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Comparing different philosophical theory Assignment

Comparing different philosophical theory - Assignment ExampleThe opposite of determinism is the article of belief c all in alled indeterminism which states that all situations do not have a cause and may occur on their own. The strength of determinism is that it considers human beings as rational decision makers. Determinism accepts that all human being make decisions on the basis of a cost and benefit analysis and then they perform the act. This means that an individual is already aware of the negative outcomes of an act even before he performs that act. Another strong point of determinism is that it is quite scientific in nature. The weakness of determinism is that it does not explain why certain events may have occurred without a pre lasting cause.Compatibilism is another philosophical position which is even regarded as soft determinism and this position holds the view that it is true that determinism exist (Russell 381). This means that those philosophers following this princip le accept that every action has a preexisting cause. It even states that all the actions that are performed by an individual are controlled by an individuals desire. The theory rejects the claim that individuals have a on the loose(p)dom of willingness and that individuals actually are free. This means that an act performed by an individual is only free to the degree that an individual is not being limited by external forces. The theory even states that all activities that are performed by an individual take mastermind due to a particular condition that is being experienced by the individual and this condition is regarded as desire. The strength of this theory is that it believes that human actions are governed by their mental state. This helps in explaining why a particular human being performed a particular negative or positive action. It even helps in instinct why a person who follows and accepts moral standards end up performing ethically correct acts while a person who lacks morals indulge in unethical activities. The weakness of the theory is

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