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Why Do managers plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Why Do passenger cars plan - Research Paper ExamplePlanning is done by any individuals in their personal and profesional lives. If one doesnt plan, then there are high chances that things may move in a haphazard way. A project has some(prenominal) stages of planning which contributes overall importance towards the organization. omnibuss concentrate on the time spent on conducting effective planning that can be a source to unless time and income. This practice is helpful in preventing problems that can potential differencely happen (A Guide to the Project Management be of Knowledge,2013). Who is a Manager? A managers responsibility is to direct the work of groups or individuals in order to combine their efforts in order to fulfill necessary objectives. A manager can disseminate the work through direct or indirect passage of workers or subordinates. Work needs to be delegated to the subordinates according to the direct of exeprtise of each subordinate. The manager should be we ll aware of the employees ability for proper delegation of tasks. The manager needs to be familiar with the supervising abilities and should have the potential to coordinate the work process while taking corrective measures for the benefit of the company. A manager doesnt need to be a perfect human being who is ideal in all the skills, but he needs to perform efficiently enough to complete projects victorfully (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge,2013). The manager needs to be well aware of the mission and vision statement of the organization and accordingly it is the managers duty to ensure that all the subordinates are light up on the mission and vision and also are clear on the path to be taken to achieve the mission. Hence, managers are in a discover position to plan the path and ensure that all the employees follow the planned path to achieve the goals and objectives for the firm. With a proper planning and execution phase, the organization is adequate to(p ) to prosper towards success and profitability. A well set start plab allows the employees to constantly review the milestones achieved and the elements that still remain to be achieved. Tasks this way tend to work out in a smooth and consitent flow. A manager has to perform various functions and roles depending upon the context he/she is working. For instance, an accounting manager directs the accounts function and coordinates smooth communication. Similarly , a manager working in the Design Engineering department needs to support his cater to perform the necessary roles to achieve the best design and engineering of the product (Belker,2012). A marketing manager may have to plan out the goals and objectives of the marketing department and accordingly devise the appropriate marketing strategies to achieve the set goals and objective. Each functional manager may have to plan out the work process so that things work smoothly and in the unspoiled direction. All the functional manage rs may have to sit in a meeting and discuss on the larger perspective, and this way with proper cooperation and coordination the firm is equal to(p) to achieve the desired level of success. There are so many ways that proves planning to be a crucial and effective element towards the success of any organization. A manager should not conduct the planning on his own, but he must make sure that all the concerned employees and staff is involved so that better decisions can be made. In this way many new ideas can be achieved which will be an asset for the manager to ponder and take decisions accordingly. However, without a successful execution of the decision and without considering all the important potential risks towards planning, it can create serious issue and

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