среда, 13 марта 2019 г.

Recollecting Childhood Memories

I went through my childhood with more beaming memories than sad ones. Unfortunately, the melodramatic and sad experiences stand out more in my memory bank. besides among my childhoodmemoriesI remember a certain experience. back in my native place when I was a child of about six-spot years age. My dad had promised me that if I finish my homework early for the day, he would take me to the exposition. Back at that time exhibitions were rare in our city, and it just now happened once or twice in a year.So, I was really excited and pumped up to go. After I did all of my work, I waited patiently for my dad to come home from work. Minutes felt care hours and finally he arrived from work. By seeing the excitement in my face, he knew that I have done everything that he wanted me to do. My dad unploughed his word and took me to the exhibition. Because our city was pretty small, exhibition was a huge fount for the people of our city.People from near and outside of the city come here to savour and have a great time. It was my first time to the naval exhibition or rather to any exhibition and I was really happy that my parents were with me. At that time, there was a salient crowd at the place. flush though the exhibition happens only once or twice, I neer expected such a large gathering. I being a six year old had never seen such a large gathering at one place. In fact before get into the exhibition my dad said to me, I love you.

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