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Advantage And Disadvantage In City Life Essay

Big city is where you can see umteen vehicles,many skyscrapers, many people with a hurry pace of life. That place can entrance us very much due to its light and luxury. Nowadays, to a greater extent and more people postulate to live there because they see many advantages. Indeed, in a broad city, people can form the scoop up chances to lead as well as can enjoy the best dish and entertainment In a boastfully city, people can engineer the chances to study and work best. There are many good University for u to recognise in a big city.There you can sway your ability to study what you like. Moreover, when you graduate, you also find it easier to find chances to get a good job with good salary, that is quite difficult in small(a) cities or countrysides because there concentrates many big companies and groups. Hence, many graduate students choose big cities to live and work. In short, it is where you can take advantages f yourself. In addition, in a big city you can enjoy the best service and entertainment. Is this Essay helpful?Read more Difference among village life and city life essayJoin OPPapers to read more and access more than 325,000 just like it get develop grades Because there are many rich people here, they can drop much money to get the best for them. Lives in a big city are quite luxurius but you dont baffle to be worried when you are sick or suffer a disease because there you can find good doctors for you, as broad as you have much money. Whats more, in a big city you can enjoy new entertainment such as new games or luxury games. Many people can signal that living in a big city makes them tired with entropy and dash.They like the slow pace of life in a countryside. moreover I think that you can live there for a wide time because the young always like to enjoy new things and want to have much money, which is very difficult to do in a countryside. However, when you get older, especially when you retire, a countryside will the best c hoice to live. In summary, living in a big city has many advantages. However, you have to try your best to overcome all difficulties such as baffling competition in workplace or polluted environment.

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