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Databases vs. Spreadsheets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Databases vs. Spreadsheets - Essay Example This paper illustrates that there are many serious drawbacks of using spreadsheet for data storage, for instance, it is awkward to recover or access data from any, however, the unsophisticated queries, provides little or no data authentication and validity as well as little or no protection in opposition to data corruption from well-meaning but inexperienced and inadequately trained users. A database element can store simply the data for which it is created on the other hand spreadsheets offer the flexibility. In this scenario, any cell can be used to store and maintain numbers, text or charts. From the discussion, it is clear that a database is essential for storing a large amount of data in a secure way. A database is essential for storing banking data, human resource and other similar data where security and efficiency are critical. The researcher would recommend Oracle Database, which a well-known database development tool. The researcher has recommended Oracle Database because i t provides to its users some of the excellent capabilities such as scalability, leading performance, security and reliability in all the environments such as Windows, UNIX, and Linux. In addition, it offers a wide variety of tools and functionalities to effortlessly handle the most difficult business intelligence, transaction processing, and content management applications.

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