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Synopsis of Don Giavonni Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Synopsis of Don Giavonni - analyse ExampleBecause she is terrified, Anna screams to alert his father who immediately responds, but is unfortunately killed by the masked Giovanni. The murder of her lovable father compels Anna to entice his fianc Ottavio to look for the murderer and avenge on him. Anna, alongside her fianc launches a revenge missionary work on the unknown killer (Ponte 62).While looking for the killer outside Giovannis palace, Anna disguises herself and sings a heat song as she pretends to be lamenting over her fianc who has abandoned her. Unknown to him that he is been looked for, Giovanni ignorantly starts seducing Anna. On seeing this, Leporello cautions Anna that Giovanni should not flirt with him because he is a very promiscuous man who has conquered 1,003 women in Spain, 640 ladies in Italy, 91 women in Turkey and 100 women in France. So, he is not worth her time.As the storey unfolds, Giovanni continues with his seduction activities when he decides to flirt and snatches Masettos newly wed wife Zerlina and threaten to kill him should he attempt to take her back. This was a very unfair activity that not only inflicted pain on the poor Masetto, but enabled Anna to realize that it was actually Giovanni who had killed her father.In Act Two, the audience is introduced to Giovanni who continues with his seduction and attempts to cajole Elviras maid. When attacked by Maseto and his friends, he manages to out do them, takes away their weapons and beats them up. However, as fate would have it, his triumph would not last forever. While disguising himself as Leporello, at the graveyard, so as to seduce one of his girlfriends, a statue appears and threatens him (Rushton 27).Although he is quite sure that he would not see the next day, Giovanni defies the order of repenting his sins when attacked by the witching(prenominal) statue that eventually manages to kill him in the company of a chorus of

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