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Too Much Medication Essay Example for Free

Too Much medical specialty EssayOne Source Cited On 9 February 2007 The Boston existence presented an obvious example of tenderness in its presentation of an overdose of psychotropic drugs leading to the death of 4-year-old Rebecca Riley. Consequently, this sparked debates about whether health officials should press urgently to establish the advantages of treating children with psychotropic drugs, and the safety measures that go along with their use. From top to bottom, the text questions the dangers of over-medicating children who show signs of potential cordial disorders the age at which children should start the prescribed medication assessment of children after psychotropic medication interposition and the indebtedness of doctors to evaluate the ability of p bents to oversee these potentially fatal drugs (The Boston Globe). For the purposes of this essay, I am forced to agree that health officials should press urgently to determine the advantages of treating children wi th psychotropic drugs, and the cautions that must accompany their use. The look into I found on this topic appear to support the idea that intense discussion and thoughtfulness about pharmacotherapy is vital for future directions of treating children with these medications. According to Hyman (2006) there are far more difficulties in find the risks and benefits of psychotropic drugs in children. There is also less information known about mental disorders in children than in adults and numerous drugs have not been sufficiently tested in children, particularly because their brains are take over developing.In addition, there is even less data about the safety and efficacy of antidepressants in children (Hyman 2006). In actual fact, Hyman (2006) states that these drugs are being used even in the absence of data. That is why I powerfully argue in favour of the need for more clinical research involving children, to identify the potential risk-benefits of psychopharmacology. It is the responsibility of caregivers to diagnose manage and be commited to training in this area.Therefore we need to find out whether the approaches of these drugs are beneficial and safe for children. Furthermore, we have to think about a greater goal and a more practical way to enhance the quality of life for children showing signs of possible mental disorders. What we need to do is patch-up the treatment gaps and incorporate an effective monitoring system which allows health professionals to liaison with schools, other professionals and agencies.In doing so, we may improve diagnostics, treatment and follow-up services and possibly even avoid the recurrence of over-medication?ReferencesThe Boston Globe http//www.boston.com/news/globe/editorial_opinion/editorials/articles/2007/02/09/too_much_medication/ Hyman, S.E. (2006). Improving our brains? Electronic Version. Biosocieties, 1, 103-111. Retrieved 16 February 2007 from http//journals.cambridge.org/action/loginjsessionid=36ED98BDE8893D 2A30D1BEED7CE0AD3C.tomcat1

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