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Dieting Programs and Theories ( argument paper) Research Paper

Dieting Programs and Theories ( argument ) - Research Paper ExampleIn this effect, the orbs atmosphere functions like the glass pane of a greenhouse. It permits some solar radiation to reach the earth. The earth absorbs this energy which is transformed into enkindle. This heat is then reflected back into space. However, the atmosphere contains heat absorbing gases, such as CO2, water vapor, methane and nitrous oxide, which trap this out-going energy and form a blanket to nurse the earth warm and habitable. In recent decades, there is an unnatural, growing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere lede to a rise in the second-rate temperature of the earth (Environmental Protection Agency web site). Contrary to what skeptics claim, Global Warming is real and it is man-made.Skeptics argue that there is no abnormal rise in the earths surface temperature. They claim that temperature variations are merely a part of the natural cycle of the earth. This is refuted by scientifi c evidence. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on humour Change (IPCC), constituted of reputed scientists from 113 countries, states in its report of February 2007 that the Average Northern Hemisphere temperatures during the second half of the 20th century were --- the highest in at least the ancient 1300 years (IPCC, 30). The report documents irrefutable, scientific evidence of the widespread increases in global average air and ocean temperatures. In the last fifty years of the twentieth century, hot days and nights have become more frequent over land areas. There is a rapid melting of glaciers and sea ice leading to an average increase of 3.1 mm/year in the global sea level since 1993. Areas under drought conditions have increased. There are pronounced changes in natural ecosystems, and in seasonal events, such as the early greening of flora, and bird migration. The bleaching and disintegration of coral reefs demonstrates the rises in the surface

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