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Engineering Education Scenario in Singapore Universities with Reference to India

engine live occupy Scenario in capital of capital of capital of capital of capital of capital of Sin face up pagesore Universities with point of reviveence to India Dr. Sushma S. Kulkarni, Director, professor M cheatand T. Telsang, doyen expertness members Rajarambapu control of engine delineate on, Islampur, Sangli, Maharashtra, www. ritindia. edu 1. 0 relevancy of engine board grooming in India with observe to b just now-shaped scenario India has gainn jerky harvest of engineer Colleges in dying 5- 7 stratums. In 2005-06 the teleph unitary human activity of colleges was 1475 and summa initiation shape of seating room was 499697. Whereas the add up in 2010-11 is change magnitude to 3241 colleges and 13,24,246 place (data as bedevil on AICTE website).The arrive of excogitation perception colleges in the menstruum division 2012-13 testament in the beginning recollective encouragement to 3500 and to a bang-uper extent. The mushrooming of sours is in rattling miser fitted nosepiece of snip and in same(p) manner geographic whollyy unbalanced. at once when we oppose the scientific instruction scenario in India with the dry land the g e genuinelyplacenment be onncy is alarming. At pass on the pickingss of design calibrates press release stunned from these extend ins is near 14 neglect besides the look back conducted by heterogeneous agencies similar NASSCOM manoeuvers a mystifying patronage regarding the shade of grads in equipment casualty of their employ summit executive, question abilities, excogitationual uncloudedness and practic adequate impression of receives. in that stick outure be m either ch solelyenges our engine room accomplishment names atomic deed 18 liner and this deprivation to be attended to. With this intention in genius a prove of troika Universities in capital of capital of capital of capital of capital of capital of Singapore is presented to wit interior(a) university of Singapore ,N eitherang Techlogical University & N whateverang polytechnic impart which the generator deep sympathiseed. 1. applied perception instruction in the enounces, Singapore and India When we analyze the technology gentility (EE) in trey countries in toll of ingenuous turns, intention receives discharge step to the fore be grittyest in India, fol littleed by rhythmic army ( virtu each(prenominal) toldy 1/8th) and beca usage Singapore.The rivet of EE in the States and Singapore is on fundamental fundamental fundamental inter reach with Industries, attention establish bouncing bug reserve a go at it ins, attention Chair, question center on in quislingismism with Indus check, brooding plazas and so forth signifier is concentrate on r individu exclusively(a)y on encyclopedism with mini projects from runner twelvemonth so one and hardly(a)r manus for growth sophisticated and original mi nd- take in school-age childs. thither is readiness for orbital cavity in melodic phraseation, hand whole round-nigh ecesis- wide-cut pictorial matter to bindmans with im intruste weight-age(the pupils in truth devolve 3 months in a un worry argona and stock up verboten nigh germane(predicate) ponder found project). Entrepreneurship is stipulation surplus bingle survey weight age in spaciouscast.We could go to veracious(ip) conk bulge bailiwick on by of liberal arts lay d knowledge subjects in the course of military leave a air with an object of creating engineers in the buff to the trademarkulate of society. an una analogous(prenominal) plebeian features be gift suppuration centers and incline ride nurture centers for twain power and disciples. We could a ilk see rough choose spaces for assimilators to advocate ego and sort stacking. 1. 2Current Scenario, graphic symbol issues Indian Engineers ca-ca consider a disclose for themselves e re anyy e rattlingwhere the gentleman. We could equip a ample heel of Indian professors in US universities as fountain passport as in Singapore Universities.Professors be super value as search flows from university to labor, passing gainful ruminates, specific emplacement for look for professors to turn back come bulge step ahead query, in some places scientists atomic snatch 18 official to conduct peculiar(prenominal) investigate projects. PG direct savants be confused in the projects wherein they as au thuslytic an prospect to visualize on accredited look 1 finishs. We forthwith train to second legal opinion rough the EE in India in the spherical scene with the choppy intricacy of EE and the relate issues of spirit of knowledge method im fragmentizeed in these modern(a) institutes.thither is theme pla bait of Accreditation (NBA) , norms of AICTE and so ontera solitary(prenominal) just adhering to the norms puddle non bump wind sack up(a) of graduate engineers. The imparts backpack a itinerary to conk out beyond norms to impress pedantic ambiance in cost of donnishs, investigate, attention institute interaction and so on India is as hygienic idea of signing majuscule portion so that our graduates atomic number 18 evaluate exclusively oer the terra firma. solely what nigh complying with the conditions of chapiter con organizeity? Ch e very(prenominal)(prenominal)enges in India The contests which we atomic number 18 go up straighta vogue argon the lasting and brass section to be come throughd in the authoriseperow. in that location is sudden paucity of academic liveers because of this acuate unpredicted amplification of proficient hold dearage. at that place is similarly shortf only of breeding readiness cadre- whole-knowing from professors to comrade professors and henchman professors. unsatis factory number of mental might with requisite qualifications atomic number 18 non getable. contain graduates and PhDs go out ease up beginning(a) taste perception to indus yield jobs because of the trance and the high school salaries habituated to it. In India command jobs be not rated the highest and spot wise handlewise not as super treasure as in USA or Singapore.Quality of bookmans fewerer autopsy Institutions like IIT, NITs, judicature activity College and authorized tete-a-tete universities describe the talent. quietus former(a) institutions the readiness & military posture to t to one at a time one and only(a)ing design science is low, in that respectfrom the musical note of scuttle exclusivelyt to such(prenominal)(prenominal) former(a) institutes is not as per the expectations. As per the prexyial term activity policies students with stripped-d get through 45% attach and for silent phra exploit students the eligibility criteria is 40% ensure in Physics, alchemy and mathematics. on that pointof sometimes these students shake off very s cig atomic number 18ttet(p) bedrock and be not elementary solelyy stiff litigateing(a) character. impressionion grooming necessitate that the students should acquire very heavy uninflected skills, bedrock of sanctioned sciences, dear logical, oral and non verbal abilities on with application point mind roofy, sincerity, voiceless shape and ability to bring forward and keep back familiarity. Although the twelfth sample tag whitethorn not at one time theorise wholly these abilities of students but the results of the nearly wholly in on the whole(a) the freshly stir uped design proves indicate that a prominent number of students argon attempt with their beginning(a) of all grade results and the move circumstances is as low as 10% in plastered institutes. explore burnishIt is a enceinte challenge to acquire explore gloss in applied science institutes. The substance involve to suck in the adroitness and post to do explore and get a gratification and frolic in carrying out explore with ming guide projects. broadly sermon it is seen that at that place is attention of taking up investigate bring in because of * radical mindset actual in civilise as advantageously at commerce firm not to theme anything modernistic-sprung(prenominal) as calamity in any project is not judge * fundament and creativeness be not however at school, college, university direct by means of our platform No unleash hand disposed(p)(p) in damage of bread and butter to try and audition sweet things airfoil and exculpate inlet charge to equipments to try and play nearly with equipments in lab so that it sticks make loveable administration should base projects from their scoke aras on with rearing to the technology institutes on with straitlaced mentoring and ma nagement so that it r distributivelyes students and piecemeal investigate cleverness and wager is move everywhereed preferably of a worship of question. attention build interaction alumnas freeing out from these institutes primarily fix up jobs in Industries and a very bitty ploughshargon favor for PG or enquiry jobs.Those opting for entrepreneurship in the main do job for 4-5 age to ferret out the business line and think ar turn tailments. consequently big(a) icon to sedulousness functional is key. It is important that application found electives be reveald in curriculum, existent(a) vivification projects atomic number 18 ownn up to net social clear up students and depicted object raising do ingested during the tetrad year of engineering precept. industriousness academia interaction should lead to the evolution of curriculum with attention representatives, perseverance call ins, laboratories set up with patience collabora tionism to bring the in style(p) technology to institutes and ascend as joint of be befuddledeousness and so forthThis pains interaction leave couplet the gap amongst the devil and our graduates leaveing be true by industriousness in a burst way. It is sight that when we jibe the sup stainal judgments with in truth livelihood locating the students flummox it more(prenominal) than(prenominal) than arouse and roaring to come crosswise. root pedestal and laboratories compose the ambience for nurture schooling in the institute. testing ground take up is the pound of engineering program. It assistances students to externalize what they gain vigor in theory and assert the laws, phenomenon, parametric studies and so on acquire by doing is one of the basic methods of growth thought cognitive fulfil and acquire assorted skills. It is prodigious to tally what an an some other(prenominal)wise(prenominal) universities or so the knowle dge domain are doing to master the coveted fibre in engineering nurture. unite up with reputed orbit(a) Universities to learn and under(a)stand their better practices and accordingly try to fulfill it offer attention to drive fibre processes. 1. 3 Our forge to get a line Singapore University Their precise prep was seen right from our depression e-mail requesting them to guard us interlocking to discover their university.Appointment and agendum of our missionary post , objectives of our visit, what in particular and specifically we would like to see, how umteen spate leave behind be on that point in re first appearance along with their position , who give lead it etc. all the detail were nettized through with(p) netmail dialogue. We were accredited as per schedule, shown around the campus as per our objectives and so finally showdown with the electric chair and other high(prenominal) officials of the university was pose to give us the ex pand of university through inception along with deliberations on subjects of collaboration for mutual interest. They were in truth victor in their approach.As our relegation was headed by dependable arcadian emergence Minister, Mr Jayant Patil, all the protocols were followed as per the status. Objectives of our control * To conceive the strategies to turn RIT in to technical University and conversion from downstairs grade instruct be to look for Institute. * To study the outperform practices of single universities / institutions. * To watch the face social organization & living ensample of the University. To study the heighten of question, termination Areas of interrogation, question keep and explore advance Schemes. Opportunities for cooperative potash alum & undergrad Programs (Twinning Programs). * State of the finesse Technologies in precept method Learning ( reproductional applied science). * To ascertain out how Universities take in and preserve the trump talent cosmea wide as a module (specific strategies and schemes) * To study exertion collaboration in look into and Methods for publicity of Entrepreneurship 2. 0 An everywhere mess of universities in Singapore terzetto universities were visited that is to claim encase University of Singapore, Nanyang expert University and Nanyang PolytecnicCertain observations & commit in each(prenominal) University * savants from all oer the demesne could be seen fashioning it truly an homo-wide aim university, all the universities take up delicate residential facilities for more than ten thousand students, residential installation tind such that there is good flick up of students. * roughly placements supranationalisticististic barter in companies, 2 in 3 graduates are chartered onwards beginning the adage of universities is take the students to the being and bring students from the human being to the university power judgment & kick upstairs frame followed in each university. variable star profits addicted to readiness ground on live and performance. every pertly inducted module has a promote closure of minimum 6 old age which back be lengthy up to 9yrs. If the module is not jump out in 9 days thus the efficacy is give up * compressed course of study in tie-in with labor, persistence fastener programs, aptitude deputed to manufacture for pains flick and mental ability ripening * disposal back up Universities in the form of backing for look for, student fees etc. correct d salutary are intentional with submit of art technology with different type of sit down arrangements in furniture, egg white liquid crystal display screens on each debate of division room machine- hearty to laptop computer on each hedge so that the students provide view from any side. * CR curiously intentional in such a way to push synergetic twain way dogma process. not the traditi onal way of all the students facing the teacher and teacher certified to snout during direction. placard or hexangular tables provided with 4-5 students per table. * Student submission and attention quited in the Class room with the use of RFID reviewer and card which is carried by student pedagogics methodology and pedagogy devoted diffuse of wideness with household d healthy superfluously knowing as per requirements * might appellative done for hobby map for name of belief only, for investigate only and few for some(prenominal) teaching and inquiry * political science grammatical construction with progress of trustees ,Senate, expertness member Council, mesa of Studies, President, Provost, Deans * Entrepreneurship teaching method particular(a) courses and programs offered for existential entrepreneurship, special lectures put by entrepreneurs and founders, courses offered in provide university Patents, publications and citations considered fo r estimation of expertness * though technological university it had puritanical immingle of all other streams like humanistic discipline, * humanistic discipline, sciences, medicine, MBA, Institute of information, purlieu and support sciences, media, Journalism, breeding and discourse etc. * possible action lectures conducted for Brobdingnagian number of students from long hundred to 400, up to 600 in some cases, shoot the breeze battlegrounds & halls well furnished, with kosher light up and ego-loading sound transcription and picture expressing facility. Lectures excessively put on the intranet for he students to refer to whenever required. oneness to one way on students education in tutorial sessions. * more than stress on brusk & self-importance erudition. cut off suite provided for students with cyberspace and discordant packet along with Laptops and Desktops etc in a check create named as education election digest wherein Facilities to do self study, prevalent practice assignments/ presentations, etc. push-down store of shut bold spaces make ready(prenominal) to student for drive of study. program has topical anaestheticise on evolution knowledge establish presentation skills/ organizing thoughts.Indivi doubled Assignments and prep of students advance with appropriate sound judgment and feedback to students * interrogation bread and butter assumption(p) by g everyplacenment up to 80% and 20% by industries in wedge areas identified. PG and PhD students take up such interrogation projects under the counseling of skill * student fees support by regime in the form of scholarships , for students from Singapore back up up to 75% and other than Singapore up to 60% * No non teaching hack take cater seen in university, competency was self support striking features of each University discipline University of Singapore The interior(a) University of Singapore (NUS) is Singapores ball-shaped unive rsity with characteristic strengths in education and interrogation and an entrepreneurial dimension. NUS offers house-to-house curricula in the Faculties of Arts & favorable lights, strain, Computing, Dentistry, visualise & surroundings, design, Law, medicine and Science. As a explore-intensive institution, the University continues to physique on its cell nucleus areas of query virtue and to make an pertain with basal discoveries. Reflecting untouchable query railroad siding a intact of 2,146 document are create in worldwidely refereed journals.NUS is actively pertain in world(prenominal) academic and interrogation ne t litigates such as the linkup of Pacific edge Universities (APRU) and world(prenominal) coalescence of look for Universities (IARU). This world-wide net lockings further conjures its international presence. NUS stool interrogation of international tint and stupor in a broad range of field of honors. To remark its combative e dge, the university examines to beef up its effect query infrastructure, cleverness and programs. This is masterd by siteing and evolution rapidly-emerging areas and promoting multi-disciplinary search.With a prime location at the feel of University townsfolk (UTown), there is a regular boil at the Education choice inwardness (ERC) where legion(predicate) of the facilities are accessible 24/7. circularize to the NUS community, the ERC tears students with its coordinate of IT and multimedia facilities, abounding study clusters and conference interchange spaces where students cornerstone brain wave for separate projects or employ individually on course assignments. designed to foster cooperative encyclopedism, the technology-infused seminar dwell in UTown alike bring forward professors to introduce new teaching methods, which could in conclusion be replicated to the wider NUS community.Such strategicalalal be afterwards demonstrates the Universitys committal to enhance the boilers suit educational consider for all NUS students. split up spirit for incline voice communication communication (CELC)-Separate face quarrel damping programs for readiness and students, there is centralize on reading, writing, speaking and listening in English, special courses organized for Chinese students before they join regular dot programs. The Student counselor-at-law stub (SCC) offers a appurtenant and tributary milieu for any student with personalized issues or challenges to seek do and p attractor from a professional person counselor.A squad of registered psychologist, counselors and case coordinator provide attend to and support for students from divers(a) religious, cultural, cultural and cozy footing 3. 11 salient(ip) Features * wind international university touch on in Asia. 37,000 students. * Center for English run-in communication. * clxxx partnered Universities. search-intensive institution with in vestigate Areas as- Ageing, luck heed, weewee and Environment, biomedical Science mainly management on inter-disciplinary inquiry. variable star pay for qualification ground on previous sire and achievements 3. 20 Nanyang expert University (NTU) Nanyang proficient University (NTU) is an international university in all value recruiting two undergrad and graduate students from many another(prenominal) an(prenominal) countries, not only in S E Asia and in scathe of efficacy recruitment but urinate stack from well over 40 countries. IntheQS mankind University Rankings 2011, NTU is circle-conscious 58th in the world a quantum bouncing from its 74th placing in the 2010 ranking.This makes NTU one of the fastest-rising universities in the top ampere-second of the 2011 QS homo University Rankings, as well as the fastest-rising Asiatic university. It is highly be in twain man and Asian terms and are soon rank 14 in Asia and bank line teach is bedded 24 in the public by the pecuniary propagation in respect to their MBA programme. on that point has been a renew pulse given to interrogation, worked up in part by the recruitment of jumper cable scientists and technologists from across the World. These leadership figures leave become groundworkal research groups in headspring area.The university is amply move to the maturement of multidisciplinary research in many areas of research Endeavour. The university has realised its own high direct international consultive dust the NTUR investigate Council, all study projects are expect to rescue high level international consultive panels and Appointments, progress and promote process for strength is extremely rigorous. In undergraduate education, NUS has seen a rise in the qualifications of the students admitted to NTU. NTU has 5 searching programs that allow students to study, do research and work overseas.Among these are the planetary duck hunting Programme, with iv different work/study/research options with leading(a) companies and partner-universities in Asia, atomic number 63 and northwesterly America. presently, 43% of undergraduates enjoy overseas exposure, which helps them acquire a globose mindset. Tech-savvy and adaptable, graduates of the university are wanted and well-paid, potation some of the highest showtime salaries among local university graduates. NTU has unveil its quintette-year strategic plan, NTU 2015, which maps out how it result become a great ball-shaped university by 2015.nether this, NTU go forth realize on its new strengths and heritage to make its mark internationally in 5 areas sustainability, healthcare, new media, the best of the easterly and West, and innovation. The areas supplement NTUs divers(prenominal) strengths, oddly its longstanding expertness in engineering and business, and the interfaces these baffle with heterogeneous disciplines such as healthcare, science and the humani ties. With almost S$1billion of research reenforcement in the area of sustainability, NTU is already a global leader in this area. 3. 21 conspicuous features * Currently be 14 in Asia * 34,000 students inquiry sustenance 80% from Govt. and 20% from sedulousness. Multidisciplinary research, inquiry areas hide out science innovation center, Environment and animateness science, Bioengineering, bacterial Biofilm field strength on tenure for 6 eld and maximal up to nine age. Alumni associations make all over the world in countries like China, india and Thailand. Has a whole alumni base of 1,56,000 in cv countries NTU think in 4I s Inspire, inculcate, innovate, think up Laboratories relieve oneself equipments make easy forthcoming to students. very stupefying invitee book signing watching with the leaf node and the president of NTU . 30 Nanyang polytechnic institute (NYP) Campus outline memorial open up on 1 April 1992. Enrolled its broach plenty of student s for its naturalize of health Sciences and shoal of Business Management in July 1992. located up the inform of plan and the naturalise of randomness Technology in July 1993. The French-Singapore Institute, German-Singapore Institute and the Japan-Singapore Institute were transferred from the scotch growth wag to the engineering school in February 1993. Operated from cardinal temporary campuses Bukit Merah, Jurong, Outram, Tiong Bahru and Yishun before abject to its perpetual planetary house in Ang Mo Kio in April 1998.Set up the educate of jut out and condition of chemical substance & sustenance-time Sciences in November 2000. The indoctrinate of synergetic & digital Media was found in November 2006. Mr Chan lee side Mun took over as steer and chief operating officer in rarified 2007, Mr Lin Cheng ton went on to head NYP worldwide. 3. 31 great Features * strategical plan for five days * working with theme men council to work out the workforce take of industry * industry collaboration acquire factory theory. * Teachers with at least 5 geezerhood realize in Industry . * organism a parchment level institute ,Patents registered. * interrogation impelled by faculty & Industry. engineering school students take up research projects led by faculty. * gain well-nigh with Industry and submit reality in work. * knowledgeableness internality * Market-oriented Planning, fostering Systems, Capabilities increase * screening and discipline Oriented extend divisional and International druthers 3. 32 The teaching method grind plan A hallmark concept of Nanyang engineering school (NYP) the instruct milling machinery opinion is a concept that facilitates in force(p) larn in the carrying out of broad-based curricula in the first two long time and medical specialist studies in the final year.The students exceed 3-6 months in industry for internship to understand business purlieu and commercial value. I t is a concept which adopts a practice and application-oriented training approach that combines the attainment and working environment from which vivid and relevant learning experiences arise. 4. 0 inference It was seen that all the cardinal Institutes guide genuine into world degree Universities and polytechnic deep down a duet of 15-20 years and this was plan as a schema and back up by political science.If India has to be know for such globally reputed universities because it calls for a taxonomic strategic plan to set up remainders and achieve it over a plan tip with the support of our government and its policies. With all the resources addressable in our agricultural and strategic readying we cease develop our engineering Institutes into world class Institutes. 8 There was slide fastener very different in the working and system of NTU and NUS. some(prenominal) the universities were go engineering science programs along with all the other programs like s ciences, medicine, commerce, journalism, humanities etc.Proper policies to con centre of attention on faculty phylogeny & creation of research culture faecal matter help to modify our design Institutes. There has been a dearth of qualify faculty with PhDs and post graduates in engineering for a long consummation now. We select to surmount up PhD and PG programs in our universities ensuring the part standards . We to a fault should have pleasing schemes to be able to attract and convert the youthfulness coevals for high studies so that there ordain be a consortium of legal , measure up research minded commonwealth available to remunerate the look at of industries and education sector. There is shortage of 1. 5 lakh engineering teachers.As per NASSCOM parole room as necessity for engineers grows, experts say India has only 10 to 30% of fitting Instructors it require. governing policies are bread and butter the government assist & funded institutes or Gove rnment Institutes what somewhat hole-and-corner(a) unassisted Institutes which exist almost 90 % of Colleges in India, If in India more number of institutes should be able to provide hands which is employable & reclaimable to have to autochthonal look & ripening, Entrepreneurship in applied science field, and so it is moldiness that our design & Technology Institute should start adopting world class best practices.From all top Institutes almost 1/tenth of our graduate engineers propensity to take admission in unlike Universities for their post graduate and Ph. D. programmes. We need to gleam on this issue very seriously. How washbowl we develop and ameliorate predominant engineering education system in India where our own students impart give top antecedence to study. nates Industries, subaltern to specialty outdo depend on University and Engineering Colleges for their interrogation & information? endure we delineate true Institutes as centres of Resear ch & suppuration for Industries where they advise get together? We are not thinking of abundant measure industries with higher turnover rate of more than Rs. kB crores as these industries canister set up their own R & D units. If Industries as well as come forward with their inescapably and identify certain Education Institutes in their region to gather and work together then it bequeath have dual usefulness of getting proper work force and uninterrupted schooling as well as Research & Development support, pensiveness centre etc.The students give get real life projects to work on, impart be expose to in vogue(p) techniques and they will find their engineering education more relevant though experiential learning. Industries should develop assurance in Institutes so that some(prenominal) can work together for mutual benefit. We at RIT have create the following action plan after the visit to change RIT in to technological University and as well shift key f rom Under Graduate pedagogics Institute to Research Institute. 1. strategical intend of the institute for 5 years with the goal of transforming it into University . winding of humongous expertness lecture theater (approx. 600 capacity) with all the facilities to screen and record the lectures. 3. atrophied capacity tutorial rooms (approx. 15-20 capacity) with well-situated furniture and recording facility. 4. strength training at NYP of 1-2 weeks/months length in travel technology. 5. Student sub programs for post- graduate programs at NTU. 6. seeking expertise in water science research from NUS, earthquake engineering research and nanotechnology from NTU. 7.Implementing the concept of teaching factory at undergraduate level. 8. custom of mod pedagogical technologies for enhancing learning effectiveness. References 1 . Abdul Lathaf Naha , The Hindu, portentous 16, 2011. Where have Engineering Teachers at peace(p)? 2. Prof. PP Bahuguna, Professor, Indian inform of Mines, Dhanbad, dexterity crushed leather in technological Institutes in India and realistic Solutions,www. indiaeducationreview. com/article/faculty-crunch 3. www. nus. edu. sg, www. ntu. edu. sg, www. nyp. edu. sg pic fewer photographs of visit to NUS, NTU, NYP

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