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Normal and Abnormal Psychology Essay

psychology is a science that studies the human school principal and style, to agnise and explain thoughts, emotions, and behavior of persons. psychological science can be utilise in different ways, such as psychological health treatment, writ of execution improvement or enhancement, self-help and other domain of a functions impacting the health and daily animateness of individuals. Psychology is generally a broad field of science, and there ar ternary subfields or areas within it. Two subfields in particular that are spillage to be discussed in this paper are frequent and abnormal psychology.An individual is categorized within these two subfields according to whether their social behavior and way of thinking is common or totally out of the norm. Normal Psychology studies the common or average human behavior of individuals. This particular area focuses mainly on understanding the way the individual thinks and reasons throughout their terrene life. This area does not i nvolve any disorders or psychological illnesses, provided instead it researches the human mind in trying to better understand the individuals thought process and behavior.An individual who would be categorized under normal psychology would not display any mental illnesses, disorders, psychological problems or un-normal behavior. Abnormal Psychology studies abnormal human behavior as well as psychopathology of the individual. Abnormal refers to something that is not normal or out of the norm. This particular area of psychology focuses more on research and treatment for the abnormal behavior displayed by the individual. This area of psychology covers a wide variety of disorders such as depression, sexual deviation, obsession-compulsion, anxiety, mood, developmental, and so onA good way to tell if there is a cuticle of abnormal psychology is anytime the behavior of an individual is causing problems in their life or is disruptive to them or other people. There are a number of perspec tives used to treat abnormal psychology. Three main perspectives are behavioral, medical, and cognitive. The behavioral perspective focuses on the observable behaviors. The medical perspective focuses on biological causes on the mental illness. The cognitive perspective focuses on how their immanent thoughts and reasoning contribute to the psychological disorders.

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