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Intertexing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Intertexing - Assignment Example Intertexing I have to work out right behaviors with whatever skills are left to me. Sadness and rage may at time strike in and at that point we are susceptible to depression but one doesn’t have to yield to these emotions to take control. One should take full charge and seek means to stay in peace rather going through moments of depression. It is one’s responsibility to engage in behaviors that do not encourage unhappiness. One should not be open to these emotions which makes him/her miserable. Happiness starts from within. Linda Christensen –Unlearning Myths. Mairs I was nourished on the milk of American culture: I cleaned the dwarfs’ house and waited for prince charming to bring me life; I swooned in Rhett Butler’s arms – my waist as narrow and my bosom every bit as heaving as scarlet’s; I thrilled to the adventures of Swiss Family Robinson, whose tormentors were as worthy hoard of Asian and Africans. Being under the hands of superiors, one is s ubject to them and is always at their service while hoping someone can help them out of the situation. However, desires can’t be achieved unless one takes a step out of the situation that is causing problems. Hayman R.L. - Smart People. Biklen I am not sure when I found out that some kids had high IQs. When I did find out, I’m not sure I much cared. When we were kids, learned our own ideas about â€Å"smart†, and they had very little to do with IQs. ... The girls, meanwhile, probably had their own hierarchy, but in the third grade, that was a mystery we boys had no interest in solving. The children may have high IQs as well as being smart in what they do but they need guidance from parents and teachers to improve their performance and that’s why they should be involved in IQ tests and other exams to determine the abilities. Children’s cognitive abilities unless well directed may lead to bad characters like insulting their peers and family members and also may get involved in petty crimes. Biklen Hayman R.L. Obviously, parents do not impose intelligence tests or other exams to establish the eligibility of children to participate in family life; it would be bizarre if they did. Rather, the Galatis and many other families promote their children, looking for ways for them to participate in mainstream activities. The question for schools, as for families, is this; should they fashion themselves as gatekeepers, engaged in a careful if somewhat arbitrary sorting process, â€Å"putting children in their place?† or is it the role of schools could use the crucible of everyday events as the proper context for assessing how to include and educate students; this would be an alternative to the common practice of assessing-to-place. The latter tends to the catalogue students’ deficits or disabilities. The former focuses only on issues of teaching and learning. Parents and teachers do not necessarily determine their children’s intelligence since children have their own way of learning as they interact with their peers. Kids need to nurture their own interests rather than depending purely on the interests of parents and teachers.

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