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MARKETING INTELLINGENCE Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

MARKETING INTELLINGENCE - Assignment Example50). Example, when an soul feels thirst he or she will shake up need to buy water or a cold drink.Stage4 The decision of purchasing. After the consumer has gone through the above stages and evaluated the solutions, he will choose the taint that suits him according to his needs. Then the consumer will go ahead with the real purchase of the products.Stage5 Post purchase behavior and evaluation. After the consumer purchased the product, he or she will film out customers analysis. This is to know whether the product is useful to you or not. And also knowing if it had fulfilled the needs or not (GERBER, 2008 p. 50).In conclusion, its very important for the consumer to carry out specific research and follows the five stages before and after purchasing a given product that he or she may need. This will enable him or her to have the right product without a regret.There are a number of theories which are in term with the buyer behavior in terms of individuals and market. These theories include milieual possibility of buying behavior, generic theory of buying behavior, cultural theory and internal theory of buying behavior. This is explained below.Environmental Theory of buying behavior Individuals can show different buying behavior basing on the situation and the environment the individual is in. The environment in which the individual is will make very big measure in the market in which the individual is in. Example an individual can be in the supermarket and buy a water bottle at a cheap price, but after a long day of working in a busy place the individual will buy that bottle of water at a higher price than it was in the supermarket (HOWARD, 1969 p. 45).Cultural theory of buying behavior The individual and market behavior of a buyer can be affected by the culture in which the individual is in. When an individual was being raised and brought up in the family, the persons behavior can be influenced by the family member . Example the

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