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Formula Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Formula Analysis - Assignment Example When the element of violence was introduced was the point that the story slowly unfolded and moved on. It was evident in the film albeit being an animated feature geared to entertain the young that the element of violence had to be employed to spice things up. Without violence, there would not have been a story. Formulas, apparently, have not changed over the years. Movies still employ the â€Å"bad guy vs. good guy† plots. The bad guy brings menace to the good guy and his family—another staple factor to formulaic movies. Good guy defends his family to the death—usually of bad guy’s—thus justifying the violent actions of good guy. Bag guy gets eliminated, but nobody knows what happened or where he had gone after. He’s simply out of the picture. Nobody could care less as long as the protagonists are happy. The Incredibles, for instance, has the Parr Family—Mr. Incredible, the dad; Elastigirl, the mom; and the kids Violet, Dash, and Jack-jack—pitted against Syndrome, the evil genius. The warmth of family versus the evil of cold revenge. Mr. Incredible ditches Syndrome as a young fan who wanted to be his partner. Young Syndrome exacts revenge years by trying to prove he can outdo Mr. Incredible—to the extent of putting his family in grave danger. Viewers are made to consider violence as an integral and positive part of the movie for without which the Parr kids would not have been able to bring out the best in themselves. After all, if they had not been subjected to Syndrome’s menace, they would not have been able to rise above childish scuffles. And the consequent violence—the destruction of the villain Syndrome—is thereby justified. He is the â€Å"bad guy† after all. And as the clichà © goes, â€Å"they lived happily ever after.† The viewers are satisfied. Very formulaic. Yes, the formula, tiresome as it

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