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EDLE 639 - Assignment 2 - Take 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

EDLE 639 - Assignment 2 - Take 2 - Essay Example Mary’s and other schools in the diocese adhere to the guiding principles, as well as terms of reference that govern Catholic schools (Duncan & Duncan, 1997). The primary aim behind the examination of the governance model of the school and diocese is to appreciate the inherent difficulties that encounter the organization. Some of the most marked issues, in the diocese, with regard to governance include diminishing numbers of priests; concerns concerning the growing legal obligations of priests, boards and other administrators of Catholic primary schools; and the need for increased accountability on the part of school administrators (Cheney, 2013). This examination also aims at meeting the need for a sound knowledge base regarding the governance model of Catholic primary schools in the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes so as to inform further research and debate concerning the nature of primary school governance in the county of New South Wales and in the entire nation. As a consequen ce, this examination aims at describing, as well as analysing, the present practices and issues concerning governance of St. Mary’s Primary School and the larger Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes (CEO Wilcannia-Forbes, 2013). ... Schools under the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes are united in their reverence for tradition. The schools, including St. Mary’s Primary School endeavour to provide excellent education opportunities for children under their care (Cheney, 2013). This is guaranteed by working collaboratively with all stakeholders, including parents, boards, priests and principals, thereby enabling the education of the entire individual (Duncan & Duncan, 1997). It is through this collaboration that the organization engages with the challenges of modern day, particularly the ethical and moral contradictions of today (Jordan, 2008). Since they are linked in both purpose and mission, Catholic primary schools in the Diocese of Wilcannia-Forbes form authentic communities of faith, which source their inspiration and justification from Jesus Christ. At the centre of the mission of the Catholic Church is the functionality of school education. The successfulness of this mission is largely contingent on key co mponents of effective governance that offer a sense of direction, leadership and authority, which in turn guarantees effective school operations (Hofman, Hofman & Guldemond, 2002) sch. Governance and leadership of Catholic schools can be considered in the context of a mission whose function is to protect and promote the rights and duties of the entire school community. Leadership and governance centred on the practices and principles of excellence play a significant role in advancing the Catholic identity, the school’s operational vitality and overall academic excellence (ACPP, 2005a). While governance models are variable depending on the sponsorship of a school, individuals who serve on the leadership team

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