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My ambitions in life Essay Example for Free

My desires in life EssayMy name is Jennis Dave Mirafuentes, I am now 16 years old. Were all 5 children in my father side, wherefore I say in my father side scarcely? It is because my father before was having his first family still they were separated because of some instances. We have 3 girls that is little girl of my father in his first wife and we are 2 in my mother side and we are both boys. We are now living in Km. 8 Ulas, Davao City. I finnish my primary study in Talomo Central Elementary School and my secondary in Talomo National High School. My first ambition in life when I was only a child is to ferment an architect because I love making an illustration of an house before scarcely it was changed when I grow up because I realize that having an architecture course is difficult. When I was in my fourth year in high school I was still thinking of what course I will take in college.And from that time I realize in myself what if I will follow the move of my mother. I w ill continue her job in teaching other people because before my mother was graduated of education and she is also a mesa passer but when the time that she raise me and my younger brother she doesnt have enough time in teaching so that she decide to exclude teaching and focus in caring of us. Thats why I decided to become a BS-Math student, Math because it was my favorite subject. Why I should become a teacher? Maybe now I still dont have an ability to teach wisely other people but I didnt refuse my ambition because the reason I studied is to learn the techniques on how to become an effective teacher. Maybe now I was only holding one quality to become a teacher and that is my determination and willingness to teach.

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