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Journal 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Journal 5 - Essay Example I have seen this kind of seating patterns in conferences and interview panels and I thought that individuals are seated in such a manner so that they can be able to share opinions more effectively. Communication within a group is influenced by the distance between the group members. In the class tonight, we learnt about different distances that could be used by individuals in a group. We found out that the distance could be categorized into four groups that include intimate distance, personal distance, social distance, and public distance. In our group discussion, I was comfortable when seating at a personal or social distance with my group members. On the other hand, I was very uncomfortable when seating at an intimacy distance with my group members. Moreover, I was not comfortable when seating at a public distance with my fellow group members. I realized that by group members were also uncomfortable with very little distance and very large distance. Therefore, I learnt from them that the most appropriate distance for a group work discussion is actually the personal distance that ranges from 18 inches to 4 feet. From the life highlights, I learned that I have a personality that is different to that of other members of my group. This personality makes me to have an ability to play some group work roles better than others. I also learned that in a group, every member has a personality that is different from that of the others. This makes every member to have unique abilities as well as weakness. According to Orey and Prisk (138), the main objective of a Johari Window is identification of personal blind spot. From the Johari Window activity, I learned that I have a personality of trying to assist individuals even when they do not need assistance. Moreover, I learned that almost everybody in our group had a personal trait that he was not aware. This could have affected the effectiveness of the

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