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Course Design Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Course Design - Coursework Example Following all the instructions as I have spelled out in either the assignments or in term papers is also important in order to do well in this course. Attendance is also a MUST and every student is expected to observe this without fail. As stipulated in the institution’s policy every student is expected to observe and maintain a high level of diligence while attending the classes. The course requires a lot of research and students are encouraged to work in groups to conduct the stipulated research and make the best inferences from the research conducted. Students are also encouraged to enjoy the learning experience and link the studies to their daily activities and situations to maximize on the learning objectives of this course. It is my belief that the students are well versed with the technological advancements that have been propagated by East Asia in the recent past. East Asia is leading in the amounts of products manufactured per year and therefore they are able to boost their economies accordingly. Am also assuming that every person has gone through the pre-requisite units before taking up this unit and therefore you are all well-versed with the background information and skills to pursue and take the unit. Research is an essential part of this course and I am assuming that all of you have learnt the research methods and are equipped with the skills to conduct a conclusive research on this course. I will facilitate the learning and give you ample knowledge on the unit so that you can take up and conduct the research on your own since I believe the best learning method is through involving the students in the learning process thereby making it more student oriented. Omvedt, G., Kelkar, G., & Asian Institute of Technology. (1995).  Gender and technology: Emerging visions from Asia. Bangkok, Thailand: Gender and Development

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