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Digital natives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Digital natives - Essay Example It is quite alarming that modern people seem to forget that digital relationship is virtual and that it is quite different than the real relationship that exists outside the virtual world. The communication on the Internet can only remain at the stage of word exchange and there is no feeling and emotion attached to this type of communication. However, in face-to-face communication, one can hear every word that is articulated by the other person involved in the conversation. Perhaps, some people would argue that we could have video chat on the Internet to see the facial expression and hear the tone of the person. However, video still makes people feel far away from others. The reason why two people have video chat is that there is an unreachable distance between them and they hope to feel the intimacy of face-to-face communication via video chatting. Therefore, we can say that video is an imitation of face-to-face communication, an â€Å"unreal† in plain terms. Recently, I foun d out a kind of phenomenon that happens frequently with me as well as my friends. I usually add some people who go to the same school as me and make friends with them on the social networks, like Facebook and Wechat. I can chat with â€Å"net friend†, who is known for social network, very well, so I think this person has become my friend already. However, when I meet him or her on campus, the only thing that I feel is being strange and awkward instead of having great conversation as with normal friends.

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