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HSA 535 WK 8 D1 & DB2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

HSA 535 WK 8 D1 & DB2 - Coursework Example For example, the imaging tests include the use of Mammograms and computed tomography scans. Understanding Laboratory tests requires that there is a fact sheet used to keep records for the role of screening and diagnostic laboratory tests. The fact sheets usually contain a list of the common tests done in cancer medicine hence could be used as a reference. Pap and HPV testing are some of the laboratory tests in cancer medicine that patients are likely to get through during their diagnosis and treatment procedures. A fact sheet is used which includes information about cervical cancer screening guidelines which can be used on the patients. There is also the Prostate-Specific Antigen Test that is used as a way of diagnosis of prostate cancer in patients. The fact sheet presents guidelines of the procedure together with the benefits and limitations of the test. These tests are efficient, however, only in the first world countries. Third world countries lack the necessary resources and financing to run cancer screening centers effectively and of a large magnitude. However, the US is a developed country with a well-established means of ensuring affordable health care to all its citizens hence has effective procedures. Prostate cancer is usually more prevalent in patients who are older hence it is advisable that older people go for regular screening. This could reduce the extra costs that would be incurred during treatment because once detected early, there are higher chances of treatment. There are a number of ways to address and communicate to the public about the disease. This can be done by engaging the mass in social media using posts that can target their interests. In this contemporary world, the social media has been very active as a tool of communication. Youths can share ideas and criticize hence gaining more knowledge about the disease. The other way would be through free

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