McCarthy reflects on movie production and the image of cud workforce. Contrary to how dope men are shown in coetaneous American pop culture media, McCarthy claims that there is a greater connection between that period of time and the different cultural challenges we face today. Staying consistent to the tune of his article, McCarthy claims modern media has skewed the reality of the life of the mountain man. He disagrees with how modern American pop culture portrays the mountain man. McCarthy references movies including the Adventures of Kit Carson and The Oregon Trail, as substantially as other movies, all of which depict mountain men as uncouth ruffians lacking some(prenominal)(prenominal) form of human nature or any civilized attributes. He attempts to illustrate that the mountain men were actually a very real reflection of contemporary society, that is people overwhelmed by lack of any control of their lives or controlled by a sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain.According to McCarthy, many things contributed to these pot remoteness, self debasement and other less than ideal conditions. It resembles current situations in which people feel the trounce conviction that they are devoid of control over their own life and lack of liberty. The portrayal of mountain men in this fashion should convince contemporary society that finding solutions in adverse situations is inwardly the power of any collective people. All that is necessary is determination and undying resilience. As far as can be ascertained from historical documents, mountain men demonstrated the necessary ability to chip at out a living independent of outside help.In The Mountain Man and American Anguish, Patrick McCarthy reveals just insight but is not free from his share of imperfections. The article bases most of its argument on how todays sprout industry falsely portrays past and present cultures. The article utilizes popular culture to draw people scratch off to earth, in respect to the vast value of how the American populace is viewed in a time of agony. The article has a limited review of the whole view. It only reviews a limited amount of movies which is important to the picture Hollywood presents. the mountain man, it would be much better if the articlelisted movies with a more accurate portrayal of mountain men.Works CitedMcCarthy, Patrick. The Mountain Man and American Anguish. Journal of Popular Film

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