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Cultural Event Paper

A cultural event that I have attended in the past that has had a memorable incite on my life was a endemic American Powwow. This event takes invest every year, Thanksgiving weekend in Tucson, AZ. I arrived in the new-fangled afternoon, as the sun was going down. I remember seeing m any an(prenominal) diametrical types of people, from tourists to the disparate Native American performers. The physical setting of this extra solemnization was outside, and based around, one main circle. Drums were beating so loud, you could know the pound inside your chest.Different activities were going on all around, such as dancers, vendors, and a huge variety of foods to choose from. The circular leaping arena is know as the arbor, this area is blessed before any of the events begin (Schultz, 2001). This area is considered to be sacred ground, and is mentioned throughout the integral celebration (Schultz, 2001). The arbor was made of tree limbs and leaves. The four main entries into th e festivities were employ to resemble the four points of a compass (Schultz, 2001). The dancers entered from the east entrance, and the main announcer was located by the West entrance.Many spectators were sitting on blankets, and some on lawn chairs. The environment was relaxed, and a very friendly atmosphere. The activities included dance and wash up contests, different ceremonies, and many different vendors. The crafts were all handmade and amazing. separately bit looked as if it were specially made from the heart. The Native American finis to me felt up festive, warm, and very inviting. The dancers come from many different tribes. Their faces were painted, and their costumes consisted of splendid festive colors. They were made of feathers, sequence, dye, and other natural fabrics.A powwow is a Native American gathering, or celebration that began with the Plains tribe, and continued to other Native American tribes through the years (Schultz, 2001). A powwow is also the ol dest known public ritual of the Native Americans (Schultz, 2001). This culture considers this particular festivity, a celebration of the circle of life. They include much of their culture in their dance, music, art, food, and drumming, especially tour performing these rituals (Schultz, 2001). In the past powwows took place around seasonal changes.This changed as non-natives began to join in celebrating these Native American customs (Schultz, 2001). Native American powwows earliest record dates back to July 4th, 1900 in a Missoula, MT composition (Schultz, 2001). Native Americans dribble a type of esoteric concept that comes from their philosophical system of preserving their environment as well as their kinship that ties them together (Access Genealogy, 2009). They non only have social ties, they are politically and religiously organize through their rituals, government, and other institutions (Access Genealogy, 2009).They work together to reside in a territorial area, and spea k a common language (Access Genealogy, 2009). They are not characterized by any one certain structure (Access Genealogy, 2009). However, the society agrees on fundamental principles that bond together a certain social fabric (Access Genealogy, 2009). Different Native American tribes throughout the years have had different ideas, opinions, philosophies, which are not always predetermined by their past ancestors. The root and customs of Native American tribes run deep.A feeling of respect and tradition is in the air. Every little detail has meaning and a certain level of pride and of importance to each individual fetching part in the ceremony. According to Access Genealogy, 2009, Humanities are studies of the military man condition, whether it is the study of art, sociology, anthropology, literature, history, or any other human endeavor. Humanities are the core of humanism, and are the product and creativeness of each individual society. Each cultures has its own form of expression in this case, it was the powwow.This was a way to entertain and promote awareness to the Native American culture. They are not afraid to show who they are, like other cultures, which can be more refined in the way they celebrate. Native Americans choose to boob their heritage, and make it a part of their everyday lives. They are trying to hold on to a special place from their past, and not let it fall behind away. America is known as the Melting Pot with many different cultures, I believe that celebration is a way for each culture to hold onto their identity, and gain respect in a world that is everlastingly changing.

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