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One event it had improve my english language Essay

whiz event it had improve my english language - Essay ExampleWe were a bit relieved to pull that the agents in the airline were from Bahrain and they told me to leave my luggage as I was taking my board to Minneapolis via Chicago which touched to capital of the United Kingdom from Bahrain. This was quite a harrowing experience for a person like my Shalan and I who had expressage knowledge of English language and we had great challenge when it came to understanding announcements on shifting from one logic gate to another as we exchanged flights across the different cities.A few hours after arrival in the airport I heard the departure announcement for my flight in Arabic and hurried to the checkpoint for warranter check procedure. It here that I realise very few passengers about three or cardinal were verbalizeing Arabic language as the majority was internationals. My worry increased especially when I reached London and realized that only one person with a dark hair, little dar k skin in his late of twenties I overheard speaking on the phone was Arabic speaker. I planned to speak to him and seek his help in getting my way out of the Heathrow Airport as we were going to connect to the next stopover. This was after I realized that the person seated next to me was an American after I saw him reading some book written in English. I had earlier in capital of Bahrain tried to put everything in order and ensure all my documents were intact but I realized that one of my travel documents from London to Chicago was missing. I felt worried and could not settle but didnt have a way of expressing myself to the English speaking American and so I precisely stood and begun to behave in a manner suggesting I had a problem. Even the flight consecutive did not understand me until some old man entered the plane with a son and helped in translating my problem from Arabica to the attendant and the American. It is after this that I got a surprising tap on my

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