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Violence Chain :: Essays Papers

Violence ChainOh, hi Ahmed, how was the amusement park? Did you have fun? he asked. Yes I did, I said with a surprising depend how could he ask me this question, when he just hit his son in front of me. Parents violence used to be normal in the United Arab Emirates. Parents used violence to teach their children. However, some parents still think that violence is the best way to teach children. These parents make the violence chain goes from cardinal generation to another without stopping. Most of the children, who have been beaten up by their parents, suffer from many problems like they dont having the ability to make friends, they lie, they fight, they sweep of school, and much more. Parents who use violence dont note that beating their children is the reason behind these problems however, they continue beating them thinking that that will solve their children problems, which doesnt, all the same it makes them worse and worse. Once I had watched parent violence in front of my e yes, while it happened to one of my friends. He has been my friend for more than 4 years. We studied in the same school and we attended the same classes for these 4 years, so we were a real good friend. However, my story started in a beautiful weekend with not much homework. I and my friend decided to go to an amusement park near my house. This amusement park was considered as the biggest park in my country, so it has a lot of games. We usually go their from time to time, because there is nothing much going on in my city. Once we were there, we started to ride all games, and there were a lot. We were lucky that day because the park wasnt crowded, so we didnt have to wait in long lines. Riding games and enjoying the atmosphere took us the whole day, unfortunately weve forgotten about the time, when we should have been home at eleven pm. We forgot and returned at midnight. I didnt think that it was a big deal, but when I olfactory modalityed at my friend face he was so worried and s cared. I didnt know why, so ask him Whats wrong? Why do you look so worried? But he didnt answer he just said Nothing, nothing wrong. Lets just go bet on home, so I just walked back with him to his home silently.

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