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Evolution And Creation :: essays research papers

&65279The surmise of evolution and inst onlyation are the same and different ina lot of ways.Lamarck was the first person to come up with atheory for evolution. There are a lot of different mental hospital stories in theNative American The theory of evolution means that all plants and animalsdeveloped from earlier forms by hereditary communications of slightchanges in the production or generations.The word evolution means&8220The historical culture of abiological group (as a race or species) (Webster&8217s dictionary). The originof the theory of evolution began with the French naturalist namedLamarck. This happened in more or less 1809. He said that the more ananimal utilise its body part the stronger they got. He likewise said that theless a animal used its body parts the smaller or weaker it became. Hethought that these traits became hereditary. after scientistdisproved this theory when more was learned more about genes andhow they work. 50 age later Darwin came up with a theory that most scientistbelieve it to this day. this is called the theory of evolution. His book wascalled &8220The Origin of Specie. Alfred R. Wallace, came out with a theorythat was almost equivalent to Darwin&8217s theory. Darwin&8217s theory wasmuch more developed and break dance known. For example Darwin pointedout that farmers would take certain qualities from two different plantsand commixture them together and it would produce the desired plant. Hebelieved this happened in nature also and he called it &8220the survival of thefittest or &8220natural selection. There are a lot of different creation stories and they are the samein that since notwithstanding they are all different. The creation stories start at thebeginning of the world.The creation myth I&8217ve chosen to wright about is based on what indigenous Americans believe. Here is a quote from chief Weneinock ofYakima &8220God created the Indian artless and it was like he spread out abig blanket. He put the Indi ans on it . . . and that was the time the riverstarted to run. Then god created seek in the river and put deer in themountains . . . then the creator gave us Indian life we walked and as soonas we saw the game and the fish we knew they were made for us. Wegrew and multiplied as a people. (Taylor Ph.D.) Another creation novel is from the Iroquoian mythology. Theythought sky women gave birth to twins. Their names were Iouskehaand Tawiscaron. Iouskeha was the good- minded twin, he was innate(p)normal and he made plants, animals, birds and mankind.

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