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Concentration of Ownership and Decreasing Diversity in Print Media Essa

Concentration of Ownership and Decreasing Diversity in Print Media For all(prenominal) who love to read books, imagine walking into bookstore after bookstore seeing the same type of books over and over. No variety, no choice, provided repetition. Although America prides itself on freedom and democracy more than any nation in the world, this hypothetical situation is fair increasingly closer to proper a reality than some whitethorn think. Consolidation and concentration of will power in print media companies may cause for the inability of some tribe to voice their opinions. What does this mean? This means that the basis of our country, including freedom from the first amendment, maybe be pulled out from under our feet. Causes of this lack of diversity in views and opinions may be linked to the fact that very a few(prenominal) but passing large publication companies atomic number 18 publishing books and magazines. Conglomerate ownership becoming international will also lead to the lack of American publishing control. Finally, although the Internet supplies an outlet for new opportunities and a way of getting versatile information spread throughout the world, not all people are capable of obtaining this information. It was once thought that mass media would reflect very assorted points of view. Now that publishing of books and magazines has reduced to a few large companies, the chance for diversity is beginning to shrink in size. In 1983, over 50 companies dominated the mass media of the United States. Today, this size has drastically decreased to 9 major companies including AOL Time Warner, Disney, Bertelsmann, Viacom, spick-and-spans Corporation, TCI, General Electric, Sony, and Seagram11. By allowing a few large companies to control m... ... Beacon Press 2000, Sixth Edition ed. xx-xxi. 23 Sept. 2001 .22 Why Media Mergers Matter. Brills Content Dec. 1999. 23 Sept. 2001 .33 The US media a critical dower of th e conspiracy against democratic rights-Part 5. Editorial. World Socialist Website 27 Dec. 2000. 24 Sept. 2001 dec2000/med5-d27.shtml.44 New York Time Square. 23 Sept. 2001 location.asp?ID=New%20York%20Time%20Square.55 Columbia Journalism Review. 22 Sept. 2001 .66 The grown Picture Demographics. 21 Sept. 2001 demographics/article/1,1323,5901_768141,00.html.

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