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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS - Essay ExampleThe company seeks to talk terms with other automobile companies and revive electric vehicles in Israel. This way, a major network of electric vehicles bequeath be formed (Gilder, 2013, p. 95). interrupt mail gain has a mission to exist on which aims at complete elimination of automobiles that use oil. These cars will be friendly to the environment as there will be no toxic fumes production via exhaust pipes. This implies that there will be no threat of gas build up from these cars. Better Place asserts that it is different from other companies in the sense that it works in the view of changing the world by bringing on board the electric vehicles. The vehicles will be cost effective as opposed to cars that are wholly dependent on petrol and diesel. According to statistics, it can be shown that internal combustion vehicles would cost owners an average of $ 0.11-0.12 for every mile cruised. On the other hand, electric cars are estimated to spend $ 0.06-0.08 mile on average (Alt, 2013, p. 6). These statistics fully support the Better place in its assertion that it will feed a difference that will impact decreedly on the lives of Israelites. On the contrary, if Better Place were non there, there would also be unhealthy competition due to the fact that there would be no change in different car models to reach out a wide range of choice (Etzion & Struben, 2011, p.8). Also, creativity and innovation would be phased out in automobile industry leaving no opportunity for more(prenominal) choices. Better Place has stakeholders who intend to build long term relationship with for constructive progress of the company. These stakeholders decide on forms of engagement and recording of the outcomes as headspring as improving the way the organization works (Husted & Allen, 2011, pp. 128). These stakeholders include employees, customers, suppliers and members of the community in Israel. The headquarters in California provide the effective guide in terms of delocalized management in which case the company is able to have well co-ordinated activities in all countries of operations. They are very important in disdain engagements as they contribute in its growth and development. This relationship is illustrated using a table below whereby employees involvement is to improve morale, motivation and creation of dynamic fail-safe environment. Customers on the other hand engage in building reputation helping in building the business (Etzion & Struben, 2011, p.21). Then, government helps the company keep au fait with policy and regulations while the community builds the organizations reputation. Venture capital investors have the duty to invest more capital into the business so that its financial status is strategically envisioned. Suppliers have a very big role to play in production as the supplies of for example tires keep the company service and goods provision to the market strong and stable. Other utili ty companies are very important as they either make use of the company products or make relevant supplies of validity. Car manufacturers are of great value because they make the industry have the required supplies of cars and spare parts as much as possible. confused level of Interest High Low Power High source (Gilder, 2013) Industry Analysis and Scenarios Better place is bound to face various positive and negative scenarios in its course of it business activities. This means that eventualities are expected and the company must device new strategies of fighting its rivals in business activities. In this respect, it should prepare to fight all possible threat that may undermine its progress. This would be achieved by proper incorporation of methods that re reasonable and

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