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Conflict Management Styles Essay -- Business, Handling Conflicts

Conflict is know to be inseparable in all human interactions. In whatsoever organization, role differentiation acquires the different commits of counterpoint discourse styles. Work direction, reward, supervision, contain and performance review also involve the use of conflict handling styles. Organizational change and control is also viewed from a conflict perspective. In attempts to explain the nature or dynamics of a particular organizational phenomenon, conflict may be incorporated as a causative factor (Brown and Peterson, 1993). Our society is concerned with the issue on how the skills of attracters potful be enriched so as to enable them to act with greater proficiency when their contri plainlyions are from dealing with and through people especially their subordinates. One appearance of looking into this issue is from the conflict perspectives. The attention to interpersonal relationships is due to our judgement that sound leader-subordinate relationships are important and consistent with humanistic and cooperative accomplishment environment sought by contemporary leaders. It is also believed that positive interpersonal relationship at workplace is able to increase subordinates satisfaction with leader and subordinates with high levels of satisfaction are more likely to be connected to the organization (Brown and Peterson, 1993). Differences in the perception of conflict possess implication in its own right. This is due to leaders uses of conflict styles may be reinforce by subordinates responses or the leader may anticipate subordinates reaction to the use of conflict styles. It is worthwhile for the leader to be aware of the existence of five-fold sources of conflict in work situations and how it promote subordinates job satisfaction sin... ...nd Kabanoff (1990) house these dimensions. Applying good management principles in building quality relationships with people provide help to prevent or at lea st lessen conflict. In spite of the best efforts at prevention, conflict does arise. The secret is to learn to grapple positively with conflict, and not to see it as an enemy to peace, but an hazard for growth in relationships (Laue, 1981, and Blome, 1983). In the past, management theorist used the precondition conflict avoidance, but today this phrase is increasingly replaced with the phrase of conflict management. Conflict management recognizes that while conflict does have associated costs, it can also bring with it great benefits. It is for this reasons that todays managers seek not to avoid, but to manage conflict within the organization (Nurmi and Darling, 1997 Su-Mei Lin, 2003).

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