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Politics. Who Has The Right To Rule Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Politics. Who Has The Right To Rule - Essay Example It is the understanding of ideas, knowledge, acquaintances and distribution of resources among people in a group. It can be said as the play that analyze who should get what, when, how and why and that can be on basis of the concepts canalized by power, justice, conflicts, sovereignty and decision making. An article of collective authors tells about the politics is, "The word politics comes from the Greek word "polis", meaning the state or community as a whole. The concept of the "polis" was an ideal state and came from the writings of great political thinkers such as Plato and Aristotle." (Aristotle, 1996) Though politics actually is to achieve an ideal society, which is a difficult practice, or a tough aim and might an impossible job to achieve. Despite the fact that politics counts the ideas and other innovative thoughts to aim for making the society more and more better. Public concerns allow politics to manage public by making code of conduct for living and managing lives in particular areas. These conducts resolute the local and international conflicts through debates and compromises proving by law made by the politicians who rules. These rise in social existence of public relations among the local and international communities. By tradition the global governments in every state, concerns a lot about the foreign and local public affairs. They tend to get engage with the conflictions and co-operative communities in a manner to make more conducts in means to create or develop a tremendous society, community, governmental organizations, and making ready the individuals for global cor porations and civil society groups. Usually politics and politicians are the resources known to be the counters of operating public with the collective organization of social existence. Political study and foreign affairs teaches the pubic different political philosophies that are applied upon the inter-state public using casual theories for which public responds normally in an appreciative manner. Political philosophy or normal political acts are all about the public values against the normal living conducts of general public in that particular society. Those conducts may deal differently for the same general publics in different states and though the conduct for these living might only rule if and only if those conducts are approved both historically or analytically by global investigation. Explanatory political theory or positive politics deals with the positive act of the government for the sake to provide more and more advantages to domestic public and encourage the young ones to achieve their aims by guiding them the right path. This act is being taken optimistically only by the creations and developments of fully equipped institutions and other general mechan ism forces. Study of Historical events occur around the globe, political behaviors seen on different acts and events in countries, the performance of political and governmental institutions, the steps and other processes of politicians and last but not least the output or response of public and government and its regulatory structures are collectively combine in Political analysis or political science. Though its kind of a degree for a politician to gain the objective knowledge by differentiating and learning all the meanings between political facts and their values to rule a state. However this is a difficult task for student to gain knowledge about the political theories, its facts and the understanding for their values by bias means and having reliable data, as corruption is also the second name of politics. Building blocks of the knowledge in political field are only the models, theories and concepts about the tools of political analysis. Case studies

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