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Abraham Lincoln: a True Leader Essay

Abraham Lincoln is known to be one of the Unites State’s chief presidents. Lincoln’s leadership paved huge accomplishments for America. Perhaps, Abraham Lincoln’s greatest accomplishment was going from a non-educated boy, to the president of the United States. Lincoln did not only achieve the name of Presidency, but he was able to shape America to the way it sits today. President Lincoln deserves to be shown in every history textbook across America. President Lincoln shines mostly because of his advanced leadership. Lincoln’s leadership stands as a model to future politicians. His speeches were so strong and thoughtful; some of the best known quotes to this day. Often politicians try to emulate his thinking by using Lincoln quotes in their speeches. Lincoln was always under so much pressure, from the bickering of the cabinet to the assassination threats from the people who disagreed with his thoughts. With all this opposition talking in Lincoln’s ear, he stuck with his gut and did not stop the war and his goals were achieved (R.J Norton). See more: Ethnic groups and racism essay Abraham Lincoln made sure to think about America and what he had to do to keep the country moving smoothly and safely. Lincoln was able to take his leadership to a whole new level, when he got the whole nation involved. Lincoln included in his famous Gettysburg Address that the war is a test of our nations strength and we must finish the battle for all of those who lost their lives protecting the country (R.J Norton). Lincoln’s strategies to bring the nation together helped nationalism break through and he was able to achieve the goals he wanted to achieve. It is hard to believe that Lincoln went from an un-educated boy to the sixteenth President of America. Abraham Lincoln demonstrates that even starting from the bottom, people can grow and become more as long as hard work is put in. Lincoln grew older and started to educate himself on law books and eventually became a lawyer (R.J Norton). Lincoln is an inspiration for kids to have drive and succeed at goals. Lincoln grew even stronger; he served as a great attorney and advanced to four years in Illinois State House of Representatives. After that, Lincoln joined congress for a year and eventually blew the nations mind as President of the Unites States of America (R.J Newton). As President, Lincoln was able to accomplish great things for our nation. Although, he was assassinated a short time before the thirteenth amendment was official, â€Å"freeing the slaves† Lincoln was able to shape the nation up to the point where it was able to accomplish the goal and end slavery in the United States. Lincoln was also able to help out America with his foreign policy; leaving all other nations out of the Civil War going on in the Unites States. This helped other nations from intervening and causing even more problems for the nation. The most important accomplishment was Lincoln’s decision to fight in order to save the Union. Lincoln is believed to be the President who contributed the most to America and to the future of America. Although, he was assassinated before he could accomplish all the goals he had in mind, Lincoln still got the ball rolling and ready for changes to be made. From an un-educated boy, to a president, to a role model for the world, President Lincoln deserves to be known all over for the years and years to come.

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