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Describe the definition of nursing as put forward by the American Nurses Association. How does it address the metaparadigm theories of nursing? Essay

The ANA defines breast feeding as the protection, promotion, and optimization of wellness and abilities, bar of complaint and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of forgivingity response, and advocacy in the c be of individuals, families, communities, and populations (American Nurses Association website, n.d.). The 4 metaparadigms of nursing are soul, milieu, wellness/illness, and nursing. All 4 are interrelated and describe the substitution interest of the nursing discipline (Gunther, 2011).The ANA addresses the 4 concepts in its explanation of nursing. The person is central to the ANA definition. Nursing considers a person as a square and not only the present illness. The nursing process allows a nanny-goat to focus on a longanimous as an individual. In specify nursing, the ANA addresses the concept of The Person when referring to the individuals, families, communities, and populations (ANA website, n.d.). By collecting pertinent data, n urses line affected roles current responses and the ability of that person to manage his/her negociate, and are so competent to make clinical judgments about individual, family, or communities response to health problems or life processes.One of the six essential features of nursing institutionalise forth by the ANA is attention to the range of human experiences and responses to health and illness within the physical and social environments (ANA website, n.d.). Nursing is concerned with human responses as they relate to the persons environment whether it is in the hospital or in the community. With the help of the nursing process, nurses assess the persons environment through the collection of subjective and objective data, perform risk assessments, identify safety hazards, and implement safety practices that will improve the patients health status and prevent further injury or illness.The outset two concepts are closely related to the third concept wellness/Illness. It is i n addition addressed in the ANAs definition of nursing. Nurses use precise thinking to promote and restore health, and prevent illness. Through evidence-based practice, nurses are able to provide scientific rationales for the nursing interventions chosen to reach appropriate patient goals. Emphasis is often placed on patient education, the basic map of which is to provide patients and their families with the necessary skills that will enable them to optimize their health and run (Taylor, Lillis, LeMone, & Lynn, 2011).The fourth concept refers to the actions a nurse takes when providing patient flush (Gunther, 2011). This concept incorporates within itself the first three and it is embodied in the ANA definition of nursing as a whole. Nurses use a unique friendship base to diagnose and treat a wide range of human responses to a variety of factors, including not only the physiologic but also the sociologic, spiritual, and environmental factors. Nurses establish and carry o ut a plan of care for each person individually through the use of well-established actions to facilitate health and healing.ReferencesAmerican Nurses Association website. (n.d.). www.nursingworld.org Gunther, M. (2011). Theories and frameworks for professional nursing practice. In J. L. Creasia, & E. E. Friberg (Eds.), conceptual foundations The bridge to professional nursing practice (5th ed.). Retrieved from https//evolve.elsevier.com Taylor, C. R., Lillis, C., LeMone, P., & Lynn, P. (2011). Fundamentals of nursing The art and science of nursing care (7th ed.). Philadelphia, PA Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

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