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Sexuality in America comedy show Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Sexuality in America comedy show - Essay Example It is obvious that comedy shows tend to replicate the environment which fits the society regardless of the degree of contamination of the environment. Last Holiday is a comedy movie directed by Wayne Wang and is a remake of a 1950 British comedy that involves a woman who decides to enjoy pleasure when she finds out that she is going to die. It is a generic and romantic comedy with Queen Latifah, the main character and the main reason to enjoy the movie. It is interesting to note that someone enjoys her life only when she realizes that she is going to die instead of what most people could have done of forgoing the fun and perhaps ask their doctors for any other alternative and pray hard (Wang Film). The Queen Latifah’s ailment, which the doctor describes as diabolical, leads to her instant transformation from being a boring spinster to life of pleasure. She decides to abandon her desire of becoming a great cook and the need for dieting when she is told that she has three to four weeks to live. Latifah who plays a sales clerk named Georgia cashes in her savings to enjoy life in Czech Republic where her hero Chef Didier works. She mingles with other major powerbrokers in the hotel, she treats herself to all the services of spa, and the ski slopes (Wang Film). Georgia attracts the attention of wealthy men seated in the hotel and could not help taking their eyes off because of her beauty. She brings romance in the air due to unmistakable chemistry with LL Cool J as well as being attractive to the staff and the chef. However the films starts to bore when the focus turns from being a romantic comedy to parts that are more concentrating on politics, healthcare issues and corruption. This movie shows the attitude of most men who view women as sex tools. Sexual appeal of a woman’s body is crucial since a woman is considered a

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