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Amazon Books and Writers Essay

expend Furr and elude Keene has a reputation of beingness unmatched of Gertrude steins to a greater extent contr all oversial works. Originally published in 1922, the story tells of the operates of both women who live to perishher. The story is written with a limited lexicon and contains the word mirthful which appears over a hundred times. It is purported to be one of the graduation exercise coming step up stories published, and through its reprinting in Vanity Fair in 1923, the resistivity meaning of alert became more widely known (Amazon Books and Writers, 2008).beer mugs style of writing uses repetition as a literary device. Those who grew up reading Dr. Seuss will have no trouble reading throw Furr and throw Skeene firearm those who are unfamiliar with Dr. Seuss will find the schoolbook quite confusing. This is because Stein, as a linguist and naturalist, utilizes repetition as a means of achieving the natural primary processes of perception and ideal (Kimball, 1998). This is the primary land why Steins writing is muchtimes regarded as gibberish.However, those who tuition her body of work will find that it is through this order that Stein posts the gradually changing present of human consciousness, the instability of emotion and thought (Perloff, 1999, p. 98). This method allows Stein to let the reader experience the thoughts being conveyed as they are being written (natural) sort of of conveying the thought after(prenominal) it has been written (synthesized). Her use of this playful style in Miss Furr and Miss Skeene is intended to rouse confusion both literally and metaphorically to smoothen the thoughts of the writer (as Stein is also a lesbian) and the characters in the story.This also enables Stein to dissect one event into many a(prenominal) while still pertaining to that one eventlike an episode of 24 where the focus is that one bit but seen in different contexts. Repeating is use here as a deliberate regression of sortsan attempt to get at (sometimes to get back to and recover) the real things lying below the surface (the unconscious, the primitive, the primary stabbing passions of desire, love, jealousy, power, prestige, etc. ) in order to illuminate the nuanced ways that characters negotiate subconscious mind desires through the coded conventions of everyday polite conversation (Nelson 2000).Steins image of these women, like the way she usually depicts her subjects, are meant to be taken as they are. Steins modernist style of writing remains impervious to such(prenominal) an easy reading for it never allows us to make secure judgments near characters and action (Behling, 2001, p. 127). Thus, it is literally impossible to say if the characters were caricatures or not. Steins unique technique solely focuses on the action and its multiple contexts instead of one singular notion.This is evident in her use of repetition without literally repeating. Instead, each perceived repetition is in fact desi gned to convey a new meaning. An example of this is the repetition of the word gay. In its first use in the seventh sentence of the story, she did not find it gay living in the same place she has been living, the word gay is used in the context of being bored. However, with each new variation, the word gay is transformed to mean other things, including that of todays contemporary definition.This method of wordplay allows for the double entendre of the story. To the (then) sophisticated, the story is about Helen Furr coming out as a lesbian, while to the less informed, it is a simple story of two women living together. This style is meant to be experienced as it was intended by the author. In fact, Steins works, be it prose or poetry, are often discussed out loud primarily to evoke and channel that which is natural while also appreciating the styles lyricism.Hence, Miss Furr and Miss Skeene would benefit from being read aloud by allowing the reader to experience living where many we re living and cultivating in themselves something (Stein, 1993, p. 257)ReferencesAmazon Books and Writers (2008). Gertrude Stein (1874-1946). Amazon. com. Retrieved November 21, 2008 from http//www. kirjasto. sci. fi/gstein. htm. Behling, L. (2001). The Masculine Woman in America, 1890-1935. Illinois University of Illinois Press. Kimball, J. (1998). Gertrude Stein and the natural world. Time Sense An Electronic Quarterly on the Art of Gertrude Stein.Retrieved November 21, 2008 from http//www. tenderbuttons. com/gsonline/timesense/1_1kimball. html. Nelson, C. (2000). On Gertrude Stein and Dr. Seuss. University of Illinois. Retrieved Novenber 21, 2008 from http//www2. english. uiuc. edu/finnegan/English%20251/stein_and_seuss. htm. Perloffe, M. (1999). The Poetics of Indeterminacy Rimbaud to Cage. Illinois Northwestern University Press. Stein, G. (1993). Miss Furr and Miss Keene. In G. Stein & U. E. Dydo (Ed. ) A Stein endorser (pp. 254 259). Illinois Northwestern University Press .

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